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Become Teacher with Certificate III in School Based Education Support

Become Teacher with Certificate III in School Based Education Support

Teacher Aides or Teaching Assistants are pivotal to the Australian education system as they adopt roles and duties that are highly demanding and complex than first thought.

A teacher aide’s position is among the most valued and in-demand professions for Australians who wish to start off a career in education. Teacher aides have significant involvement in a classroom environment and profoundly influence a child’s educational experience in their early schooling years. They assist teachers with general classroom and non-teaching duties such as preparing resources and teaching materials and performing general administrative classroom tasks like grading, taking attendance, collecting homework, maintaining records, operating gadgets and equipment and organising recreational activities and outings.

Teacher aides play a notable role in our community as they interact closely with children and nurture them to develop into responsible young adults. Wondering what it’s like to become one, where to enrol for quality teacher-aide training, and how to seek employment?

The Course: CHC30221Certificate III in School Based Education Support

The CHC30221 Certificate III in School Based Education Support is the introductory teacher aide course offered by Step Into Training Services (SITS), that covers all of the basics of working in a mainstream classroom under the direct supervision of a teacher.

If you like interacting with children and want a job that will affect many lives then qualifying as a teacher aide is the right choice. This course, a blend of theory and practical sessions is delivered at our Logan Central campus in Queensland. It includes 17 units of competency which you need to complete in a span of 12 months. This course prepares you to indulge in a role as a teacher’s aide enabling you to work alongside teachers to nurture and develop student learning, creating a fun and engaging, and effective inclusive learning hub for all students. Here our dedicated mentors will equip you with the necessary skills and experience to work in collaboration with teachers in an array of educational settings.

Gain Industry-Specific Skills

Educating children and helping them develop into responsible adults is a mounting task. Therefore, teacher aides must possess or develop specialised skills or attributes to deliver optimum performance. Empathy and patience, being creative and encouraging, understanding and responsive, good organisational and planning skills, effective communication, technological skills, flexibility and multitasking, time management, and teamwork are a few to name.

The CHC30221 Certificate III in School Based Education Support will train you to complete administrative and supervisory tasks under the guidance of teachers in a classroom setting, enrich children’s learning experiences within the classroom and ensure that each child receives the required support to succeed. From assisting with planned educational programs, supporting students to build literacy, language and numeracy skills, contributing to the health, safety and well-being of students, and supporting students with additional needs, monitoring and managing student behaviour, you’ll play a remarkable role in keeping the classroom running smoothly.

Get Industry-Ready

Studying for CHC30221 Certificate III in Education Support course at SITS involves work placement that needs to be undertaken in Australia. This helps our students gain hands-on experience via a 100-hour workplace placement where they’re required to perform the tasks of a teacher’s aide in real workplaces. Students may work in registered and recognised educational settings such as government or private schools, kindergarten, and special or community educational settings.

Graduate Classroom-Ready

CHC30221 Certificate III in Education Support which will prepare you for entry-level roles in the education support sector. Successful completion of this nationally recognised qualification qualifies you to work all across Australia in public and private schools and other community education settings. Transform your passion for helping children into a rewarding and lively career by adopting job roles such as:

  • Teacher’s Aide or Teaching Assistant
  • Education assistant
  • Education worker
  • Literacy worker
  • Language worker

This is an in-demand and ideal qualification that lays the foundation for a flourishing career in education support for children with special needs or further studies in education.

Wondering where will CHC30221 Certificate III in School Based Education Support take you?

Careers in education support are widely available across Australia, with passionate Teacher Aides and Teaching Assistants in high demand. Graduate with a high level of theoretical and practical pedagogical knowledge and set yourself up for success with a fulfilling lifelong career.

If you have prior experience in this sector or would prefer to work more autonomously, you can advance in your career by completing Certificate IV in School-Based Education Support with SITS.

Make a Difference in Students’ Lives

Unfold your educational career right away with a CHC30221 Certificate III in School Based Education Support from SITS. In no time, you’ll be in the classroom capable of changing the lives of students thereby shaping a better tomorrow.



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