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How Waterproof Concrete Is Important For Protecting Foundations?

Concrete waterproofing is essential to ensure that your residential or commercial property stays in good condition. Also, it protects your building from any damage, humidity, and floods. 

Well, foundations are a necessary part of any building that keeps the building standing. A strong foundation saves your buildings during floods, earthquakes, etc. Waterproof concrete  is the best method that reduces the risk of developing foundation problems. It increases your property value and prevents the building from cracks, mold and mildew. Thus, reducing maintenance costs in the long run. 

In this write-up, we will explain why waterproof concrete is important for protecting your foundation.

So, let’s get started!!

What Is Waterproof Concrete?

Well, concrete is a porous material that quickly absorbs water and those chemicals that cause damage to buildings. Waterproof concrete is defined as the addition of impermeable material of layers on concrete that stops water from penetrating. Also, it makes the structure waterproof so that the buildings are not affected by water. 

What Are The Common Commercial And Residential Foundations Problems?

The common commercial and residential foundation problems are;

  • Crack on the walls and floors: One of the most common foundation problems is crack on the walls and floors. It usually happens when the foundation sinks. 
  • Sticking windows and doors: Another foundation issue is the sticking doors and windows. You may face difficulties while opening and closing the doors and windows. Also, you can see cracks around them. 
  • Sinking Foundation: Sometimes you may see one side of your commercial or residential building appear higher than others. The other visible sign is it may be sinking from the center.  

The above issues indicate that your commercial or residential building needs foundation waterproofing. So, to save from these problems, it is important to have a waterproof foundation before starting a new construction project. 

Steps To Concrete Foundation Waterproofing 

While designing a new project, it will be best for you to invest your money and time in concrete waterproof foundations. It helps you to provide a strong foundation base. Otherwise, if your building has no concrete foundation waterproofing, it may cause foundation problems. So, you need to follow some steps while performing concrete foundation waterproofing. These are;

  • Clean The Surface: The very first step of concrete foundation waterproofing is cleaning the surface. This way you can remove dust, rust, and other materials from the surface. Let it dry before the further process. 
  • Review The Surface: After cleaning you need to examine the surface. Then check the declivity, and if required, repair it, to avoid water stagnation. 
  • Prepare The Surface: After that, you need to select the best waterproof system according to the surface to be treated. For concrete waterproofing, you need to use liquid waterproofing that is truly designed for this purpose. 
  • Checking Joints: While checking joints, think that the surface is waterproof. Also, check the natural joints. If they appear then enlarge them with mechanical devices.  
  • Waterproofing Of Joints: This is the last step for performing concrete foundation waterproofing. You can apply Ethafoam polyethylene which is used to protect the joints. 

Importance Of Waterproof Concrete

Concrete Waterproofing is one of the most essential steps. It helps to protect your residential and commercial property from any damage, humidity, floods, and many more. On the other hand, avoiding waterproof concrete will increase the foundation problems such as cracks in interior or exterior walls, sticking doors and windows, etc. Here, we will explain the importance of having waterproof concrete in your building;

Protect Interior From Any Damage 

Concrete waterproofing is essential for any type of construction work. Well, the interior of your house is exposed to sun rays, rain, etc., that include foundations, floors, and walls. How long will you try to seal your walls and floors while using concrete, steel, etc., when constructing your building? They do damage and cracks appear. So, using concrete waterproofing helps you to protect your house from any kind of damage. Prevent water from occurring, protect your walls and floors from cracks, and keep your building foundation strong with waterproof concrete.

Saves Your Money 

The other importance of waterproof concrete is it saves you unnecessary costs. While waterproofing your house sometimes may feel like it is a complicated task and you think the cost is not too high. But always remember prevention is better than cure. Using waterproof concrete mix in your building construction material ensures that it remains in good condition for years. So, it will save you spending your money on regular repairs of the facility.

Risk Prevention 

You need to use the best waterproofing concrete solutions to protect your commercial and residential property. If it is not done accurately, it results in damage, and creates many health problems, for you and your dear ones. 

Help To Provide Long-Term Comfort

By using concrete waterproofing, you can seal your building which promotes long-term comfort to you. It also helps to reduce moisture and protect the inner part of your home. Therefore, it makes your facility comfortable and ensures a strong foundation. Concrete waterproofing helps you to reduce some issues and matters of wall cracks, plumbing issues, etc. in your building.

Reduce Health Problems 

Whenever moisture and water enter your home walls, ceilings, etc., it promotes the growth of mold and mildew. The fungus creates spores and causes several health issues.

Moreover, when fungus spores are present in the air, they can enter your lungs while breathing and create health problems. So, you need to use waterproofing concrete for your establishment at the right time. It protects you from such health illnesses. 

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Waterproofing is the best method to keep your building foundation stronger. It enhances the durability of your commercial or residential building and protects them from any cracks or damage.

Moreover, concrete waterproofing stops fungus growth and helps to reduce the risk of several health issues. You are saved from spending money on regular repairs such as water damage, plumbing issues, cracks on the floor and walls, etc. All in all, waterproof concrete is the best way to protect your establishment. 




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