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5 Reasons to Watch Death Note Right Now

If you are an ardent anime watcher, then the chances are that you are already done with death note. One of the popular anime that almost has a well-established cult around it. Yet, there are a few enthusiasts who are on edge with this one. After all, there’s so much to watch it can get tough to decide where to invest your time.

So if you are on the cliff waiting to take a plunge into the Death Note, then here are 5 reasons that you shouldn’t delay the jump any further:

The Plot is insightful

Well, this one’s the long-debated paradox of the means and the ends. While justice is always a celebrated institution, it’s not always achieved easily. There are times when the means to achieve the right ends aren’t right after all.

Death Note is a perfect psychological thriller for those who often go on to question existence itself. The centre character is a high school boy who discovers a book that offers supernatural elements to bring justice to the world. Well, the quest may seem perfect until you discover that the means are questionable.

The boy, Light Yagami, is a sociopath, and that sprinkles further twists to the equation. This anime is one of the best offered so far and takes twists and turns that’ll please cynical minds. Definitely watch this if that’s something for you to savour.

Runtime is convenient

Anime lovers don’t loathe one bit to watch even a lengthy anime such as Naruto Shippuden. That one is 700+ episodes long, and the series can take forever to end. Compared to that, Death Note is just a 37 episode piece.

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It’s the perfect length that satisfies your thirst for the perfect drama. Neither is it a drag, nor is it short enough for you to feel that everything was rushed.

It’s Life vs. Death

Literally, that’s what it is. If Death Note was a chess game, it’d be the most intense one ever played by Light and the world-class detective L. The anime is a thriller and will keep you on your toes. Both the players want to make the top, but as in chess, only one can win.

That’s Death Note. The epic Life vs. Death saga.

Amazing Animation

Oftentimes, amazing stories mean nothing if there’s subpar animation to compliment it. With Death Note, you’ll see that the best animators were deployed to make this one a success. The animation is awesome with this one.

When you finish, you may even find yourself questioning whether you should applaud the story or the animation. Well, we suggest that you do it for both. Cuz both are awesome!

Catchiest Scores and Background Music

Death Note offers on-point music. Each scene is complemented with the right music to induce the right emotions in the viewers. Frankly, the animation and music are perfectly gelled in this one.

You can even enjoy the music outside of the anime. But you’ll only understand the true context once you watch the whole thing.

Final Words

Death Note is a masterpiece of the anime world. While there are critics to it, but no one can deny that it did create serious waves globally. People are such big fans of the show that the directors put up that they look for Death Note Merchandise to wear and celebrate the anime.

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Deeksha Arora
Deeksha Arora
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