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Know How to Crack PTE-A Speaking Like a Pro

Crack PTE-A Speaking

When you attempt the PTE Speaking section to answer those 5 types of tasks, you should know that you need to spend 30-35 minutes to answer all of them. Oral Fluency and pronunciation skills are assessed in this section. Most of the native speakers also make mistakes in the PTE Speaking section.

Know These Tips That Can Help You Improve

  • Do not speak too fast. Keep your pace normal. 
  • Speak in a natural tone. Do not try to fake the accent. 
  • Avoid unnecessary fillers and words like ‘aah’, ‘uhmms’.
  • Place the microphone at the right position and practice by recording your answers. 
  • If you commit a mistake, do not stop in between; keep speaking. 

To improve further, you can take the help of the experts at PTE Tutorials, and you can also download their comprehensive mobile app that allows you to record your answer for the PTE Speaking and practice.



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