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Can Ergonomic Office Furniture Improve Employee Productivity?

The modern office environment tends to be a fast-paced hub of activity requiring its workers to be dynamic and able to focus on multiple tasks while using high skill sets and working to tight deadlines. Now throw into the mix an aching neck or back and see how that focus diminishes. When the body is hurting, the mind is distracted.

New business owners need to find the best office furniture deals like wholesale office furniture offers but at the same time find the best office furniture that can lead to higher employee productivity.

Many managers think making a workplace conducive to its employees needs means flexible working hours, suitable pay levels and career opportunities. But how many realise that a large part of creating a productive and thriving office environment comes down to the tools workers are given? And more specifically, the selection of proper ergonomic office furniture.

What is Ergonomic Furniture?

The word ergonomics comes from the ancient Greek words for ‘Ergon’ – to work and ‘Nomos’ – natural law. Essentially it is the scientific study of the relationship between humans and the tools we use. It puts humans right at the heart of design. If the tools we are using are not suitable for the job we are less likely to be efficient and productive. In the office workplace, these tools translate to the office furniture we utilise and the technology used to get the job done.

So does ergonomic office furniture make a difference to an employee’s productivity? The answer is a resounding yes!

Ergonomic Office Furniture Benefits

Ergonomic office furniture not only improves the health & safety of the workplace, it also increases employee performance, employee satisfaction and employee comfort. By providing the right tools to do the job at hand, employees are more efficient and less prone to errors.

One substantial benefit to using ergonomic office furniture is the reduction in workplace injuries that can arise from inadequate ergonomics. Repetitive actions undertaken in a poorly set up environment can lead to the development of musculoskeletal disorders such as tendinitis or carpal tunnel syndrome, injuries that can be truly debilitating. Employees who maintain a poor posture can also find themselves experiencing aching backs and neck pains. It is estimated that up to 80% of all adults will suffer back pain in their lifetime.

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Often these injuries take time to develop and therefore can be overlooked by employees who aren’t aware of the damage being caused until it is too late. Unfortunately they can also take a long time to heal, often requiring assistance from medical professionals. Poor ergonomic furniture can lead to increased staff sickness rates and more time off work to receive treatment. Ultimately, this not only impacts on productivity, it increases a company’s costs too.

Ergonomic furniture plays a big part in preventing office injury. Less injuries means less time off work recuperating and less time spent out of the office attending medical appointments. Ergonomic office furniture helps keep employees healthy, and a healthy workforce is certainly more productive than a sick one.

Physical pain and discomfort not only leads to injuries, it also makes employees tired. When fatigue sets in, work levels decrease. This isn’t just a physical tiredness, it’s a mental one too. It’s hard to be inspired and motivated when the body is hurting. Employees are less able to problem solve, less able to innovate and less able to thrive. Ergonomic office furniture takes away pain and discomfort, providing employees a comfortable, supportive environment in which they can truly prosper.

Ergonomic office furniture also helps cut down the number of errors made by employees who are distracted by discomfort. When employees are comfortable and properly supported they are able to focus and perform better, completing tasks with greater levels of accuracy and attention to detail. By removing the niggles of discomfort the quality of output from employees greatly increases.


All employees want to feel valued and cared for. When an employee feels valued they are more likely to be productive. Choosing ergonomic furniture for the office environment sends a message to employees that their health and wellbeing is important to the company. This message alone can have a positive impact on an employee’s productivity, motivating them to work to the best of their abilities to reciprocate the care the company has shown them.

Ergonomic office furniture helps to build a positive and productive workplace culture, a place where employees feel satisfied, comfortable and motivated to work. Make sure you take advantage of the office desk wholesale offers if you need to buy them in bulk.

Deeksha Arora
Deeksha Arora
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