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5 Benefits of Mopping with Microfiber

5 Benefits of Mopping with Microfiber

Microfiber is a popular material used to make a variety of cleaning supplies. Cloths and pads made from microfiber are great for dusting, polishing, mopping, and even sanitizing. There are five main benefits of mopping with wholesale microfiber pads.

1. Clean Faster

When you clean with a microfiber mop pad you can clean faster in two ways. First, you will lower the time you spend getting ready to mop. Then, you will lower the time you spend mopping.

Traditional mopping requires the use of a mop and mop bucket. Before you can start mopping you have to prepare your mop bucket with hot water and cleaning solution. With a microfiber mop pad, you eliminate the need to prepare a large mop bucket.

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During traditional mopping, you can mop a limited section of flooring before you have to rinse and wring out the mop. Depending on how dirty the floors are, you might even have to stop and change out your mop water. The need to rinse and wring out the mop is eliminated when you change to a microfiber mop. Because microfiber mops hold less water, the floor’s drying time will be reduced, too.

2. Clean Deeper

The fibers in a microfiber mop pad are much smaller than the fibers in a traditional mop head made from cotton. Smaller fibers can get into and clean crevices in your flooring better than cotton mops. Using a microfiber mop pad will clean your floor deeper, especially if you have any light texture in your flooring.

3. Waste Less

Using microfiber mopping pads will help you use less water when mopping. It can help you decrease or eliminate the use of chemicals when mopping.

Use Less Water

Cotton mops soak up and hold a lot of water. You can use quite a bit less water with a microfiber mop compared to a traditional mop and bucket.

Decrease or Eliminate Cleaning Chemicals

In addition to decreasing the amount of water needed to mop your floors, you will be able to decrease or eliminate the cleaning chemicals you use when mopping. If you still use chemicals while mopping with your microfiber mop pad, then you won’t need to use as much. It is possible to mop your floors with just water when you use a microfiber mop pad.

4. Save Money

Using microfiber mop pads can help you save money in three different ways:

The first way you will save money is by using less water. By decreasing the amount of water you use when you mop, you will be able to spend less on your water bill. This can happen over a long period, but it does add up.

The second way you will save money is by decreasing or eliminating the number of cleaning chemicals you purchase. Cleaning solutions can be pricey. You can save money by reducing the amount of solution you use each time you clean with a microfiber mop. You can also save money if you eliminate the use of cleaning solutions.

The third way you will save money is by reusing your microfiber mop pads. Microfiber mop pads are durable and last longer than traditional mop heads. You can wash one single microfiber mop over 500 times. A traditional mop won’t last half that long.

5. Prevent the Spread of Germs

If you’re concerned with preventing the spread of germs, then you need to use a microfiber mop. Mop buckets are a breeding ground for germs. When the same water is used from room to room the germs will spread. Eliminating the mop bucket won’t stop the spread of germs, but it can help prevent it.

Why Buy Wholesale Microfiber Pads

You can enjoy all the benefits of mopping with microfiber pads and save money when you buy wholesale microfiber pads. Buying from a wholesaler allows you to purchase higher quantities at a lower price. You can get an effective cleaning tool for a fraction of the cost.



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