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Early Sign And Symptoms Of Pregnancy You Can Not Ignore

Online GP at FCP Medical emphasizes keeping track of the early symptoms of pregnancy. Many people think that the only sign of pregnancy is the missed periods. There are several other symptoms as well. Some of the common symptoms include morning fatigue and the need to vomit as well. Ultrasounds and other tests are also available to let you know about the pregnancy. This post describes in detail the early symptoms that you cannot ignore. 

Missing Your Periods

It is the most common early sign that women experience. Consulting your gynecologist is the first thing you should do when you miss your periods. The reason behind missing periods is the human chorionic gonadotropin hormone. After implantation is complete, the human body starts producing this hormone to maintain the pregnancy. It also puts a stop to the process of ovulation. When your ovaries are no longer producing more eggs every month, you will not have periods. Women usually miss their periods after the four weeks of conception. If you experience any spotting or periods after that, you should take a test to confirm. There are many home tests available to know if you are pregnant or not. These tests show the levels of this hormone in your urine to tell about the pregnancy. 

Raised Body Temperature

Another symptom often experienced by many women is the rise in their body temperature. If you are trying to conceive and you feel that you have a higher body temperature than normal, it can be a sign. Just be sure that the hot temperature is not because of the weather. The temperature rise can also be because of any strenuous activity you have done, such as exercise. If the increase in body temperature is persistent and you are also missing your periods, you may be pregnant. This increase in temperature is usually because of the increase in the levels of progesterone. It is normal to experience a hot body temperature. 

Changes To Breasts

When you are trying to conceive, and you suddenly experience changes to your breast, it is a sign. You should not ignore it at all. The hormonal changes in your body will cause changes in your body. These changes can include an increase in the size of the breast and tender breasts. Many women experience swollen breasts as well. Once your body has accepted the changes, the tenderness goes away. These changes are usually seen in 4 to 6 weeks of your pregnancy. There are visible changes in the nipple and the areola. It is the area around your nipples, and it usually darkens and grows larger as the pregnancy progress. These hormonal changes can also cause the breakout of acne as well along with the changes to your breasts. 

The Feeling Of Fatigue

The constant feeling of being tired and sleepy also comes with pregnancy. If you feel that you have been feeling more sleepy and tired, consult family physicians at fcp medical. The increase in the levels of progesterone causes the body to feel sleepy. All the hormonal changes that your body is adjusting to can affect your active behaviors.

Women who are constantly experiencing vomiting and nausea during early pregnancy complain about fatigue. The need for frequent urination during pregnancy also causes the women to wake up again and gain. This can disrupt their sleep cycle as well. Many women also complain about back, hip, and pelvic pain during the early periods. Taking a less healthy diet can also cause this. 

Increase In The Blood Pressure Levels  

An increase in blood pressure is an important sign of your pregnancy. In most cases, the blood pressure will drop. Women experience fatigue and dizziness. If you have continuous high blood pressure, you must consult a doctor. It can be a strong indicator of any underlying issue. Your doctor will prescribe medication to keep the levels in control. You can also rely on some friendly exercises to keep it maintained. Some women feel a lot better by drinking plenty of water and taking a healthy diet. 

Morning Sickness

This is among the most common signs and symptoms of pregnancy. The disturbance in the levels of the hormone can cause this sickness. In early pregnancy, this symptom is quite strong. Women feel the need to puke and vomit, particularly in the morning. This is called morning sickness, but the phenomenon can trigger in the nighttime as well. There is no specific cause for this except the changes in the levels of hormones in your body. It is also related to the aversions to certain foods and smell as well. In the first trimester, women experience intense smells that can lead to nausea. This also results in avoiding certain foods. If you feel nauseated in the morning and cannot seem to stand certain foods, this is a visible sign. 

Acne And Pregnancy Glow

Women often hear the compliments stating that there is a glow on your face when trying to conceive. This glow can be the pregnancy glow. The higher levels of hormones in the body and the increase in the blood volume cause this. The glands of the body start to work more. The circulation of the blood improves when adjusting to the changes, and the skin looks bright. These sudden changes in the hormone can also cause acne. The levels of hormones fluctuate, and a breakout can be experienced. Androgen hormones increase the production of sebum in oils in your skin. This excessive oil than the usual can cause the inflammation of the pores of your skin. 

Mood Changes

You will experience changes in your mood at the start of pregnancy. This remains the same during the complete period of pregnancy, but it will be a new thing at the start. Researches have shown that women experience feelings of anxiety, depression, and irritability. The levels of estrogen and progesterone change abruptly a soon as you conceive. They can affect the release of neurotransmitters from your brain. This results in changes in your mood. A supportive partner and taking mood therapy can help in fighting this sign. 

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Online GP at FCP Medical explains the importance of early signs and symptoms of pregnancy. These signs are important to notice and get consultation immediately. The most common signs that one should not ignore include changes in the breast, missed periods, and mood changes. The higher levels of progesterone and other hormones are the main reason behind these symptoms. Women also experience the pregnancy glow in the first trimester.

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