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Career Options After 12th Arts

Millions of students pursue a degree in the arts after completing their secondary education. As soon as students finish their board examinations, they’re left with one question: What are the Career Options After 12th Arts?

Many students pass out from the arts field regularly. They study history, cultures, languages, music, creative arts, philosophy, and literature in their school. Analytical and inquisitive skills are fostered in those who study the arts.

Today, this article will discuss the courses and degree programs to join after 12th arts. So, let’s take a look at the courses after 12th arts.

Career Options After 12th Arts

1. Bachelor of Arts

‘B.A.’ stands for ‘Bachelor of Arts.’ Many students in the Arts stream still study it as one of the classic professional degrees. This program requires 3 years. Students pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree are expected to complete a relatively easy curriculum. It is possible to study environmental science as part of a major or as an option in various disciplines, including history, geography, archeology, literature, media, mass communication, and other related fields.

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Students majoring in the arts are most likely to get a BA. It’s an easy course to take, so students may focus on studying for civil services entrance examinations instead of learning for it.

2. Bachelor of Fine Arts

If you’re wondering that after 12th arts, fine arts is a popular option among students. Aspirants with an artistic bent should consider pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. In the same way that a B.A. degree requires three years of study, a B.F.A. degree requires the same amount of time to complete. Art students can choose from courses such as Theatre and Film Production; Music; Dance; Painting; Sculpture; Ceramics; Writing; Architecture and design Drawing; Textile Styling; and Graphics.

3. Bachelor of Business Administration

After completing their 12th-grade education, one of several best options is a BBA. Bachelor of Business Administration is one of the most sought-after and sought-after bachelor’s degree career options after high school graduation. The best thing about the B.B.A. program is that it welcomes students from all three academic disciplines: arts, business, and science. Students who complete this degree program can find employment in various industries, including sales, marketing, financial management, education, and hospitality.

Candidates for a B.B.A. program should communicate, have a problem-solving mindset, be good with time management, and have a strong sense of teamwork.

4. B.A.LL.B

If you want to pursue a career in law, this may be the most fantastic option following the 12th grade. It’s called a Bachelor of Arts and Laws since it combines the two fields. The length of time it takes to complete this integration is five years. The most significant benefit of taking this route is getting two degrees in a short period.

Students will learn both the Bachelor of Arts and the Master of Laws degree programs during the semester. You’ll study criminal law, corporate law, evidence law, administrative law, and the Civil Procedure Code, among other things. Since a bachelor’s degree is required to study law, an integrated five-year program is an ideal choice.


UPSC (the Civil Service examination) has long been a draw for those considering a career in the arts. The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) conducts exams to recruit Indian civil servants. UPSC is one of the most challenging exams in India, with three levels and a wide range of topics covered. If you manage to pass all of them, you’ll be eligible for the highly sought-after Group A and Group B government jobs.

The syllabus provided to students throughout the Arts stream makes up the majority of topics in both Prelims and Mains. History, political science, economics, civics, and geology repeatedly appear in the evaluation process. The struggle is already half-won if one has a solid foundation of these from the outset. Students who study the arts can take optional paper such as psychology, sociology, ethics, disaster risk management, etc., as part of their curriculum. One should not discount the importance of the school syllabus when preparing for an examination of this magnitude.

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