EPI Awareness

Recently, an EPI dog was featured on Ellen:

It’s a sweet story and I’m so pleased that they were invited onto the show. However, I am deeply sad to see almost no focus on EPI. We’ve come a bit since 2008, when I was struggling to get Yara diagnosed, where EPI was still considered a disorder that mainly affected GSDs. But even today it can still be a very difficult diagnosis to make despite the fact that we know it is not exclusive to the German shepherd or even to dogs!

Video Announcement

“The United States of America was founded in the midst of chaos.”

Happy Independence Day!

GSDs in the Snow

I have a bunch of photos on my camera to organize, but for now here’s a quick video of the shepherds having some fun in all the snow:

Ocarina Music

It’s hard to chose, but Majora’s Mask is maybe my favorite Zelda game. I am ever so excited it’s been remade for the 3DS even if I’ve been totally distracted by A Link Between Worlds lately.

I touched on the subject of video game music yesterday and so because it’s awesome here’s David Erick Ramos playing three song’s from the game on an ocarina: