Bulleted Update

Will post a proper update one of these days, but for now:

  • Still no conclusive answers on the pain issues I’m having. It’s the longest story ever and most of it sets my teeth on edge. But the good news is that I’m not in excruciating pain any more. Hopefully that will last and I wouldn’t complain if the pain disappeared completely.
  • Discovered two sores on Uschi’s right front paw. Not sure if they are related to her skinning her pads, but the one looks pretty alarming. We have a vet appointment today.
  • New job continues to be fun, though not without its own brand of stress. We have three sessions this weekend!
  • Registered for the fall semester. Supposedly the last classes I’ll have to take for my program. If history is anything to go by this will change 100 times before the semester starts and I’ll have anywhere from a single class to an entire year left.
  • Looking to have portraits done again. Bit up in the air as to when exactly what with the odd weather and my broken guide dog.

Things of the Going On Variety

No, I’m not going to be talking about the pain. I know you’re all dying of curiosity or at least I assume that’s what the complete and total silence is about in regard to this. I’m overwhelmed by everyone’s great concern.

Erm, anyway, so lots has been going on around here aside from the pain that has kept me from posting. The biggest news is I have a new job! For lack of an actual title I’ve dubbed myself the Website Guru and Resident Office Ninja for ICGOLD Photography.1

Mostly it’s a lot of what I do in my (nonexistent) free time, i.e., make websites, pretend I understand Photoshop even a little, and hang out on Twitter and Facebook. Except now I have to actually do it for a purpose other than avoiding my homework. I tell you, it’s a mad world.

Anyhoo, if you bothered to actually click the link, you probably recognize some of those photographs. It might come as a surprise since I’m the one poking at the code, but there was a not small amount of arm twisting to get me to not delete anything with my face on it. And I had a few issues with getting my heart to beat properly when Uschi was added to the available prints that are being sold.

I’m actually super proud to be doing this, though. And only a little light-headed. If you’re one of those people who cares about easing my potential heart failure, you can follow ICGOLDPhotos or like our Facebook page.2

Here endeth my shameless plugging. I’ll prattle on about the other things occupying my time lately and the pain stuff soon . . . or eventually. For now? Bed!

Night, people!

  1. All the awesome stuff is Cindy. Anything broken is my lack of genius.
  2. Or don’t, I’m kind of getting used to this talking to myself on the intarwebs thing.


I would greatly appreciate a much lower level of stress at this point.

First, there’s the dog distraction thing. Nothing more to add about it, thankfully. But I can’t deny that I am concerned. I’m frustrated and annoyed about the whole thing.

Then there’s work, which is a complicated mess. Mostly it makes me want to cry.

And to top all that off, I was double charged my tuition for the semester. Again. Except this time I didn’t find out until my refund arrived today and it was substantially smaller than it should have been. Money I was counting on I will now have to wait on. I don’t know how long I’ll have to wait on it either because, of course, the school was closed by the time I got the mail.

I really need a vacation.

Buyer’s Remorse

Much has been going on here: Yara’s been on and off sick again. School starts in a little over a week. Work is, well, work. I’ve been reading up a storm. And I need to buy a new winter jacket/coat. But since everyone’s been wondering about my new Kindle, I’ll blather on about that.

While the title might make you think otherwise, let me put your minds at ease because I love it. All of the reasons for which I purchased it are exactly as I expected and I think my favorite thing is that because it’s a device that’s supposed to emulate reading on paper it isn’t so overly bright that my eyes are bothered, which is my main issue with using the ereader software on a computer or cell phone.

So whyfor with the remorse?

Well, it would seem that my Kindle was a lemon. I noticed straight out of the box that it seemed like the left side seemed to have some give near the page buttons. Compared to the right side, it felt as if the casing wasn’t put together properly and depending on how I held it there was a slight creaking when the buttons were pressed. However, it worked just fine and so I didn’t feel a strong need to call Amazon.

