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Some Rigid IELTS Examination Myths You Should Know

Myths are something that changes the whole mindset of people. Without any proof people are used to There are certainly thousands of misconceptions in the air about students. There are chats that produce rumours which eventually become myths for many people. There are chats. The applicants who take the IELTS test likewise live in the same world and tend to be concerned because of these misconceptions. Read the following fallacies that you have to avoid before your turn, irrespective of your education or language when you are preparing for the IELTS examination. We will discuss some IELTS Examination Myths in this article.

There are several blogs on the Internet, a handful of videos from YouTube, lots of information about IELTS currently. Unfortunately, you tend to get puzzled by a lot of contradicting facts. What’s authentic you don’t understand. In this blog, we have aimed to clear the myths of the students about the IELTS exam. If you aim to clear the IELTS exam with productive marks then look no further and connect with the best IELTS classes in Jalandhar. Here, we’re going to break the misconceptions about several IELTS sections:

  • The higher the score, the more difficult your composition is.

There is no denying the fact that the score doesn’t raise the difficulty level of the exam.that It’s necessary to employ complex sentence patterns (rather than just writing tiny sentences), but this shouldn’t make your work complicated. To improve your score, keep in mind that your writing should be simple to comprehend.

  • During the speaking examination, you are not permitted to ask the examiner any questions

In reality, if you don’t comprehend a question, you may ask the examiner to repeat it. In addition, if you are unsure about the meaning of a term in the question, you can ask for clarification. This will have no effect on your grades. However, refrain from doing so on a regular basis. Connect with the best IELTS institute in Ludhiana for clearing all the arising myths.

  • You can only take the IELTS test a certain number of times

 The multitude of days a candidate can take the IELTS exam is unrestricted. Applicants can keep reappearing till they obtain their target band score. To achieve the required score, the ideal method is to first learn the exam structure and then concentrate on strengthening English abilities so that you can do well on test day. To make yourself aware of such myths you can consider connecting with the best IELTS classes in Jalandhar.

  • Some portions of the IELTS examination are simpler than others:

It is erroneous to believe that some sections of the IELTS examination are easier than others because all answers are graded using the nine bands. Individual capacity to respond effectively in a specific area differs, therefore we can’t say that some portions are simpler or more challenging for everyone. To ace the IELTS test, you must first identify your individual strengths and limitations by completing enough test practice and ensuring that you practise all four portions of the test. If you want to safeguard your IELTS preparation from these myths then look no further and connect with the best IELTS institute in Ludhiana.

  • To do well in writing and speaking, you need to have a large vocabulary

As previously said, clarity is critical. So, all you need are the appropriate words to communicate a certain concept in such a way that the reader or listener knows exactly what you’re saying. Use idioms sparingly since you may not always understand their meaning. Furthermore, you must be natural while speaking, and you should avoid using idioms when speaking normally. The more blunders you make, the lower your score will be. You already have a large vocabulary. If you feel the urge to learn more, spend your time reading articles rather than compiling your own vocabulary.

  • You don’t have to read the text to answer Reading questions.

Your knowledge and preconceptions will not allow you to answer the questions. Because the test is organised in this way, attentive reading is required in IELTS. You’ll need methods, but it doesn’t mean you won’t need to read the chapter to come up with solutions. You are required to read every test so that you can develop a better understanding of topics.

  • In the speaking portion, complex phrases and foreign accents earn higher marks:

This is another typical IELTS misunderstanding. Using long phrases and speaking with a phoney accent will not improve your score. Instead, concentrate on speaking clearly, accurately, and at a regular speed. The key to effective communication is clarity, which is something that false accents and long phrases won’t assist with. Hearing to English speakers from across the world via webinars, video footage, or on television, on the other hand, can help you comprehend the various accents of English speakers around the world and will aid you in tackling the Listening part.


All in all, read the above-mentioned myths so that you can clear them and give the upcoming IELTS exam with a great mindset. We hope that this blog will surely help you achieve all your pre-set goals.

Ravinderjit Kaur
Ravinderjit Kaur
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