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7 Reasons You Should See a Podiatrist

Ankle and foot problems can cause unending discomfort that limits everyday activities like walking and running. Podiatrists accurately diagnose your problem and recommend appropriate treatment to deal with the discomfort. Seeking professional help for your foot problems can prevent them from affecting your overall health.

Here are seven reasons you should see a podiatrist:

1. Changes in Feet Shape

The human feet change with age. You may experience wider feet, bunions, hammertoes, or corns as you grow older. While most of these changes might not cause a significant difference in your experience wearing shoes, some people may experience increased discomfort. Professional intervention early on can help prevent foot surgery in the future.

A podiatrist will go through the changes and address those areas that need action. They may advise on measures you can use to reduce discomfort.

2. Ankle, Knee, or Foot Pain

Foot and leg pain are common in active individuals like runners and people who love walking. These problems might sound normal, but hurting legs can result from various issues, some more serious than others. Some ankle, knee, or foot issues result from injuries that need sorting to prevent further damage.

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You should have a foot exam to determine the root cause of your problem. Podiatrists use their knowledge of foot anatomy or X-rays to check for existing issues. They then treat the problem, including sprains and broken bones, to offer pain relief and prevent the problem from reoccurring.

3. Itchy Feet

Itchy feet are common in patients with athlete’s foot. Athletes’ foot result from fungal infections that make the spaces between your toes look raw and causes the sole area to feel cracky. The itchy feeling does not often include pain but can cause extreme discomfort.

Podiatrists help deal with the infection by prescribing cream applications and oral-based antifungals.

4. Skin Infections and Problems

Exposed wounds on the skin around your foot can result in infections. Skin infections on your foot might spread or worsen, warranting an amputation if left untreated. Treating the conditions early can prevent these severe measures and protect your foot.

An experienced podiatrist checks your feet for possible infections. They can recommend the best treatment and help you dress the wound until full recovery. Such services maintain your feet in the best condition.

5. Underlying Health Conditions

Health issues like obesity, arthritis, and diabetes affect your feet. These underlying health conditions increase your risk of developing foot problems like corns and bunions. Diabetes can increase the chances of developing athletes’ foot, dry skin, and foot ulcers. Such serious infections, if left untreated, can force you to get amputated or increase the risk of disability.

A podiatrist helps patients with underlying health conditions maintain healthy feet. The expert performs occasional foot exams to flush out problems before they start. These services drastically reduce the risk of getting your foot amputated.

6. Stubborn Ingrown Toenail

Improper grooming of the nails often results in in-growths. Ingrown nails pierce into the toe skin, causing discomfort and even swelling. Malformed nails can cause open wounds that are prone to infections.

Podiatrists check your toe and remove ingrown nails. If the toe has an infection, they may recommend antibiotics to prevent the problem from festering. Your expert will walk you through ways you can avoid the toenail ingrowths from coming back.

7. Foot Surgery

Surgery is often the final treatment that podiatrists use to solve foot conditions. It is often applicable for problems that are recurrent or whose treatment has been delayed. Some conditions that need surgery include:

  • Recurring ingrown toenails
  • Bunions
  • Broken bones

Podiatrists perform foot or ankle surgery to make sure your feet remain healthy.

Find a Top-Rated Podiatrist

Most ankle and foot problems cause extensive discomfort and negatively affect your overall health. You should visit the best podiatrist to enjoy treatment for these problems. Treating foot problems in time prevents them from getting worse in the future or causing amputation. Expert treatments help you retain healthy feet to enjoy activities like walking and running.

Deeksha Arora
Deeksha Arora
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