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Enhance The Google Reviews Of Your Senior Care Community Easily

We all know the importance of online reviews, whether on Google My Business or any third-party website. Most people prefer first to read reviews about a particular business or a product/service. Based on the online reviews given, one can easily analyze people’s decision-making process of having any age or being in any stage of life. For the senior living community, Google reviews have proved to be one of the most successful glimpses that the visitors have for perceiving the community’s quality.

Choosing senior care is an emotionally charged, difficult decision. And with nearly 30,000 assisted living communities to pick from, most households use a bunch of time examining and assessing their options. Sadly, in-person visits and tours are tough with today’s Covid-19 social distancing constraints, so promised residents and their families must rely fundamentally on data they find online to make their choice.

Reviews based on personal experience, features in the community, and positive encounters with the stop immediately influence the fact that the community will again go for the Google search or not even; the business has more reviews and receives a high rank in SEO results. The question is how you can encourage the visitors and residents to write a Google review for your business. To enhance the ranking, usually, people hire SEO professionals to develop strategies and tactics for helping the websites lead in a SERP. However, along with adapting the strategy, there is immense importance of Google reviews as well.

Sending the Invitation In Unique Manners

To reach different customers, Google review has played an amazing role. You can easily put the Call to Action link on your community website along with the link where the users can write the Google review. You can also enhance the look by including a postcard having an invitation that will remind the users even when they are away from the community. Apart from this, you may also include a CTA on the monthly billing statements of the customers.

Incentivize Your Staff To Write The Reviews

Google reviews are more important when they are in the current. Usually, people neglect the reviews given by users months or years ago. Along with the customer, you can also try involving your employees to mention their reviews.

Provide Prompt To Generate Review Ideas

Usually, it happens that people get free stuff whenever they see an empty box. Instead of putting up an empty box, you can also put a questionnaire or an area offering the customers to give their feedback. You can also create a separate page on your website having questions that can help the users out. The questions may include, like, are you happy with the staff? Or are you happy with the products we are providing or any other? Apart from the questions, you can also provide a Google-generated link that can easily redirect the customer towards the Google review entry field.

Take Help From The Third Party Services

If you do not have much time on manpower or human resource who can mention reviews on Google, you can also try getting third-party services like BirdEye. They will provide you the customer solutions along with managing your approach to soliciting the reviews. It depends upon you which approach you are willing to adapt to increasing the Google reviews, but still, you should try to avoid becoming a nuisance to your customers. Try to provide excellent services along with gentle nudges.

Respond To The Google Reviews

Businesses having verified accounts can easily respond to customer reviews. Moreover, the information was given by the users, and the business people usually show up in Google and map searches. If you engage your reviews along with gratitude, it will encourage more reviews because it will show that you are interested in the customers’ feedback. Also, it will not only be seen about collecting the numbers.

There are undoubtedly several ways to get reviews online. The essential thing is to take action. Although senior living facilities meet different hurdles when asking for reviews, a well-planned strategy can help you be successful.By adopting such guidelines, you can easily increase the Google reviews of your senior care community. Usually, people focus on hiring the companies that can provide the best SEO services, but it is also necessary to give Google Reviews proper consideration.

Deeksha Arora
Deeksha Arora
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