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Advantages and Disadvantages of Studying MBBS in China

Advantages and Disadvantages of Studying MBBS in China

Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) is a course that can be pursued after the clearance of the competitive exam, NEET Undergraduate. Different institutions have different facilities and the facilities vary from country to country. Studying MBBS abroad is considered to be cheap as compared to study in India. The study of MBBS in China is cheap, affordable and also the accommodation is well-planned. Studying here has both advantages and disadvantages. Let us have a look at both of them below:

Advantages that count while studying in China:

  1. Accommodation in China: The accommodation facility in China is affordable and offers the best quality services. Basic requirements such as Desk, Table, Beds, attached bathrooms, etc are present in the rooms. Electricity, water, and others are available 24/7 throughout for ease of movement of students and thus the students do not face any issues in staying in the rooms. The rooms are also available on a sharable basis hence the charges for hostels also are shared and thus decreased. Both air-conditioned, as well as non-air-conditioned rooms, are available which vary according to the rent you pay.
  2. Valid license of practice: The aspirants pursuing MBBS in China can practice medicine after the completion of their course duration and a one-year internship. Medical can also be practiced in other countries after the clearance of the Foreign Medical Graduates Examination (FMGE) exam which certifies you for the practice of medicine in other countries. You can give the exam once you have completed your course duration. Earlier this exam was only held abroad but from March 2022, India will conduct the same examination hence for a medical license, one needs to clear this examination.
  3. Food as per your choice: Indians, while going abroad are mainly concerned about the food facilities they would be offered. Indians who Study MBBS in China, Indians can rest assured because they will get food of their own choice. There is a separate Indian mess in the hostels so that Indians can enjoy the vegetarian food if they wish to eat that. The quality of food is assured and hence there is no force to eat only non-vegetarian in the country. You can also opt for having only fruits, vegetables, or anything you wish in the Indian mess.

Disadvantages that count while studying in China

  1. FMGE exam, tough to be cleared: The Foreign Medical Graduates Examination (FMGE) which grants you a license for the legal practice of medicine is also conducted in China. But in the case of China, it is very tough to clear the exam for getting a license for practicing abroad. This comes off to be a huge disadvantage because only a few hundreds are able to clear this exam out of thousands appearing for the examination. The hundreds are just a mere number because the rest have to continue their practice in that country itself.
  2. Few colleges, fraud education: The aspirants going to study abroad wish for quality education on their part. There are certain colleges in China that provide the poorest and worst quality of education in terms of medical and the reputation of the colleges is just next to worst. Still, there are thousands of students who do not know this and take admission in the colleges which leads their career to a bad end, and hence they cannot practice medicine because of poor education. The degrees are also fake and the colleges are so and therefore the students are a trap of fake education.
  3. Language, a barrier: Language is the major barrier that comes off the way when studying abroad. English is the best medium of communication when studying abroad. But teaching in English in China is prohibited and hence the professors have to communicate the education in the native Chinese language. The international students coming to pursue MBBS here find it difficult to understand the language and education medium. The professors who try to communicate in English also fail because of a lack of English knowledge on their part. Hence, language becomes a barrier here in terms of education and makes it difficult for students to get the knowledge.

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When going for pursuing higher studies abroad, there are certain factors one needs to consider before leaving to get the ease of education and rest facilities without any hindrances. There are advantages as well as disadvantages which you need to consider before opting for any country and course for your MBBS Studies. Many people look at the pros but neglect the cons, each thing should be analyzed properly with future perspectives as well. China qualifies in some and even fails to deliver some of the services which make it difficult for students to study there sometimes. Getting an MBBS admission in China is the same as getting admission in other countries.



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