WordPress Accessibility

Joseph Karr O’Connor, a.k.a. AccessibleJoe, has showcased five of the contributors to WordPress accessibility here on his website and I’m very proud to be among this fine group.

Related, there’s a lot of activity going on at the Make WordPress Accessible blog. Of note:

If you’re at all interested in the future of accessibility within WordPress, I strongly urge you to contribute by joining our group. Whether you are just starting out with WordPress, an advanced developer or somewhere in between, we value insight and assistance. Also, please remember we have weekly IRC meetings Wednesdays at 3 p.m. Eastern in #wordpress-ui, which you are welcome and encouraged to participate in.


Today is the start of the 28th Annual International Technology and Persons with Disabilities Conference, or CSUN13 for short, and how I desperately wish I could be a part of it as it is the largest assistive technology conference for the blind. But at $500 for registration plus travel, lodging and food for a week that’s more than a little outside of my budget.

Anyway, I’m thrilled that there will be a presentation regarding WordPress accessibility, specifically focusing on themes. Though, if I were going I would likely be the most interested in the session on accessible e-readers.

WP Accessibility IRC Meetup

One of the things discussed over on the Make WordPress Accessible site is having a weekly IRC meetup to chat about things.

Officially, we’ll be starting these meetups next Wednesday, February 13, but if you’re around at 3 p.m. Eastern today you are more than welcome to join us for an unofficial meetup this afternoon.

Information on how to connect to access IRC — and about the various WP channels — can be found here on the Codex.

Dear WordPress.com

This is the kind of thing that makes me smile: A Dear John letter… to WordPress.com.

Random Bullets

  • There’s a thing that happened yesterday. It’s not a good thing. But in so much as can be in about a day, things are sorted. I’ll probably elaborate when things are a bit less up in the air. Before you ask, it’s not my thing exactly and so I’m more-or-less fine.
  • Had an eye doctor’s appointment today, which has made my eyes hurt to the point I am almost sure they are actually on fire. Discovered my doc has just started using WordPress, like, this week.
  • Picked out a pair of frames with purple spots on them. They go well with my purple aviator sunglasses I got last year.
  • Started my last semester of classes . . . for the third time.
  • In what can only be described as either exceptional organization and planning or desperate need for it not to be winter any longer, I have been having some back-and-forth about some on-location professional photography sessions this Spring. For what it’s worth, I actually need to have headshots.
  • Actually, also need to get a passport photo taken so as to finally renew my ridiculously expired passport.
  • Making tentative plans to spend a week in NYC in May.1
  • Going shopping sometime soonish for a new desk and chair. Related: need to clean and organize my home office. It is a ‘sty.
  • It is cold and I am exceedingly displeased.
  1. Thinking May 4th to something or around then at least.