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Wanda Ferraton – Bill Goldberg Wife Age, Net Worth, Affairs

Wanda Ferraton Bill Goldberg Wife Age, Net Worth, Affairs

Wanda Ferraton is a well-versed retired Canadian stunt woman. Wanada came into the public interest after tying not with the profound wrestler Bill Goldberg. She opened her eyes in the year 1970 in Saskatchewan, Canada. Wanda Ferraton is also a part of the famous old white root (ethnicity). She is a true believer of Jesus Christ or Jesus of Nazareth and usually believes in their power to lead the world. She follows each and every word of Jesus from the bottom of her heart. All the lovers of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) usually know Wanda Ferraton as the wife of the reputed wrestler Bill Goldberg. He is known as a professional wrestler and a prominent actor of the United States of America (USA). 

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Wanda Ferrato was born and brought up in Canada. She holds American nationality and spent her nostalgic childhood in a small town of Canada named Saskatchewan. As a widely acclaimed stuntwoman she has worked in myriads of movies such as The Unsaid, Ararat, The Ginger Snaps Back: The Beginning and more. Talking about her age, she is presently at the age of forty nine. Her parents Gwen Werbeski and Allan Ferra raised her with her siblings. The Ararat actress is the 2nd youngest of the five siblings. Ferraton spent her lovely childhood days in Montmartre, Paris. 

Bill Goldberg Wife Wanda Ferraton

 The stunt actress registered her name as the wife of Bill Goldberg on 10th April 2005. They have fallen in love with each other since college. After their marriage, the lovely couple also shares a son named Gage A.J. Goldberg. Their tight-knitted bond was always in the limelight in the English film industry. In the present scenario, the magnificent couple is living happily with their lovely son and there is no such sign of them drifting apart. They are setting the example of true and well-built love in front of the entire world. Wanda Ferraton’s husband is a reputed professional wrestler and known for his passion for wrestling. This legendary wrestler depicted a great role in the World Championship Wrestling (WCW). From 1996 to 2002, Bill Goldberg led the rating of the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). He lost the long-term race with the WWE. When he was part of World Wrestling Entertainment, he held an unbeatable record. Even in this world where every single thing that appears on the screen is scripted, many of the top-class athletes used to fear the name of Bill Goldberg.

This is highly because of his unbeatable persona and strong & stiff body. After using cheating as the prime case, the athletes could possibly beat Bill Goldberg and forget about outdoing him. In the 2002-2003 season, Bill Goldberg performed remarkably impressively in the All Japan Pro Wrestling and also helped them to attain good ratings. In the year 2003 and 2004, the world encountered the real combo of WWE and Bill Goldberg. Bill is the hall of fame member of the World Wrestling Entertainment and is also regarded as the greatest of all the time from WWE. Most of the organizations consider and approach him for attaining good ratings and bigger hits. Even in the current WWE games, no one can match his energy and class. He is the one that made the whole structure of wrestling just perfect and worth chasing.

According to the reports, he went missing from wrestling after a worth watching Wrestlemania of 2004, in which he defeated Brock Lesnar. In that classical match, Stone Cold Steve Austin was the special guest referee. He became one of the best mentors and heroes of the younger generation all thanks to the modern-day advanced innovation and video games. Bill made his WWE comeback in the year 2018 and further defeated Lesnar again to attain the position of the Universal Champion.

Wanda Ferraton Net Worth

This famous stunt woman earned a handsome amount of money from her work in various movies and television shows. According to the reports, Wanda Ferraton has portrayed a stunt woman role in more than a hundred movies. An average stunt woman in North America earns more than $250,000 in a year. The total net worth of Wanda Ferraton is not stated in the entire public sector. Wanda is married to the famous wrestler who is a very rich person. Presently, Bill Goldberg’s net worth revolves around $14 million. As he is not a frequent performer in the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) but still his earning sources are too much.

 Bill Goldberg holds a reputation that not only magnetizes people to appreciate him but also aims to work with him on new projects. Even for limited duration cameos in the World Wrestling Entertainment, Bill Goldberg charges big sums. As he has established his name in a splendid manner, earning money is not a tough task for this miraculous family. Both Wanda Ferraton and Bill Goldberg are the owners of a beautifully crafted mansion worth $2.5 million. According to most of the researches, Wanda earned most of the money from her profession as a stunt double actress and other not fully recognized projects.

