Playing Games

The master wizard, a talking cat named Jinx, seems wary of any novices with cat allergies

Funny, despite the fact that I am allergic to cats, in all my years playing mages in RPGs I’d never before thought about the two going hand-in-hand.

Despite the talking cat’s ascertain that I might not be wizard material, Fantasy Life is fast proving itself to be one of my new favorite games. Props to li’l brother for the excellent birthday gift because honestly I’m convinced Level 5 made this game specifically with me in mind. In fact, the only complaint I have with it is there is just too much to do and I can see myself easily getting burnt out on the game.

Luckily there is a rather decent multi-player feature in the game and I also have several other games to switch out with. Most of these are pretty amazing in their own right like Persona Q, Devil Survivor Overclocked, Bravely Default, and my newest acquisition Etrian Odyssey Untold . . . along with Pokémon X.

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