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A Concise Guide to Laser Eye Surgery & How the Technology Works

Whether you’re currently on the waiting list of your medical doctor’s clinic to speak to them about moving forward with your desire to have laser eye surgery on both eyes, or else you’re simply fascinated by the technology involved in transforming a person’s eyesight in just half an hour, either way, you have clicked on the right article. Read on to discover a concise guide on laser eye surgery and how the technology works.

Who is Eligible for Laser Eye Surgery?

Essentially, laser eye surgery is for anyone and everyone who is experiencing any form of issue with their vision, such as astigmatism, long-sightedness, and short-sightedness.

Many people choose to have laser eye surgery to free themselves from having to constantly switch between their reading glasses and driving glasses, or to avoid that familiar itch when they forget to take their contact lenses out before they go to bed.

The only people who will likely be advised by their medical doctor not to go ahead with laser eye surgery are those with eye herpes, blindness in one eye, partial sightedness, or corneal dystrophy.

What Are the Key Benefits?

Laser eye surgery Brisbane is one of the most popular choices for those who are looking for a more permanent and satisfying alternative to glasses or contact lenses.

There are a whole range of advantages in choosing to have laser eye surgery, which include the following, to name just a few:

  • A surgical procedure which lasts under half an hour
  • Little to no risk of any complications
  • An impressively speedy recovery after surgery
  • A painless way of improving your eyesight
  • Freedom from having to wear contact lenses and glasses

How Does Laser Eye Surgery Actually Work?

Depending on the nerves and state of mind of the individual patient, right before surgery begins, they may be given a small dose of medication to help them to relax, and when they’re taken through into the treatment room, they’ll lie down on a reclining chair.

Numbing drops are then placed directly into both eyes in turn, and then a soft instrument is placed on the eyelids to hold them in place, which won’t be able to be felt, due to the numbing drops.

The laser itself is used to reshape different parts of the cornea in each eye, and as each laser beam pulses, a miniscule amount of the tissue in and around the cornea is removed, meaning that at the end of the thirty minutes or so, the cornea has been reshaped.

Who Created Laser Eye Surgery?

As is often the case with modern medical treatments and surgeries that involve different elements from inventions and technology both old and new, there’s somewhat of a disagreement about who is responsible with developing the revolutionary laser eye surgery.

Most, however, seem to agree that the person who first administered laser eye surgery on a human being was a Dr. Stephen Trokel, in late 1983.

Deeksha Arora
Deeksha Arora
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