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Things that Lead to Furnace Repair

Furnace Repair

There are many reasons that you might need furnace repair. If you do not maintain your furnace correctly, you might not know some of the warning signs that lead to furnace repair. That is why it is very important to do regular maintenance on your furnace.

You should call a professional at least once a year to look at your heater. You can call for furnace repairs in Columbus, OH to have someone repair it for you. They can also check it out to make sure that it is running correctly.

This article will help you to learn about some of the things that will lead to furnace repair if you do not regularly maintain your heater. It will help you to know what to look for when you are doing regular maintenance. You can also do more research to get the information that you might need.

Things that Lead to Repair

  1. Ignoring Your Furnace for a Year or Longer – You cannot ignore your heater for a year or longer. You should check things out at least once a year, more often is better. This way you can find the small things before they become big expensive things that you need to fix. This can save you money in the long run.
  2. Is There Water Pooling? – You want to make sure that you do not have water leaking from something. Leaking water is usually a sign of a clogged condensate line. This is usually something that you want a professional technician to work on for you. A plumber might also be necessary to fix the line.
  3. You Smell Leaking Gas – This is a serious problem that needs to be addressed right away. If you smell gas you need to immediately shut down your furnace: You will then need to open your furnace to find the gas valve. Once you find it, turn it off as well.
  4. You Hear Weird Noises – If you hear a weird noise, it could be a clear hint that there is something wrong with the heater. If you hear a thump, scrape, or bang, you need to have a professional look at it. These noises will not go away on their own and they might even get worse.
  5. Weakly Blowing Air – This might be something that will take you a little while to notice. You might notice it when the air is not getting as warm as it should. When you do notice it, you should call a technician who can help to solve the problem. You do not want to try to fix this on your own because you could make things worse.
  6. Thermostat Stops Working – Another clear sign that you need to repair something is that your thermostat stops working. This can mean that you turn it higher and higher to get the heat to come on. You could repair this on your own, but it is always best to have a technician do it for you.
  7. You Have an Exceptionally High Utility Bill – If your utility bill rises unexpectedly, especially if you are not using your furnace any more than usual. There could be many reasons that this happens, including ductwork that is faulty. It is usually hard to figure out what the issue is when this happens. It is best to call out a repairman to help with this problem.
  8. Your Heater Starts Blowing Cold Air – It is obviously not good if your heater begins to blow chilly air. This might mean that there is an issue with the thermocouple or the pilot light. Learn more about this here. These are common problems that need a professional to take care of. It is much too complex for the average person to fix.
  9. Frequent or Constant Cycling – Your heater kicking on and off continuously means that it is over-cycling. This could be because of a clogged filter, complications with the thermostat, or improper air circulation. You can fix a clogged filter on your own, but you may need a professional to see what is going on.
  10. Your HVAC is Just Getting Old – Your HVAC might just be getting old and needs to be replaced. If your furnace is old enough to go to high school, it is time to replace it. The lifespan of an HVAC is about fifteen years. This requires a professional to do this, you cannot replace your HVAC on your own.

Your HVAC is Just Getting Old


There are many things that might lead to your furnace to be repaired. Most of these things need to be done by a professional, but you can take care of a couple of them on your own. If you need to replace filters or a thermostat, you can most likely do it on your own. You cannot replace your entire system on your own and you cannot do the extremely technical items on your own.

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