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What to Look for in a Montessori School in Kuala Lumpur?

Montessori is the traditional education technique that promotes the hands-on practice, self-led activities, and cooperative play in kids. Montessori education is applicable for students of all ages. It helps the students to be more creative in a specialized and unique classroom environment.

Schools in KL provide Montessori education to students to help them build their own learning ways, develop interests to build uniquely blended knowledge. The philosophy of Montessori has proved relatively successful generating a community of highly skilled thinkers of all times.

It can be a daunting task for the parents to look for the right Montessori school in Kuala Lumpur which caters to a steady way of teaching and implementation.

Here are some tips that can help you find the right Montessori school for your child that provides the best learning approach.

Tips to Find the Right Montessori School

  • Look for the right Montessori learning environment – A good Montessori school provides an exceptional environment to students which encourages them to think, create, and learn uniquely. The students are motivated to perform self-directed activities that help them learn faster.

The things that make a good Montessori learning environment are –

  • ·         Highly creative classrooms
  • ·         Warm welcoming environment
  • ·         Safe surroundings
  • ·         Unique learning tools like charts, plants, toys, artistic things, etc
  • ·         A melange of different age groups
  • ·         Practically feasible activities
  • ·         Clean and organized surroundings
  • ·         Unique furniture for children to engage more
  • ·         No traditional paper learning education
  • ·         Hands-on learning practice games

There can be a wide array of learning tools and techniques that can be used by Montessori schools to promote quick learning in students.

  • Montessori Teachers – The teachers in Montessori schools must have high expertise and required skill sets to teach the Montessori kids. Schools in KL have the best Montessori educators who engage with students as a part of the activity rather than teaching in front of the entire class. These teachers are exceptionally good and trained at observing students and determining their strengths and weaknesses. Once done, they focus on each student in a customized way. A Montessori educator is not just a teacher but also a mentor who acts as a role model for the students. They build leadership qualities in students and help them become better versions of themselves.
  • Group of students – As a parent, you need to observe the group of Montessori students in a class. The students make the environment good or bad in a school. Hence, one must physically visit the school to observe the crowd and if their child would fit accordingly.

Notice the students actively participating in activities and learning new things. In Montessori school, you can easily differentiate the analytical and reasoning skills of the students as compared to other schools. They have exceptional skills that help them in building a great personality with excellent problem-solving skills. The schools in KL with a Montessori environment are always full of buzz and happy kids exploring new things each day.

  • School’s vision – You need to check if the school allows required modifications in the education system to keep up with the changing times or if it is traditionally and authentically Montessori. While some parents opt for schools that accept cultural changes, others prefer traditional Montessori education for their children. Hence, you must keep in mind the vision of the school that they have for their students.

A school that indulges in activity based learning to promote life-long learners with robust personalities and a firm base is the best Montessori school for your kid. Build social and leadership skills in your child with the right education base.

Global Indian International School provides the most authentic and great Montessori education to all the students. They are staffed with the best teachers and an amazing student base that make a perfect environment for the Montessori in Kuala Lumpur.

You can also take leverage of their most sought-after scholarships that help students grow tremendously. These scholarships are both merit and talent-based and help the children to showcase their skills at the international level.


You must keep in mind that choosing the appropriate Montessori school for your child requires a visit. You must take a tour of the school to explore the classrooms, children, and teachers for further admission process.

Global Indian International School caters its students and their parents to take the virtual tour of the school for easy access. Book an appointment with their student counselor in case of any questions. Isn’t it great to find a school that meets your child’s needs and also seizes the vision of Montessori education in schools in KL?

Enroll your child in GIIS now for great Montessori education and a promising career ahead.

Ravinderjit Kaur
Ravinderjit Kaur
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