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Key Features of a Virtual Meeting Platform

Be it any sort of online event, a conference, or a meeting, the world is going online and only for the most credible reasons. Companies from every industry have noticed the efficiency of the contemporary procedure of hosting vital corporate & business meetings.

Top 10 Key Features Required to Host a Successful Virtual Meeting

Nevertheless, organizing an online meeting comes with diverse aspects that assure the efficacy of the meeting, and opting for the most advanced virtual meeting platform stands ahead in the matter. Today, the market is packed with various virtual meeting platforms, rendering distinct tools and features. In this blog, we have listed & explained the most notable features of an online meeting platform to assist you in choosing the most suitable online event solution.

1) Multi-Device Compatibility

With the help of an advanced virtual meeting platform, you can easily reach your target global audience. However, this also means that your audiences might be using different devices & browsers to access the meeting. Hence, it is significant for a virtual meeting platform to perform constructively on all kinds of browsers and devices. Currently, employees need entry to virtual meetings without any botheration and waste of time. Therefore, the virtual venue should also operate well on mobile phones. Also, similar to how the meeting display settings are both customized and automated on a desktop or laptop screen, these segments must also be delivered to your remote audience accessing the meeting from a mobile.

2) High-Quality Video & Content

Shifting from the standard format of arranging corporate conferences and meetings to the contemporary virtual format comes with multiple transformations. And, the attendees & employees, are required to effectively comprehend these transformations. Thus, amidst the modifications, the most important thing to host successful virtual meetings is to deliver quality content and video throughout the event. Your remote audiences do not prefer to witness their teammates in a pixelated version during the meeting. Hence, pick a virtual meeting platform that delivers high-quality content & videos. Also, don’t skip arranging robust and reliable internet connectivity to ensure that there are no blurry or lagging representations throughout the online meeting.

3) Screen-Sharing Possibilities

Screen sharing is an essential online meeting platform element, needed to help bridge the communication gap between the audience and the organizer. With the service of this feature, you can confirm that your remote audience can efficiently apprehend the content & information being delivered during the virtual meeting. It not only makes the procedure of showing the PPT’s more manageable but also assists the meeting with different visual elements that improve the success possibilities of your online meeting.

4) The Inbuilt Recording Feature

While hosting an effective online meeting, the organizer always aspires to attain a wider target audience or the individuals who are presumed to attend the online event. Regardless, it is likely that some registrants might fail to attend the meeting due to some reasons. For such circumstances, the attribute of built-in recording can play an integral role. Not just this but this tool also makes it attainable for your audience to view the on-demand content in cases of doubt or in cases where they overlooked any essential part of the online meeting.

5) Exceptional Interactive Features

Interactivity is an extremely essential feature when it comes to organizing an online meeting. It is so because audience engagement plays a noteworthy role in guaranteeing the success of the virtual meeting. And, interactive tools at any online event improve the possibilities of attendee engagement. Thus, it is crucial for the virtual meeting platform you select to deliver exceptional interactive features. Noted below are some of the leading interactive tools necessary to organize an efficient virtual meeting:

  • Multi-Format Communication
  • Live Polls
  • Chat Rooms
  • Live Q&A Sessions
  • Contests and Trivia Sessions
  • Online Group Discussions or Personal Chat Options
  • Signature Wall

6) Personalized Virtual Meeting Venue

Through this feature, you can simulate the physical meeting experience for your remote audience. As we shift towards the virtual format of organizing meetings, customization acquires matchless preference. Using the remarkable tools of personalizing possibilities, you get the chance to imitate the standard format by utilizing different branding and designing factors. You can not only construct a preferred background layout for the meeting room but also integrate your institution’s branding in different areas at the online meeting venue.

7) On-Event Announcements

While accessing an online meeting over a virtual platform, it is crucial to keep your participants updated about the event sessions running throughout the online event. Through this element, you can also keep your audience engaged with pop-up notifications. It will also assure that your remote audiences don’t skip any vital session during the virtual meeting. Incorporating a call-to-action feature to the notification can be a good way to redirect the user to the online conference or meeting room. It can also largely improve the interactivity at your online event.

8) Engagement Tools

An excellent online meeting platform offers the organizers with various engagement features that additionally enhance audience engagement at your virtual meeting. From gamification to networking features, an innovative and skilled online meeting solution comprehends the importance of various engagement components. The networking element plays a critical role in the sort of conferences that brings together a multinational audience. Following are the top engagement tools given by a progressive virtual meeting platform:

  • Business Card Exchange
  • B2B Meeting Scheduler
  • Gamification
  • Networking Tables
  • AI Matchmaking
  • Advanced Search Filters
  • Social Walls
  • Virtual Photo Booths

9) Seamless User-Experience

People are still in the process of getting used to the virtual event experience. Therefore, it is very important for any virtual event service to deliver a seamless user experience and an effortless user interface to your virtual audience. This way, your remote audience will easily understand the modern format for organizing events. A flawless user experience also keeps your participants interested and engaged throughout the online event.

10) Data-Based Meeting Reports and Analytics

An efficient virtual meeting platform provides you with comprehensive data-based virtual meeting reports and analytics. It incorporates everything from the registration data and virtual meeting hotspots to the audience footprint and data downloads. It not only helps you to interpret the efficacy of your meeting strategies but also in hosting improvised future virtual meetings.

Keep these features in mind and opt for the most suitable online meeting platform for your virtual meeting.

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Hardeep Singh
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