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List of December Global Festivals in 2024

December is globally celebrated as the festive month which is associated with sweets, snow and joyful times. It is a time for a lot of celebrations and to have loads of fun. For some people, it is best because they can spend quality time with their friends and families. Whatever their reason is, there is nothing to deny that the December global festivals actually bring happiness and cheer to the lives of people.

Most of the websites and even studies have shown that December, also known as ‘World of Holidays’ is the best month to travel and enjoy December global festivals. In this blog, we have listed some of the popular December’s Global Holidays that are celebrated with pomp around the world.

List of the International December Global Festivities 2024

Here is the list of most popular December global festivals:

1. World AIDS Day(December 1, 2024)

From 1988, World AIDS Day is observed on December 1st every year to upgrade the global awareness among people and show support to people who are suffering from HIV/AIDS. It is a day when everyone remembers those who have lost their lives with this deadly illness. The other foremost reason to commemorate this day is to motivate people who are reported HIV positive. This way, people encourage prevention messages and share the methodologies to reduce the risk of this virus which generally spread with contraction. Additionally, people who are affected with HIV/AIDS get an opportunity to share their survival stories and experiences to lighten up their minds.

2. Bodhi Day(December 8, 2024)

Bodhi Day is Japan’s festival which is celebrated on the 8th of December to remember the enlightenment of Siddhartha Gautama. This is the most popular festival of December global holidays and is celebrated as an alternative New year by Buddhists. Bodhi Day, the most important December global holiday for Buddhists,  is celebrated by religious groups around the world. It admires the spiritual truth of the Buddha. This beautiful day of wisdom, also known as Sambudhttva Jayanti, means “San Buddha’s birthday or awakening.” A flight to Japan can take you to a spectacular experience that ranks as one of the most important events in human history.

3. Human Rights Day(December 10, 2024)

Human Rights Day is another major December global holiday celebrated on 10 December all around the world.  Let’s talk over the history of this day to know why it is celebrated every year. The same day in 1948, the United Nations General Assembly embraced the Global declaration of Human Rights. This document contains all the basic fundamental rights and liberties sanctioned to all the people, regardless of religion, race, nationality or gender. On this day, an event is organized to honor the dedication’s approval. Moreover, they discuss the advancements made to preserve human rights. Right to live, right to liberty, freedom from slavery are a few fundamental rights canonized in the UDHR.

4. Hanukkah(December 18, 2024 – December 26, 2024)

Hanukkah is celebrated for eight days in Jerusalem, Israel. It starts from the end of November till the first weak of December. It is a time when Jewish people relish time with their family and friends. The other names for Hanukkah are Chanukah, Chanukkah, Festival of Lights, Jewish Festival, Feast of Dedication and Feast of the Maccabees. It is basically an anniversary of a miracle that happened with Jewish people when the jug of oil that was expected to last for one day, was laid over for 8 days.

Now, people follow a common tradition in which they ignite the menorahs with candles and use that candle to light an additional candle for each night. Throughout the lighting process, they chant Judaic blessings.  Hanukkah is a major festival of December global holidays that is celebrated around 21 countries in the world. Even, people from other religions celebrate this festival and learn about Jewish heritage.

5. Yule(December 21, 2024)

Yule is a traditional winter festival celebrated between December 21st and January 1st. Yule has historically been associated with the Germanic people and has its roots in pagan and Norse mythology. Like numerous pagan traditions, the yule occurs by the side of essential tremendous occasions, in this case, mid-winter. In the Northern Hemisphere, the mid-winter is the gloomy day of the year. These celebrations often include large gatherings, bonfires, and Yuletide log, also known as Christmas log to celebrate the longest winter nights. Over the centuries, Yule traditions and components have emerged in Christmas celebrations, and Yuletide has become interchangeable with Christmas. That’s why it is said that “throw another Yuletide log into the fire.” Even today, Germany and Scandinavia still celebrate Christmas, but many of the original pagan rituals have been lost and are now held primarily with Christmas.

6. Christmas Eve(December 24, 2024)

Christmas eve is celebrated one day before Christmas on 24th December. It is a day when people gather with their families and attend church services together. It is one of the major December global festivals and is marked as a symbol and heritage of Christmas ceremonials. People celebrate this divine Christmas eve by organizing parties and reuniting events. They relish their favorite food such as ham and cookies and remember the Lord Jesus who brings light in their dark life.

7. Christmas(December 25, 2024)

Christmas is one of the biggest December global festival. It is an authentication celebration of Jesus Christ’s birth. Christmas is celebrated worldwide on 25th December both as a religious holiday and cultural celebration. This is a day when Americans celebrate with Santa Claus, snowy landscapes, Christmas trees and firecrackers. They share gifts with loved ones and have quality time together. In Australia, Christmas falls in the summer season and people celebrate it by going on camping and beaches. Moreover, they decorate their native Australian tree known as ‘Christmas Bush’ with green leaves and colorful flowers. However, in England, Christmas tradition is just the same as in the United States. The only difference is children leave mince pies for Father Christmas rather than milk and cookies for Santa Claus. Everyone celebrates this festival in diverse ways, but in the end, it leaves happiness on everyone’s face.

8. Boxing Day(December 26, 2024)

Boxing Day began in the Middle Ages of England as a day to give gifts and help people in need. Now, Boxing Day is celebrated on December 26th in numerous countries and places that were part of the British Empire. The origin of the name is undetermined, but it’s generally understood that Boxing Day was a day when lower classes and those in need of some help could expect to get their Christmas boxes. Just Like other holidays, the actual meaning and objective of Boxing Day have evolved over time.

Boxing Day is a great shopping holiday in Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. Like Black Friday in the US and Singles’ Day in China, Boxing Day is the time for retailers to promote significant discounts to attract aswarm of customers with holiday bonuses. A number of people prohibit opening businesses on Boxing Day. If you find yourself in the country on December 26th of this year, don’t be amazed to find someone who is eager to find a bargain.

9. Kwanzaa(December 26, 2024 – January 1, 2025)

Kwanzaa is a festival of African-American culture and heritage that is celebrated for a week, starts from December 26th and lasts till January 1st. A plethora of people in the United States and all around the globe celebrate the festival in classical African clothing during the celebration. The family celebrates Saint Lucy’s Day at home by dressing their eldest daughter in white and offering coffee and baked items such as saffron buns (lussekatter) and gingerbread to other families and visitors. Kwanzaa is a spiritual holiday celebrated with pomp. During these vacations, African-Americans wear special clothing, decorate their homes with fruits, vegetables, and light a candle holder also known as kinara.

10. New Year’s Eve(December 31, 2024)

New year’s eve is the last December holiday and indicates a move from one year to another. Well, celebrations are done around every hook and corner of the world, but the ways are different according to diverse traditions. In some nations, people throw parties and host outdoor events. While in some countries, people prefer peaceful celebration by just exchanging gifts, sweets, playing games and spread love. Some visit religious temple prey for a good year ahead. The best part is, a number of people take a resolution on this day to leave their bad habit in the coming year and set some personal targets to achieve.

Final Words

With a number of holidays and ample festivals, December is actually a worth celebrating month. If you are going through depression or fed up with homesickness, you can take a break from reality, book a ticket and enjoy these festivals by paying a visit to different countries during December.

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