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Guidance Towards the Attributes of Birthstones

Birthstones have been in use by people since the commencement of civilizations. In the beginning chiefs of tribes used to wear the stones for symbol and dignity of their tribes. In that span of history they were unaware about the potential attributes of the gemstones.

Gradually various cultures were developed across the different locations of the world. People started paying heed to education. They also learned about the birthstones and their potential attributes. There are people in the world that also use the gemstone without knowing their meaning. Their intention for use is only beautification.

Birthstones and Various Industrial Zones

Today entry of the birthstones in various industrial sectors is inevitable. For instance, in the current era silicon chips are replaced with diaond chips in the computer industry. Diamond made chips are durable and are efficient.

Experimental results have concluded that diamonds are good conductors of heat, light and sound. Therefore, their application in the speakers improves sound output produced by the speakers.

Scientists have also used the diamonds in the microscopes to observe the particles at atomic level.

Dermatologists prefer the use of diamond for skin proliferation. Further, it is also preferred for the diagnosis of various diseases.

Diamond is the hardest stone, it is used to cut and polish objects. Moreover, its use in the mining and drilling has its own importance.

Association of Birthstones with Zodiac System

Birthstones have associations with twelve positions of the zodiac system. For example Aries Birthstone is at first position in the zodiac system. It has a sign of RAM and an element of Fire. All attributes of the Aries are linked with the Aries Birthstones.

Aries birthstones are two in number. The Aries stone in the dates of March is Aquamarine. Whereas the stone in the dates of April is diamond.

Price Influencing Attributes of Aries Birthstone

\In the present article we are focusing on the traits of the April Aries Birthstone that affects the price of the gemstone.

The price influencing features of diamond are cart, clarity, cut and color. These attributes are also known as 4 C’s of Aries Gemstone.

An Overview of Cart

As Aries Birthstone is a physical quality and it has weight. The measuring unit of weight of diamond is Cart. In the S.I system one Carat is equal to 0.0002 Kg. Carat is further divisible into 100 equal points. Each point of the Carat influences the price of the Aries stone. Remember size and weight of the diamond are two distinct quantities. Never mix them. The recommended size of the one carat diamond is 6.5 mm. Reduction in the ideal parameters can affect the price of the stone.

Clarity of April Aries Birthstone

All mineral birthstones are formed in very deep layers of the earth. Usually chemical changes occur underneath deep areas of the earth. So, the rocks of the stones melt at high temperature and pressure. Some impurities mix with the original stones that influence the outlook of the gemstones. Same happens with the diamond.

The impurities that mix with diamond are known as birthmarks. The birthmarks are classified into the inclusions and blemishes.

The birthmarks that penetrate into the inner surface of the diamond during chemical reactions are known inclusions.

On another hand, the impurities that set themselves on the surface of the stones are blemishes.

The clarity of diamond measures the perfection of the stone. We can seldom have a single diamond without any impurity out of 5000 mineral diamonds. We pronounce such stones flawless diamonds that are very rare and precious.

Importance of Cut

It is obvious that Cut is one main characteristics of the diamond that influences the sheen of the stone. It defines how the incident light entering the diamond, bounces back to the observer. Light ray also refract and disperse from various surfaces of the diamond. So, diamond behaves like a prism.

A perfect or ideal Cut that reflects, refract and disperse light to maximum. On the other hand, deep Cut doesn’t produce optimize glitter as some light is leaked. An Aries Birthstone with shallow Cut never produces high level brightness.

Color of Aries Birthstone

Aries Birthstone Color is one main factor that influences the price of the stone. Diamond is in mineral form exists in all colors but the rarest color is black.

Colors of a diamond are defined in the range from D to Z. D to F range stones are colorless or white diamonds. These diamonds are more precious than others. The stones lower than grade F produce sheen but they are dense in color tone. As they move lower in rage the color tone of the diamond becomes stronger.

Fluorescence is another factor that is affecting the color of the diamond. In fluorescence traces of boron are penetrated into the stone with Ultraviolet rays.

Birthstone Jewelry

Today birthstones are also used in event jewelry. Diamond jewelry is preferred for engagement and wedding events. In addition to all, a diamond ring is one of the selected gifts for the anniversary.

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