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5 Reasons to Use Video Marketing on Instagram

Statistics suggest that Instagram has over 2 billion active users, half of which are active on the platform every day. Moreover, over 90 percent of the accounts follow businesses on the network.

These numbers make it clear that Instagram is no longer a mere place to share photos. It has grown into a powerful marketing tool that allows promoting your business through visually appealing photos and videos.

Videos, as they are short, fun, and entertaining, serve as one of the best ways to engage your target audience. Using an intuitive Instagram video editor, anyone can start creating compelling videos right away without any extensive training.

Posting high-quality videos on the platform helps attract users and build a meaningful connection with them. Here are some reasons to use video marketing on Instagram.

1. Videos Drive The Most Engagement

Looking at the increasing use of social media for marketing, it is clear that staying ahead of the competition is difficult, even with paid ads. As millions of businesses, small and big, look for ways to stand out from others, your ads can easily go unnoticed. This is where video proves to be beneficial. The engaging nature of videos ensures that your ads catch attention and get noticed.

Posting interesting video content on Instagram can encourage users to pause while scrolling to take a look. A video is capable of holding attention up to five times more than a static image. Instagram was built to focus on images; however, it has recently started adopting the video trend by rolling out features like Stories, Videos, IGTV, Reels, and Live Videos.

These features hold a lot of potential for businesses looking to drive engagement on the platform. By posting captivating videos on a consistent basis, you can easily keep your followers updated about your latest offers and products and create a brand recall that helps you convert and retain customers.

2. They Help The Brand Get Discovered

As the average engagement rate for Instagram is higher than other major social media platforms, it is undeniably the best place for new businesses trying to get discovered. The high rate of engagement can provide a huge boost to your brand exposure and reach when using Instagram for your digital marketing.

The Explore section of Instagram is particularly powerful for creating brand awareness. The platform’s algorithm features your business on this page depending on the user’s interests.

Make sure you create stunning videos with relevant hashtags, catchy thumbnails, and other elements to push them in the Explore feed of your target audience.

Reaching and engaging the right people is key to growing your business account on Instagram and nothing can help you achieve this better than videos.

3. They Influence Purchase Decisions

According to surveys, 1 out of 3 Instagram users admits getting interested in a product or brand after watching a video. Stories are a powerful place to influence purchase decisions. About 50 percent of users enjoy seeing video ads in Stories.

Knowing that your potential customers are using the platform to decide what products and businesses interest them, helps to build a presence with content that introduces and attracts them to your brand.

Video ads on Instagram also allow businesses to target potential buyers through feeds. People are more interested in watching a video to learn about a new product than reading text. Video ads also enable embedding a call-to-action to redirect users to your landing pages, giving them a quick option to make a purchase.

Not only does this increase the time spent on your website but saves your customers a lot of time by not having to search or navigate to the site manually. They can also check out other products and services they might be interested in, increasing your sales further.

4. Establishing Connections Through Videos Is Easy

In this digital marketing era, building an emotional connection with prospects and customers is inevitable for businesses. Informative videos help engage audiences and showcase your offerings. To connect with the users on a deeper emotional level, consider creating videos that tell your brand story. Also, create videos about things the audience can easily relate to; this should make them feel connected to your brand.

Apart from organic video posts, stories and ads, you can use the live streaming option on Instagram to build connections and create impact. You can also use live streams in creating other video content for a better chance to engage the viewers.

As a business, one of your first goals should be to connect with the prospects on a personal level before encouraging sales. Captivating videos that tell a story rather than conveying promotional messages helps your brand stand out and get noticed while evoking emotions and establishing meaningful connections.

5. Video Ads Are Effective

One of the most effective ways to boost your brand exposure on the platform is to advertise through Instagram Stories. Sharing photos, videos, and other interactive elements through Stories help reach more people and connect with the audiences quickly. While it is easy for videos to get lost in the pool of posts in feeds, stories appear at the top of the profiles and catch instant attention.

You can leverage the power of video ads and stories by putting up glimpses of your products or your business teaser to get noticed. The best part about Instagram ads is their potential to introduce your brand to new audiences. Videos promoted through stories can effectively create engagement and generate leads. Moreover, this short-video format is more cost-effective than long videos shared on feeds.

When sharing videos on stories, you can also add CTA buttons to take viewers to your business site where they can check out your brand and offerings. This way, you can swiftly advertise your products on the platform and increase your traffic and conversions through video.

Final Thoughts

Instagram is one of the best platforms to build an online presence and connect with the target audience. Using video to share engaging content on the network helps stand out from others, catch instant attention and increase engagement.

There are several reasons why businesses should use video marketing on Instagram. With all the video-based features available on the platform, you can easily come up with innovative content that enables you to achieve your digital marketing goals.

Deeksha Arora
Deeksha Arora
I work as a content writer with Gentle Wit blog. I love to write articles on art, nature and lifestyle niche. My hobbies are to listen podcasts and read inspirational books.

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