Wanda Ferraton Movies AKA Professional Career

The professional career of The Ginger Snaps Back: The Beginning actress was remarkable in every sense. She worked in Hollywood as a stunt woman and body double in a wide range of movies. From Speaking of Sex (2001) to Ararat (2002) she showcased her talent in such a way that she has become one of the best stuntwomen in the English film industry. Wanda Ferraton was once introduced as a remarkable actress in Santa’s Slay movies which was released in the year 2005. In that specific movie, her husband was seen as portraying the character of Santa. In the year 2007, Wanda was again seen sharing the screen with her husband Bill in the widely admired television movie named as Half Past Dead 2  and played the role of Warden’s Assistant. Apart from these, Wanda Ferraton is also seen working as a famous television host in the famous Jay Leno’s Garage.

Wanda Ferraton Social Media Details

As social media is ruling in every bit and corner of the world, Wanda is also a frequent user of social media. The admirers of Wanda Ferraton also see her posting about her loved ones and family on various social media handles. Whereas her husband Bill Goldberg is not a big fan of using social media. For increasing the global fanbase of Bill Goldberg, Wanda usually shares her journal life on a daily basis on every social media handle. Wanda helps Bill Goldberg’s beloved fans to see their hero sharing quality time with his family. Most of her posts reveal that she is a huge animal lover and respects every creature of the world. On her social media accounts, she also shares some worth cherishing and precious moments with her pets. Her posts are the true reflector that she shares a great love for dogs. The Canadian stunt woman has around 9k followers on Instagram. She is not that much active on Twitter as compared to Instagram. 

Wanda Ferraton Hobbies and Favorite Things 

Talking about the hobbies of Wanda Ferraton, she loves reading books and exploring new countries & towns. Wanda’s most loved and inspiring actor is Robert De Niro. The American-Australian actress named Nicole Kidman is her beloved and widely talented actress. Wanda loves eating Mexican food as compared to others. Her social media posts reveal that she is an avid book reader and respects everyone’s opinions. All of the fans can easily find a huge collection of books in her house. Her friendship with books is best in its own sense. By visiting her social media handles her fans can make out that the whole family goes for one or two classical vacations each year as traveling is her topmost hobby. Wanda also loves to watch Hollywood movies. Currently, you will see her posting stories of trending Netflix series. The stories disclosed that Big Bang Theory is Wanda Ferraton’s most loved series among all. No doubt that The Big Bang Theory has a huge fan base and lots of people love it because of its remarkable comic timings.

Wanda Ferraton Body Measures(Physical Appearance)

The stunt actress is a mind captivating and beautiful lady. She has brown colour eyes. Wanda has a beautiful body and has black hair that works as a magnet for most of her admirers. She has a perfect height of 5 feet 7 inches. She works on her physical appearance and her weight stays around the 55-kg mark. As most of the world is running towards maintaining the fit and fine shape of the body. In a similar manner, Wanda is also a huge follower of fitness. That’s the prime reason why her body always remains in a perfectly balanced shape. She usually advises people about having the right diet and exercising every morning with great potential. Even in her social media posts she often enlightens the mind of people about how to stay healthy by utilizing all the right sources.

Wanda Ferraton Relationship, Dating, And Affairs

Highlighting the relationship structure of Wanda Ferraton, she married the widely known wrestler Bill Goldberg on 10th April 2005. Wanda’s husband is a pre-eminent Wrestler, Actor, Former football player, Former mixed martial artist color commentator. Wanda met Bill on the set of Santa’s Slay and after that they decided to get married. In the year 2005, they performed a lavish wedding ceremony. Most of the World Championship Wrestling stars attended the marriage ceremony of Wanda and Bill. After that, the couple welcomed their first child Gage A.J. Goldberg on 10th May 2006. Both of them lived the best and happy life with their lovely son Gage. Their child received the love and blessings from his four grandparents Ethel Goldberg, Allan Ferraton, Jed Goldberg and Gwen Ferraton.

Lesser Known Facts about Wanda Ferraton

  • The famous stunt actress is the 2nd youngest of the five siblings in her family.
  • Wanda spent her nostalgic childhood phase in Montmartre.
  • As social media is ruling the entire world, so Wanda is also quite active on every social media platform such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.
  • Wanda has appealing dark brown eyes and a beautifully toned body which usually makes her look glamorous.
  • She has worked as a stunt woman in more than a hundred movies.
  • She is the true follower of the biggest drama series The Big Band Theory and loves to watch comedy series.
  • Before her marriage with Bill Goldberg, she dated him and shared a relationship from college times.



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