Home Health iPulse Juice Side Effects, Benefits, Reviews

iPulse Juice Side Effects, Benefits, Reviews

iPulse Juice Side Effects, Benefits, Reviews

iPulse Juice is a all in one solution for our body needs. We are living in the 21st century. The true value of the products we use, consume or apply to our skin, is continuously fading away. The studies show that almost every product produced by mankind is not absolutely pure to be used blindly. Life expectancy has decreased. Nutrients necessary to stay healthy are hard to find. In such an era we need products that are prepared by natural processes and using natural sources.

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What is Indusviva?

Indusviva Health Science Pvt. Lmt. is also known as Indusviva. The organization is acknowledged as the producer of world-class health and well products. Their products are processed naturally. Hence, they have attempted to introduce nature’s freshness and the best nutrients of the world to your doorsteps. Indusviva is a direct selling company and it offers only 5 health and wellness products.

Indusviva iPulse JuiceĀ 

One of their products is recognized as the best Ayurvedic immunity booster. IPulse is a premium balanced fruit juice, full of antioxidants and a combination of unique herbs and exotic fruits. It provides uncountable health benefits.

iPulse Side Effect

There are no side effect of IPulse Juice. iPulse Juice has undergone through the process of multiple quality and health parameter checks. Indian government has issues AYUSH certificate to Indusviva Health Sciences Pvt. Ltd.

Benefits of iPulse

  • Cardiac Wellness- It improves the functioning of the heart. As it supports healthy lipid levels and controls blood pressure. Overall it’s a cardiovascular health supporter along with the prevention of narrowing of arteries.
  • Cellular wellness- IPulse helps to enhance cellular metabolism and maintain a normal balance within the body regarding its temperature, salt concentration, and water concentration.
  • Immunity enhancer- It increases our body’s immunity power and helps to fight different diseases. It prevents diseases like cancer and acts as a natural rejuvenator.
  • Mental wellness- IPulse prevents various neurodegenerative disorders and different diseases. It also helps in improving memory.
  • Respiratory wellness- It helps to prevent problems related to respiration. It acts as a shield for various allergies.
  • Hepatic wellness- IPulse’s one of the important functions is protection of the liver and it controls the homeostasis level. It also helps to reduce Gl problems.
  • Vascular wellness- It maintains healthy circulation throughout the body and fastens the healing of wounds.
  • Musculoskeletal wellness- It prevents swelling and reduces inflammatory problems. It helps to minimize aches and pain in joints.

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iPulse Ingredients

IPulse is made with 15 essential fruits that have the highest nutrient values.

  • Apple- Apple has been considered as the fruit of rejuvenation for ages. Apple is an enriched source of antioxidants.
  • Banana- Banana has the nutrients that can moderate blood sugar levels. Banana also has constipating properties and is helpful in curing diseases like dysentery and diarrhea.
  • Pomegranate- It contains powerful medicinal properties and prevents breast cancer. Pomegranate is useful to prevent problems of burning sensation along with thirst relieving properties. It helps to fight against fevers. It is known as an effective potent appetizer.
  • Pear- Pear is a Vitamin C enriched fruit. Eating pear regularly can lower the risk of diabetes. This is another rejuvenating agent along with aphrodisiac properties that have been included in IPulse juice. It is considered as a great antioxidant and abundant source of ascorbic acid.
  • Blueberries- This fruit is enriched in chlorogenic acid, kaempferol, quercetin, myricetin,catechin, procyanidins, resveratrol, and epicatechin.
  • Acai Berry- This is an important source of antioxidants and it is considered the number one immune supporter. The ORAC score of Acai berry is 102,700 mol TE/100 gms. Acai Berry is one of the exotic fruits of the Amazon forest.
  • Blackberries, Strawberries, Cherries, Pineapple White Grapes, and Concord Grapes are some other essential ingredients of IPulse.

iPulse Review

Although the price of IPulse is a bit high, the nutritional value it provides is worth more than its price. The reviews collected from different sources prove that the juice is highly effective and gives visible results. It enhances immunity and prevents anti-aging problems. There is nothing that can possibly give this product a negative point.


Q1) Does iPulse have any negative effects?

A) No, as the project is processed naturally and The Ministry of AYUSH department has renowned I-pulse and awarded a premium certification because of their numerous health benefits.

Q2) Is it safe for people suffering from Hypertension?

A) Yes, IPulse can be safely consumed by Hypertension patients. It will help.

Q3) How to consume IPulse?

A) You can take 30ml of IPulse before 30 minutes of morning meal and 30ml of IPulse 30 minutes before last meal.

Q4) How much should it be consumed?

A) It acts as a supplement. However, you can take it for 2 months for visible outcomes.



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