Broken Images

Yes, I am aware that there are a bunch of broken images around the site right now. For some reason the import duplicated a few and/or didn’t actually upload others. It’s odd and I don’t understand what happened

In an effort to organize my photos, I’m currently working on moving things off of Flickr anyway so it’s already on the list to fix all that. I’m not sure if I’ll actually move everything off of Flickr, but the impending arrival of my new iMac is a big reason for this sudden push to finally get going with the online de-cluttering. If I have to spend time setting up an entire new computer, I may as well have it done neatly.

Anyway, things are still in a state of flux around here, but do please let me know if you spot other oddities.

Back and Forth

Well, if there’s one thing you can predict with certainty about me and my websites it’s that I am completely unpredictable. Case in point, I’m moving things around. Once more1 I’m packing up and headed off to my little slice of the great WWW. Or in lay terms, my personal web server.

It’s something I’ve been very slowly working on for a few months now in an attempt to de-clutter my online presence a bit and now seemed as good as any other to get on with the thing. So you will please pardon the virtual dust as things are juggled around a bit. Do let me know if you find anything bizarre or quite broken. (I think I fixed the comment form, which was giving me the strangest of errors during my testing.) And please excuse the unfinished look of things as I finalize the design elements. Or, you know, completely break them as is per usual.

  1. I’ve long since lost count of how many moves this blog has been relocated, but this is the third time I’ve made this exact move.

Invisible Changes

So, this blog has changed. Huzzah!

Actually you shouldn’t notice any difference; in fact, if all went well there really shouldn’t actually be any difference. Other than the URL for shortlinks is, amusingly, shorter. (Note to self: Go through posts and make sure to fix any possibly broken ones.)

However, I think maybe one thing got a bit broken, but I’m already aware of it and I’m about 95.3% positive it’s fixable. It might be a bug, which is kind of bully for me in discovering it, but just as likely I messed something up and, well, that happens almost all the time. By this I mean if you were following this blog before you may not be any more. Or you may start getting emails for each post. Or maybe you already were. I don’t really know, but it’s a funky thing and I’m super sorry if it proves any inconvenience to you.

FWIW, I learned a bunch of stuff poking through this little project. Go me!

EDIT: Also, while I think some of my followers got lost in the shuffle, I somehow got added as a follower. I cannot begin to tell you how hilarious I find this.

A Christmas Story

During my senior year of high school my uncle was going through a divorce and for probably the first time ever he was solely responsible for holiday shopping. Suffice it to say we got some very, um, unique gifts that year. Among mine was an M&M dispenser, which I find hilarious for many reasons not the least of which being that I’m quite known for my lackluster feelings towards sweets. That isn’t to say I don’t like M&M’s, but personally I prefer the ones with peanuts or almonds and they don’t work in the dispensers.

Well, from that spawned somewhat of a tradition and without fail every year since I’ve gotten a new dispenser. Mostly they come from my father, but there have been a few random ones from other friends, too. At this point the shelf space they take up literally rivals my book collection and that is really saying something. Especially since I’ve never once acquired one on my own! Anyway, when last I was at my father’s, Keith had packed up a bunch of stuff of mine he’d come across while cleaning and lo was there not this here dispenser among them:

M&M dispenser showcasing Red and Yellow M&M dudes sitting in theater seats with 3-D glasses

Yes, it’s out of the box because back then they were novel enough that we had to test them out. This one was the first action/animated/whatever one I ever received. Some of them, like this one, are pretty clever with how they work. Some of them have lights and make sounds and do all sorts of interesting things. But what they all have in common is that they aren’t really useful to store M&M’s in.1 So, now that it’s formally back in my possession I set about cleaning it up as best I could and making a space for it to sit on my shelf.

Oh, and if you’re wondering, my dad has that first dispenser my uncle gave me. And, unlike the collection lining the shelves at my house, it’s actually being used to hold M&M’s!

EDIT: Unrelated, but worth mentioning, my blog is currently being eaten alive by spam. I’ve caught two legit comments that got thrown in the spam queue, but as there is such a huge influx of actual spam I can’t guarantee I’ll catch every one. So, my sincerest apologies if your comment gets lost; it is by no means personal. However, it would be awesome if you would email me if you think you got spammified, so I can whitelist you!

  1. This one dumps them in that tiny popcorn bucket and even with small hands I find it a challenge to dig them out.


  • I don’t really do the New Year’s resolution thing, but I think I need to consciously get myself back into a blogging routine. This year has been really . . . well, lacking I guess. And I can only blame so much of it on the pain issues.
  • I have been busy, busy, busy with the website design thing. And by that I mean I had a few projects that I thought were going to be relatively quick and combined they took the better part of a week. As always such projects are a wealth of learning opportunities for me and, in fact, I discovered a few things about the theme powering this blog that I didn’t even know.
  • And now I’m free to work on my neglected websites. I’m really itching to redesign this blog, but there are so many other more pressing things I probably should do. Except, of course, my back is having none of that and is very much letting me know this sitting at a desk thing is not acceptable. Have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow where I intend to complain mightily about this.
  • My mother made me a surprise lunch today. I can’t begin to tell you how touched I am by this.
  • Uschi was very happy to see snow this weekend. I was even more happy to see it all melt away with today’s mild temps. I am not looking forward to the return of the white stuff.
  • I had fully intended to decorate the house for the holidays, but the weekend went by and none of that happened. I also haven’t written a single holiday card yet. But I’ve a little wiggle room with my self-imposed extension. I figure I’ll start freaking out about that when I actually start receiving cards myself.
  • I have a cupcake backlog again. You all know what that means. ;-)