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How To Build Your Brand Awareness Through Video Content

Videos make up 82% of internet traffic this year. That means incorporating video content will now play a vital role in a digital marketing strategy.

Businesses have seen a surge in online video consumption. YouTube alone has over a billion unique visitors every month. A Facebook video generates ten times more discussion than photos or links.

No matter the platform, using videos in your marketing is crucial for building brand awareness.

But how can you build your brand awareness through video content? What are some key steps to creating an effective video strategy? Let’s look at what it takes to market with video content.

Why Should You Care About Promoting with Video Content?

First of all, YouTube is the second most frequented website in the world right now, behind Google. From there, it’s easy to see why video content has become important. People will go check video searches because it’s easier to consume information that way.

Secondly, more people are getting their news from videos now than ever before with platforms like YouTube is becoming the second largest search engine worldwide. There is no reason not to be using video content to your advantage for businesses. Videos are powerful tools to help you reach your audience and provide value through education or entertainment at minimum cost. All of this is important for building brand awareness for your business!

How Can You Use Video Content For Your Brand Awareness?

There are several ways to incorporate videos into a marketing strategy successfully.

1. Educate Your Audience

Make sure to create a video marketing checklist when you plan to use videos in your marketing campaigns. One of the most important things to note is to create content that educates your audiences. The reason is simple: informative content is more valuable to your customer.

Your audience needs a reason to trust you and, better yet, a reason to choose you over your competition. That’s why educating your audience plays an important role in gaining trust from your audience. If people are aware of your business, it’s easier to put their trust in you.

2. Use Video For Product Demonstrations

When creating videos for product demonstrations, always focus on using the product! Remember, people will buy from online stores because they see value in your products or services. Make sure that your video shows how the product is being used to imagine themselves using them too. Make your product demonstrations engaging by easily creating voiceovers using text to speech online tools.

For example, you can quickly explain how a hair straightener works simply by describing its features and showing before and after shots. This will encourage viewers of your video content to purchase from you and increase brand awareness at the same time.

3. Feature Customer Testimonials

Instead of talking about your products or services, why not feature testimonials from people who already use them instead? Social proof is an incredibly important part of building brand awareness for every business.

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People will more likely buy from you if they see other people are buying and loving your products or services. Here’s an example of a convincing customer review: “I’ve always struggled with acne since the age of 12. I tried everything on store shelves, but nothing worked! Then someone recommended me to this skincare line. It’s amazing! My skin hasn’t looked better!”

When people read this testimonial, they will put more trust in the brand with positive reviews because it shows that others have benefited from the same product to solve the problems. Hence, their consideration in purchasing the product will be increased.

4. Host Videos on YouTube

YouTube is the second most frequented website in the world, with over 1 billion unique visitors every month. Make sure you’re utilizing this huge platform by uploading your videos there.

This video-sharing platform is one of the easiest ways to get known by the public relatively quickly. Once you post videos on YouTube, you have a bigger chance to reach out to a wider audience. That’s why many businesses opt to publish video content on this social platform first before using other mainstream channels like Twitter and Facebook.

However, you need to make sure that viewers on YouTube can quickly choose to click other videos rather than your own. This is why creating compelling video thumbnails can determine the view number as people will only be interested in an inviting thumbnail image

6. Create Infographics Using Video Content

If your brand is in charge of creating digital content like infographics, consider using a video for them instead of an image each time. With online video becoming more popular for media consumption each day, you’ll be ahead of the trend by using video content for your infographics.

What’s more, infographics are digestible and easily understood by the audiences at different ages. With infographics, you can showcase your brand or product information in a more educational way so it doesn’t sound too promotional for your audience.

7. Use Video For Your Own Website’s Explainer

Lastly, you can tap into the popularity of video marketing by having an explainer video on your website! According to experts, these types of videos are great for making websites mobile-friendly as well.

Not to mention they are engaging and help break down complex ideas or services into easy-to-understand terms. Without a doubt, this will increase brand awareness throughout your audience!

Wrapping Up

Building brand awareness is critical for every business starting out. It can be challenging but easy if you know what works. Use these tips and tricks to increase your brand awareness through online video content.

Videos help businesses promote, educate, and entertain online audiences in an engaging way. It is important to remember that the goal behind your video content should be to build brand awareness through education or entertainment. Promotional tactic doesn’t go well if you want to build awareness in the very first place. People would want to learn more about your brand before deciding to use your service.

That’s why creating a helpful and educational video content will help you build awareness and create the public’s trust rather easily!

Deeksha Arora
Deeksha Arora
I work as a content writer with Gentle Wit blog. I love to write articles on art, nature and lifestyle niche. My hobbies are to listen podcasts and read inspirational books.

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