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Beautiful Pendant Styles You Need to Stock Up on This Winter

Change your styling game and take it up a notch this Winter with different kinds of pendant necklaces that are suitable for all kinds of necklines. Don’t let all the layers stop you from looking your best self. Stock up on different pendant designs and chains and layer it up in a different way, create a beautiful ‘neck-mess’ with every neckline and elevate your winter fits in no time. Pendant and locket chains have been around for decades now, and for all the right reasons.

Pendants are a beautiful multi-functional accessory as they not only serve as a fashion item to amp up your looks, but they also serve as a symbol of the beliefs you want to keep close to your heart—religious, spiritual, or personal. Pendant and chain necklace styles have evolved greatly in the past few decades and now you can wear what you want to keep close to your heart without compromising with fashion.

It Can Be Jarring Deciding What and How to Wear with the Winter Layers

Layers and layers of clothing with overcoats, blazers, sweaters and scarves can make jewellery styling seem especially daunting, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Layers can be complicated, but layers are GOOD! Layering and stacking trends are a super-hit when it comes to jewellery. Layering jewellery and making jewellery stacks is an art, and you are the artist.

It becomes easy when you can opt for some jewellery wardrobe staples, and make some smart styling decisions. Stay warm with the layers and opt for the following styles for some effortless winter styling and slay it this winter. Read on to find out about the most popular pendant necklace design trends this winter and hop on the trend with a personal twist that defines your personal sense of style and get ready to turn around heads and hearts this winter.

A few pieces of some edgy, dainty jewellery can elevate your fits and your wardrobe in seconds flat. Even when it comes to artificial jewellery, remember to invest in pieces that are versatile and can be styled up or down on different occasions with different styles. Adorn your neckline with some beautiful pendants online that speak to you and of you. Worn as a stand-alone piece, or in a stack of two or three or more, pendant necklaces can be styled in so many ways for so many different occasions, all around the year.  Make this time of the year more merry with these stunning winter styling tips that are a lifesaver and a money saver!

1) Everyday Pendant

Opt for a piece that is minimal and dainty and something that speaks to you and of you. Something that you want to keep close to your heart as a symbol of something special or because of the aesthetic value. You can style an everyday pendant in sweater-weather with everyday sweaters, 9 to 5 winter fits, brunch dates, and for party wear as well. Go for something that can be styled up with other pieces when you want to go heavy on the jewellery, and can also be worn stand-alone for everyday wear.

2) Bling It On

When in doubt, bling it out. This is the time for festivities and sparkles. Go for a design that is minimal, but has subtle details that are glittery and add a bit of glam to the piece. Opt for a piece that can be stacked with another chain of varying length when you want to make a statement, but can be worn stand alone when you’re wearing a dress with some nice detailing.

3) Make a Statement

Pendant designs come in many shapes, sizes, and forms. Opt for a statement pendant that has a unique motif that makes you and your neckline stand out. Pair this with a minimal chain of shorter length to create a beautiful ‘neck-mess’. This style would go perfectly well with a knitted sweater paired with trousers/jeans and some sexy boots.

4) Pearl Drama

Pearls go with everything! Elevate your winter looks and take them up a notch with some pearl drama going. Go for a gold chain that features a pearl pendant with a unique placement and design. Style a unique pearl pendant effortlessly with a couple of other chains or a pearl choker and pair it with a black blazer set and a red lipstick and “shine like gloss”.

5) Celestial Magic

Celestial jewellery is hands down the prettiest. Whether it’s a pendant design that comes with a cluster of stars on a flat snake chain or whether it’s a beautifully designed and crafted moon pendant, all eyes are going to be on you when you step out with some stunning celestial jewellery. Especially for the winter season, the darker colours will bring our celestial pendants. Style your favourite LBD with an overcoat on top and add some drama to your monochrome fit with your celestial pendant.

6) Dual Styling Pendants

Magnetic pendant styles are a great styling choice throughout the year. These pieces can be styled in two ways. The first: the magnets on the motifs come together and form a beautiful shape, the second: the magnets can be separated to form a different look. Super cute, and effortless, this pendant style is a millennial favourite styling option because of the aesthetic value that comes within a budget. Go from day to night styling effortlessly with this stunning piece.

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