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Google Reviews vs. Yelp Reviews: Help Your Business Choosing The Best

Potential online buyers are continuously roaming around the online reviews and ratings to make an informed buying decision. 

Here is the statistical proof of the above statement, according to the records of Power Reviews, an impressive 90% of customers make their buying decisions after going through online reviews. 

In another study of Search Engine Land, it was found that 88% of the individuals put their trust in digital word-of-mouth more than personal recommendations. 

For this reason, today ample customer review platforms have emerged online which are part of the customer’s online buying journey. However, the best among them are Google and Yelp. But if you are among those who are confused about choosing the best one among them for your business then this article is your savior here. 

This article will help you deeply explore Google reviews vs Yelp reviews and decide the one best for your business. 

So, just continue reading this article till the end. 

Google Reviews: The Popular One Of The Online World

Starting with exploring one of the popular and user-friendly review platforms Google Reviews. Moreover, it is safe to start with the one that the majority of individuals rely on. 

So, why this review platform is so reliable? The main reason is that Google Review is a feature of one of the prominent and popular search engine giant Google. And this giant has 3.5 billion daily searches.

Most probably you have listed your business on Google My Business and that is why your satisfied customers can leave their review of your business on Google. So, you can imagine the advantage your business can have with those reviews. Moreover, the best thing is that all the reviews and ratings of your business come along with the search results. 

You must know one fact Google searches can generate 56% of the whole website traffic and that amount is huge, isn’t it? Thus, the Google review brings a huge boost to the SEO of your website. 

The best thing is that the reviewers don’t have to create a separate account for sharing their on Google. This makes it super convenient to review businesses. Also, the business is able to collect and show Google reviews on their website seamlessly. 

Yelp Reviews: The Saviour Of Local Businesses

We have talked enough about the Google reviews now it’s time to cover Yelp reviews in the discussion. 

Do you know that Yelp review is mainly famous for being the best review platform for local businesses? Yes, that’s right it is the go-to platform for those who want to gather information and know in detail about the local businesses. 

You can discover all the local eateries, shops, different businesses, etc, and read about their ratings through Yelp reviews. Yelp is the place where the whole community gathers to share their thoughts on different local places. Thus, Yelp reviews are a great resource for the local business to embed in their website making it more informative and engaging for the potential customers. 

The strong feature of Yelp that makes it unique and a strength of the business is its review filter. This feature of Yelp helps to cut out all the fake and irrelevant reviews. This makes sure that businesses provide their audience with details and proper insight into their products. 

Thus, Yelp reviews can help the business to attract the growth that it needs to thrive in the competitive world. 

Time For Verdict

The article has separately talked about both platforms. Now it is the time to solve the confusion of which review platform to choose that best fits the business Google Review or Yelp Review.  

If you have a budding business and have the desire to reach a broader audience then the best idea is to go with Google reviews. The history of strong and authentic reviews on this review platform will help you to build a strong user base and convert your audience. 

However, you need to be extremely careful about all those fake reviews that the platform has which businesses often miss to notice. Those fake reviews can adversely affect the reputation of your business so be careful about that.  

On the other side Yelp review is the king of local businesses providing individuals with the best reviews of the local places. It will not be wrong if Yelp review is denoted as a local asset. 

Both review platforms have their district advantages also there are several differences that you need to look into before choosing one. Both Google reviews and Yelp reviews have varied business types, targeted audiences, and locations.

Whichever may be your choice, one thing that you need to remember is to choose the one that will let your business engage more your audience. 

Parting Note 

This article made a clear discussion about Google reviews vs Yelp reviews. Online reviews are a testament to your business that will work toward engaging and converting your audience benefitting your business. 

So, in conclusion, it can be said that choosing the review platform that will be worthy for your business is the one you can be actively involved with. 

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