Anyway, in Amazon’s infinite wisdom, they shipped the cover case in an entirely different order so it finally arrived last week. The Kindle is meant to literally hook into the cover — there are two little groove holes on the left side of the device that lock it into the case so that it opens like a book. When trying to fasten the Kindle into the case it started to restart for no reason that I could understand. Furthermore the Kindle wouldn’t lock into the case. So, I called Amazon and ended up returning the case because I wasn’t entirely sure if it was defective or I’m just too incompetent to get it to work the way it should. (I figure maybe a sleeve would be more ideal anyway, since the case makes it hard to use the left side buttons and of course the most comfortable way I’ve found to hold the Kindle would require mainly using those buttons.)

I also spoke with a Kindle support specialist and we ran through a similar “restart your computer” routine for the device. Which, of course, didn’t fix the problem at all so I had to call back the next day to have a replacement sent out and I boxed up the Kindle to have it sent back straight away.

If all that isn’t bad enough, the replacement Kindle has it’s own issue. Oh, don’t get me wrong it feels like it’s put together firmly this time and it hasn’t restarted or done anything remotely crazy. Well, except for some loos part inside rattling around.

Amazon was incredibly apologetic and in fact they believe this issue is probably due to damage during shipping. So I’m waiting for Kindle Number Three to arrive tomorrow and I pretty much feel that regardless of the cause if this one has any issues I’m officially giving up.

July 16, 2010

Things have been kind of crazy around here. There’s all the graduate school shenanigans going on, which thankfully seem to have worked out quite nicely, and then there’s this whole work-related mess that I’m in the middle of. But I’ll save all that drivel for another day.

Yesterday, Yara and I took a stroll through Washington Park accompanied by Cindy and her camera. Cindy would be the fabulous photographer whose handiwork includes a few of these shots of Yara and the rather fetching portrait that I used for my holiday card back in 2008. Given Yara’s looming retirement, I really wanted to get in another set of portraits with Cindy and/or Jean. Especially since Yara adores them both to no end and they’ve both been so awesome to us over the years. And while they are some of my personal favorite photos we’ve had taken in the last three years, I wanted to do something very different from the studio shots. So, long story short we walked all around the park and Cindy took a literal ton of candids of Yara and me. I promise to share them all as soon as Cindy hands them over. Probably sometime towards the end of next week. Sadly, Jean wasn’t able to join us as originally planned, but I think we’re going to try and get some photos of her with the two of us at some point in the near future.

Meanwhile, I actually got a new camera recently and have been attempting to figure out how to use all the new, complicated features. Mostly I’ve been playing, as is plainly evident if you’ve been checking out my Flickr account or the sidebar on this website. Or, well, have even a passing understanding of how I take photos in general! Yara, of course, is the main subject of these “tests” and she’s not exactly thrilled for photos on a good day so you can image how enthusiastic she’s been. Yesterday I played around with the timer burst and got some rather adorable shots of me pestering Yara, who was being a bit naughty and lounging on the sofa uninvited. Behold:

I’m still learning all the ins-and-outs of this new camera — it is far more sophisticated than either of the previous digital cameras I’ve had even though it’s classified as a point-and-shoot. Being totally colorblind doesn’t make me especially discerning to the color abnormalities some digital cameras suffer from either. Mostly I just need a camera with a good size screen and a nice zoom, which this one has in spades with a 3.0 inch screen, which is same as my last camera, and a 26x zoom. I have noticed that it tends to lean towards the bright side when taking photos, as opposed to my last camera which seemed to darken everything. It’s especially noticeable on the automatic setting and/or if it isn’t properly focused. For now, though, I haven’t any firm judgments.

Anyhoo, on a whole other subject, I put up a post a few days back attempting to visually showcase how the world looks through my eyes. Take a gander if you missed out. And I also think there’s some EDF news to share, but my puppy raiser contact and I are in the midst of some serious phone tag so what the particular news is and how much of it I can share is up in the air at this present moment.