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10 Ways to Look Unique At a Party

10 Ways to Look Unique At a Party
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The great thing about famous things is that everyone knows that and sometimes this particular reason could be the worst part as well. Whether it’s a famous store, a place to shop or a renowned designer you can find something in everyone’s wardrobe (who can afford), that might get some twinning with you. While most people consider this as flattery but sometimes you need a touch of uniqueness in your look. 

10 Ways to Look Unique At a Party

Rather than just sailing with the crowd it is also thrilling to try out new things that don’t follow the trend or even make you look stand out. If you are one of those people who desire a new and unique look then this article will cover all the tips to get a great unique look for your next party. 

Get your Dress Customized

We all have Interest in our phones with bunch of ideas all aimed to make our home or wardrobe better. These ideas are what our true lifestyle is versioned as but let’s just take them as an inspiration. Getting impressed by social media is fine but going too overboard well that’s where the problem begins. Make sure you have gathered some nice and in budget ideas especially when it comes to dress for your next party. 

Once you have decided what you want to wear you can get something customized and that complements your body type. While customization costs a handful with shop bop promo code you can get personalized dressed designed for the next big event. 

The Final Look

A great top couldn’t do the job alone if you pair with it boring jeans or shoes. Your outfit speaks volumes about your style so make sure not to drain your entire savings on just a dress while you compromise the entire look with dull dead pair of shoes. Try to find the theme of the party and dress accordingly and if you don’t know the theme then going with some all-rounder ideas is great. For example a black dress that reaches your knees can never go wrong. 

Know your Type

Consider the styles of clothing that flatter you the best. Everyone has a different body shape, and choosing the right clothing for you will make you look and feel even better. Wear clothing that are comfortable and not too tight so you don’t have to fiddle with them all night. Make an effort to keep your outfit’s silhouette balanced. Wear tight pants if you’re wearing a loose top, and vice versa. 

BE Yourself

No one is you and that’s your super power. Make sure to cash every opportunity you get to make the most of this uniqueness. After all, the real beauty comes from the confidence rather than the dress or ornaments you wear. Being yourself will make you feel confident and people will respect you for your own uniqueness. Not faking or copying someone will also radiate positive vibes so people will love a little more. 


The right shoes can bring the right confidence and you must not underestimate the value of a perfect pair of shoes. Leave your favorite pair of shoes at home if they are hurting your feet. Make sure your feet are comfy, whether you’re wearing heels, shoes, or flats, especially if you’re going to a dance party. 

You’re probably going to keep your shoes on, and you want to feel nice at the party. Match your shoes to the rest of your ensemble. If you’re wearing a more formal outfit, your shoes should match.

Less is more

Make this a motto for your life; less is more. With less being more you will be sufficient and content in lesser things and satisfaction brings confidence. To put it simply, you don’t have to be loud, bold, flashy or colored from head to toe to get the attention. Rather than focusing on quantity bring quality to the table and people will admire for who you really are. 

Plan Ahead

If you are running late you are definitely going to mess everything up at the most. Make sure you have enough time to plan the preparations so no details go overlooked. Allow plenty of at least an hour, depending on how quickly you can get ready. You can accomplish whatever you want without hurrying and messing up your hair, makeup, or wardrobe if you give yourself enough time. 

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To prevent tension, get started as soon as possible. Here are some things that you may complete early in the day rather of waiting until the last minute.

  • Your clothing should be ironed.
  • Choose a hairdo that you like.
  • Plan the makeup look you want to achieve 
  • Make sure you have everything you’ll need ready to go.

Get a Shower

This should go without saying but even if you feel clean don’t skip the shower for a party. The right shower will make you feel confident and fresh and also bring charm and glow on your face. The look of freshly washed hair is also incomparable no matter how many hair products you use for the fake clean look. Rather than just going for dry shampoos showering to get clean fresh hair is the right approach. 

Accessorize According to your dress

You don’t have to have everything but you just need the right things. Some dresses are loud enough to not need a bunch of accessories to look good. In these cases, make sure not to overstep with loads of accessories. If you’re wearing a busy patterned dress like Dana Chong’s Versace gown, keep your accessories simple so they don’t interfere with the garment’s wow impact.


Lastly, the makeup should be on point. The blending should be perfect. The eye shadow must match your dress type, skin tone and the event level. Don’t overdo the same lipstick shade to every event just because you love the cute packaging. Make sure to tone down the makeup a bit if you are wearing a heavy dress. And with simpler shades like white or all beige, well can go a little red to add a pop of color.



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