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Polar Bear Height – How Tall is a Polar Bear?

Have you ever thought about polar bear height? I was watching The Golden Compass with my kids. This forces me to think about how tall is a polar bear standing up?

Polar bears are one of the biggest bear species and the greatest land carnivores on the planet. The huge bears live in the Arctic. They usually slink in the cold scope looking for seals which are their favored prey. You will surely get amazed to know that a polar bear is one of the animals who are able to stand up on hind legs.

Do you ever think about the height of the polar bear standing up? If yes, you are fortunately on the right page. In this blog, we are going to discuss what is the height of a male polar bear, a female polar bear and a newly born polar bear while standing up.

How to Measure a Polar Bear Height?

Well, the typical way to measure the height of any animal is only when the animal is standing on four legs.

In this case, the height of a polar bear is 4-5 Feet or 1-1.6 Meters while standing on four legs.

However, a polar bear height can cross 11 feet while standing up on hind legs.

This is the standard height of male polar bears. But, female polar bears are shorter than male polar bears.

How Tall Is the Biggest Polar Bear Ever?

Arthur Dubs shot the largest polar bear on record in 1960. The bear stood on two legs and you will be surprised to know that it was 3.4 Meters or 11.1 feet tall. It was not only the largest but also the heaviest polar bear(2,210 lb).

This bear was showcased outside Seattle World Fair in. The area where it was showcased is obscure today, but don’t lose your heart. You can see a photograph of this showcase below.

Largest Polar Bear

What is Male Polar Bear Height Standing Up?

While standing up on hind legs, the height of male polar bears is generally 250-270cms.

However, the approximate measurement of their height while standing on four legs is 120-122cms.

One polar bear weighs around 450-460kg which is twice the weight of their counterparts.

Male Polar Bear height

How Tall Are Female Polar Bears?

Female polar bear height and weight is almost half of male polar bears.

Generally speaking, the height of the female polar bears is 230-240 cm when standing up on hind legs.

However, female polar bears reach 90-120 cm while standing on all four legs.

The weight of female polar bears is 150-160 kg.

female polar bear height

How Tall Are the Newly Born Polar Bear Height?

The height, weight and size of newly born polar bears differ depending upon their gender.  Newborn male polar bears are larger and weigh more than newborn female polar bears.

The newborn female polar bear’s height is 35cm long while standing on hind legs. However, on four legs, newborn female cubs are 12cm tall.

On the contrary, newborn male cubs measure around 35cm while standing on hind legs.

newly born polar bears

Polar Bears Height Vs Other Mammals

We have explained the difference between the height of a polar bear and other mammals. Let’s dive in.

Polar Bears Height vs Other Bears

The height comparison of polar bears with other bears is mentioned in the underneath table:

Bears Height on Four Legs Height on Hind Legs
Polar Bear 1.3 – 1.6m (4’4” – 5’3”) 3 m (9’10”)
Kodiak Bear 1.5m (4’11”) 3 m (9’10”)
Grizzly Bear 1m (3’3”) 2.4m (8’)
Black Bear 0.9m (3’) 1.7m (5’7”)
Giant Panda 0.6 – 0.9m (2’ – 3’) 1.7m (5’7”)

Polar Bears Height vs Other Bears

Polar Bears Height vs Human Beings

The tallest human being on the earth is 2.7m tall while the average height of polar bears is 4m. Thus, the height of polar bears is twice the height of human beings. Even the height of a polar bear standing on hind legs is more than the height of two tall human beings, one standing on the top of the other.

Polar Bears Height vs Human Beings

Why Do Polar Bears Stand on Hind Legs?

If you think that polar bears walk on hind legs all the time, then you are wrong. They just sometimes stand on hind legs because of the following reasons:

  • Polar bears stand on hind legs to get a better vision in order to see everything clearly. This way, they can see far-off objects more clearly.
  • To smell more clearly in order to search for food and female polar bears. While standing on hind legs, polar bears can sense more clearly than standing on four legs.
  • Female polar bears stand up on hind legs to find male polar bears and to check whether their cubs are safe or not.

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Wrapping up

So, these were all amazing facts about polar bears. Now you are cognizant of the height of polar bears in both ways(while standing on four legs and while standing on hind legs). We hope you gain some interesting and useful information from this article.


Question 1) How big is the polar bear’s paw?

Ans) A polar bear’s paw is really huge. Polar bears’ feet are around 30cm wide, which helps them walk in the snowy area and while swimming.

Question 2) How fast can a polar bear run?

Ans) 40 km/h is the top speed of a polar bear.

Question 3) Can polar bears swim?

Ans) A polar bear can swim for hours. Their average speed of swimming is 6 km/h.

Question 4) Are polar bears vegetarian?

Ans) No, polar bears are Omnivores. They eat both animals and plants as well.

Question 5) What is the average lifespan of a bear?

Ans) A polar bear’s lifespan is 15-18 years.

Question 6) Who wins a tiger or a polar bear?

Ans) Polar bear’s strength, height and stamina will lead to its win over a fully grown tiger.

Question 7) What do polar bears ear?

Ans) Polar bears usually eat meat, available in any form.

Question 8) What is a Kodiak bear?

Ans) Kodiak bears are a sub-species of polar bears. They are brown in color and can grow almost the same size as a polar bear.

Question 9) How heavy can a polar bear get?

Ans) Male polar bears can weigh up to 350-680kg. On the other hand, female polar bears can weigh between 150-250 kg.

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