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7 Best Affordable GPS Watches For Your Family

GPS watches are the perfect accessory for any fitness fanatic. Whether it’s to keep track of your workout or even track how long you spend sitting, keeping tabs on your activity can help motivate and encourage a healthier lifestyle.

How would you react if told about a device that can perform the functions of a computer while being placed on the wrist for telling the time?

Indeed technology has evolved to the point wherein nowadays latest GPS watches fulfil numerous other functions in addition to telling the time. Compiled as follows are some affordable and reputed brands of smartwatches that you can consider for personal use – 

Polar M600 Sports Smart Watch

This Polar smartwatch model is one of the GPS watches with a comfortable display. It not only shows your exact location, but also gives you an overview of the route, distance to be covered, and speed at which you might be travelling. With this watch, you can check your heart rate from your wrist. It’s also waterproof, so you can take it swimming with you. It’s also easy to connect to the internet and has a lot of apps. 

Fit Bit Charge 2

You can buy smart watches on the Bajaj Mall if you value health related, like hours of sleep, speed of walking/running, and heart-rate. The automatic tracking feature notwithstanding, you can sync this device with your smartphone, and enjoy all the goodness of the Fitbit fitness app. 

Amazfit BIP

Slim, sleek, and practical, this is one of the GPS watches that come in handy not just for track-and-field events but also during business meetings. Features that set this device apart from others in the niche pertain to prolonged battery life, immunity from both dust and water, and provision of four different sport modes. In addition, it also monitors your heart-rate and your daily activities, thus providing an accurate health and goal update every day. 

Wonbo kids GPS Tracker

One way of coping with fast-paced social changes entails keeping an eye on your kids, and this device provides an affordable yet accurate solution. Courtesy of its real-time tracking and dual positioning systems, this smartwatch never fails to send a notification even from remote areas, wherein you can use the calling feature to communicate with the child and quell your anxiety. In addition to the multiple features, this device also comes in an array of colours to choose from and uses health trackers to measure the user’s activity levels. 

TomTom Runner GPS Watch

It appears to be bulky because much of the bulk is attributed to the display screen that provides all the information on the go. Use it while travelling to accurately measure the distance, pace of movement and the time taken, and utilise the features during a fitness session to judge the intensity. 

Timex Ironman GPS

This model from Timex can well serve as your first choice when you buy a smart watches on EMI. For a smartwatch, it is surprisingly lightweight and given its long battery life and tap-screen technology, it is also surprisingly slim. Provision of advanced training features implies that you can use it across multi-sports activities, except maybe swimming, because it is water-resistant and not waterproof. 

Garmin Forerunner 55

User-friendly is the term that best describes this device. It is easy to figure out how to receive notifications and use the GPS to monitor your physical activity. Being compact, it has a surprisingly long battery life and presents a detailed report of your activity levels via the Garmin app. 

Final Thoughts

GPS watches can prove to be great companions for someone who likes to keep track of personal fitness and monitor travelling details. Since these also provide wireless connectivity and enable you to make/receive calls, keeping one on your wrist indeed minimises your dependences on tablets or smartphones.

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To enjoy hassle-free yet comprehensive shopping experience, check the various brands and models of GPS watches on Bajaj Mall and compare their features. You might feel uncomfortable paying upfront, in which case the option of Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card can prove to be an effective and convenient solution.

Deeksha Arora
Deeksha Arora
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