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What Sets City-based Scavenger Hunts Apart?

Team building activities help bring everyone together and allow employees to enjoy a break from the monotonous office routines. A scavenger hunt is among the most popular team-building exercises you can organize today. They’re fun outdoor activities that involve employees working as teams and using their critical thinking skills to win.

Some people may assume that scavenger hunts are best for parks and forests, but you can also have them in the city. City-based scavenger hunts are a unique way to get your employees excited and creative as they compete against one another. Here are some things that make city-based treasure hunts unique.

Safety and Inclusion

Sometimes not everything will go according to plan so you must account for contingencies. Be sure to plan for everyone’s safety. City-based treasure hunts are safer to involve everyone since access to health facilities is easier. Also, the risks are lower in the city compared to segregated forest areas, so you will prioritize everyone’s safety.

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The safety guarantee allows employees to play freely without worrying about their well-being. Instead, they will focus on exploring the city and outdoing other teams.

Easy Planning and Execution

When planning a treasure hunt within the city, you will have a range of things you can use as hints. For example, city, street, or amenity names can provide good clues. You can make the challenge more interesting by mapping a route along areas that are more mentally challenging for your employees.

Physical preparations are also easy within the city since other businesses can allow you to hide clues within their premise. Their ease of planning and execution enables you to spend less time on these and more time enjoying the hunt.

Location Convenience

Most of your employees have homes close to the city where they come to work every day. Planning a treasure hunt within your city will be convenient for many employees. People don’t have to go out of their way when attending the search and can also take advantage of the city’s convenient modes of transport.

Existing Facilities as Clues

Traffic signs, street names, city businesses, and various amenities all offer places for exciting clues. Instead of having a treasure hunt in a place with limited options, the city offers a wide range of markers you can use. Using existing facilities saves you money on the overall treasure hunt organization cost.

For example, you can issue clues like take a team video emulating an air band in front of a place you can buy actual band instruments. The answer to this would be a music store, which you can easily find within a city.

Historical Education

Cities are diverse and have so much history that your employees can learn while on the treasure hunt. You can tailor your questions and quest performances to include fun facts about the city. For example, clues could involve the history of an establishment or a monument, and employees would learn about their city while solving for the clue. This makes the treasure hunt more fun and helps build an interactive environment for the teams.

Wider Prize Ranges

Most treasure hunts end with gifting some sort of prize to the winning team. Money is not the only gift winners can receive; hosting the game within a city offers a range of prizes they can win. For example, collaborating businesses can provide discounts as an incentive for the winning team, or your company can pay in advance for a fun local item like street food or a collectible. Based on the interests of your employees, the reward can make your scavenger hunt exciting and engaging.

Plan Your City-Based Scavenger Hunt

Treasure hunts are creative and fun ways to unite employees and build special memories as a team. You should plan your scavenger hunt within a city since it is convenient for almost everyone and makes the game more fun. Also, city-based treasure hunts tend to be easy to plan and execute, saving you time and money so that you can just focus on having fun.

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