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12 Things To See And Do In California The “GOLDEN STATE”

California is one of the great pride of the United States and it is not difficult to understand why. Hollywood, San Francisco, the immense beaches bathed by the Pacific, wild forests, and an ideal climate.

Musicians, actors, painters, and writers have settled here, dedicating songs, movies, paintings, and books to this prosperous land. Are you planning to travel there and do not know everything that awaits you?

Here are the best 12 things to see and do in California.

What to see in California

1. San Francisco

If you have to choose only one city, there is no doubt, San Francisco would be your choice (and probably that of many).

And it is that it is a place so peculiar that it does not leave anyone indifferent. Apart from New York, it is the most beautiful city with the most personality in the entire United States.

There are plenty of things to see and do here, plus it’s a good base to get to know upstate, but just to cross the Golden Gate, it’s worth coming!

And what about visiting Alcatraz? Or how beautiful the nearby town of Sausalito is? What about the Mission or Haight Ashbury neighbourhoods?

San Francisco is just adorable.

2. Los Angeles

Los Angeles, on the other hand, can leave you quite cold, with endless drives, gigantic highways, strange people. Even so, it will seem to you like an essential stop on a route through California for being a unique corner of the planet.

Being able to see the Hollywood sign, step on the Walk of Fame, take a tour of Beverly Hills, tour Santa Monica and Venice Beach by bicycle, and watch the sunset from the Griffith Observatory.

These are just 4 of the many activities that await you in LA. Also the Universal Studios! In the end, it will make you feel that Los Angeles is cool and everything.

3. Tour Big Sur, something to do in California 

Did you know that California is home to one of the most beautiful scenic highways in the United States?

If you like road trips, take note of this name, Big Sur. The scenery here is incredible to watch and hopefully, you can return soon after going through it all.

4. San Diego

Another Californian city that everyone knows is San Diego.

A stone’s throw from Tijuana and with a lot of Mexican influence (that delicious food!), San Diego is a perfect getaway for a couple of days and, in addition, the highway that connects it to Los Angeles is super nice! (a good reason to do a mini-road trip). This will be your super time in San Diego.

5. Salvation Mountain

Not far from San Diego (in American distances, of course) is Salvation Mountain, one of the most curious places in California, which became popular thanks to the movie “Walking Routes”.

In the middle of nowhere stands this kind of little mountain full of religious and faith paintings and messages, which its owner, Leonard Knight, placed over the years and even appears in the movie. You will come across it while driving past the Salvation Mountain.

6. Try a burger from In & Out

Okay, it may not be one of the most incredible places to visit in California, and it may not leave you with your mouth open, but with your mouth full.

Here the discussion is about the Inn & Out, a chain of hamburgers that have become a symbol of this state. You don’t really know California if you haven’t eaten a hamburger from the Inn & Out.

7. Yosemite National Park

With a full belly, now you need to fill your lungs with fresh air and your eyes with brutal landscapes.

And for this, you have to go to Yosemite National Park, where impossible waterfalls, gigantic rocks, lakes, walks through forests and some curious inhabitants await you.

If you had to choose a single park to visit on your trip, Yosemite is one of the most amazing places in the United States and, without a doubt, one of the best things to see and do in California.

8. Sequoia and Kings Canyon 

But if you are lucky and can include other parks in your itinerary, there are two other parks close to the previous one that are very worthwhile.

Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks, where you will have the opportunity to see the largest trees on the planet, the Giant Sequoias.

Not impressive, the next thing is that when you pass under them you will feel like a smurf lost in a wooden Manhattan.

9. Disneyland 

If one of your dreams is to visit Disneyland Park, know that in California you can fulfil it in a big way, neither more nor less than in the first park inaugurated by Walt Disney himself, back in 1955.

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The enclosure was later expanded and it is now home to two parks: Disneyland Park and  Disney California Adventure Park. It is one of the best excursions from Los Angeles.

10. Take a little bit of Route 66

Did you know that the Mother Road, Route 66, ends in Santa Monica? The last stretch of this legendary road leaves Arizona behind to cross the state of California, and if you are looking forward to driving on it, even for a few miles, you do so!

You can get to the pretty town of Barstow and on the way to San Bernardino where the Wigwam Motel is located, with its curious teepee-shaped rooms and the Bottle Tree Ranch. Enjoy this trip in a huge caravan and make it one of the best experiences you could have.

11. Silicon Valley

Do you have a geek soul and want to know the technological capital of the world?

In Silicon Valley, the most cutting-edge ideas are cooked up, and the brains of tomorrow’s millionaires roam freely among cutting-edge offices, hidden garages, cafes and luxury chalets for rent that never close.

12. Redwood National Park

If you don’t have too many days and your idea is to base yourself in San Francisco, take the opportunity to rent a car and go to Redwood National Park.

Here, as in the Sequoia, you will be surrounded by giant redwoods and with a plus, there is almost no tourism!

Deeksha Arora
Deeksha Arora
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