June 14, 2010

I’d hoped that Yara’s allergy issue would get better, but over the last few days I was noticing a few raw areas on her back legs and tail from biting herself from the itchiness. At first, I wasn’t too worried, but this morning her whole rear end was very red and raw. So, I took her to the vet and spent a staggering amount of money to find out that the sores on her legs that I’d initially dismissed were actually the more serious ones. She’s on an antibiotic to fight the infection and the vet also gave me some antiseptic spray for the wounds and a stronger anti-histamine. She seems pretty wiped from the allergy medicine, which worries me a bit with working her. I figure I’ll give her the medicine before bed so she sleeps and doesn’t gnaw on herself while I’m asleep and can’t stop her. And maybe a dose in the morning if she seems itchy; hopefully, that will be early enough to not kick in until we’re safely at work.

That is, of course assuming I have work to go to tomorrow. As it stands the state budget has still not passed nor has an emergency spending bill. If neither of these pass before midnight tonight, the state will shut down as of tomorrow. In all likelihood, mine will be among the positions not required to work. I’m pretty freaked about it, especially given the unexpected vet bill of this morning.

EDIT: The Legislature passed an emergency appropriations bill, so state services will continue as normal. Phew.

Ear Infection

As per usual for me, stressful events never happen one at a time.

Yara has been having a bit of issue with her ears for a few weeks now. They don’t stink and only seem to bother her after I clean them. But she has been itching them a lot and when I clean them out they are disgustingly filthy. It seemed to kind of come and go so I figured not a big deal, especially since her annual is coming up. But after a third time of the itch, clean, and see mega-filth, I called the vet.

And she has a bacterial infection in her left ear. Interestingly, her right ear which was also on-and-off rather grossly dirty is totally fine if a bit red inside. But it surprised both the vet and I because there is no smell. We both suspected it might be a yeast thing. Anyhow, so she’s on this stinky ear medicine thing for a week. She hates it. I hate it. We’re the both of us miserable about it. And my wallet is weeping at the moment since we still have her annual at the end of the month.

On the plus side, she gained eight pounds since our last visit in December when she had hot spots. She was doing her semi-frequent no eating thing and so I wasn’t surprised when she’d dropped down. But was also happy to have that theory of her weight-loss confirmed by the scale yesterday. Her vet is “very pleased” with “how good her weight feels.”

Oh, regarding the current rent drama — I got my three-day present letter yesterday. It’s dated the 12th and postmarked the 14th (the day she called). Which means, I have until Tuesday before they can actually petition me. We’ll see if they actually bother to wait that long.

Hot Spots

Some of you might recall that the last time I spent the night at my grandparents I came home with hives thanks to my aunt’s cats. So, I wasn’t overly surprised when I woke up Saturday morning covered in bites. I don’t know from what, but they were super itchy. Since Yara slept in the same bed, I figured she probably got bit up, too, and have been spending the majority of the last week stopping her from scratching and/or biting herself raw.

Today at work, I noticed a huge patch of matted fur on her back and immediately became concerned. I asked a coworker to help me check out the spot and see if she could find a bite or sore. She checked out the spot — and another smaller one near it — and noted that the larger was bloody. Her thought was that Yara probably had hot spots and I’d caught them before her fur fell out.

Anyway, because we certainly couldn’t leave 2009 without one more trip to the vet, I rushed out of work and had the diagnosis confirmed. Which means that my crazy shepherd is now sporting some very fashionable bald spots on her rear end and has to take antibiotics for the next two weeks. She’s pretty much fine with all of this so far as I can tell and is only moderately sulky that I continue to reprimand her for attempting to chew on herself.

In fact, since arriving home she’s tried several times to sneak away into another room to attempt said chewing. The most amusing of these attempts was when she tried to beat me into the bedroom and literally tripped over herself in her haste. Seriously, I’m still laughing.

Behold the Suckitude

A brief update on the status of things here.

Work: *groans* Let’s just say I got my ass chewed for actually doing my job. Yes, really. It was annoying. Also, odd.

Social Life: Very clearly nonexistent. It’s pretty much upsetting.

Yara: Turned four on Sunday. Had her annual physical last Thursday. Aside from some bug bites she’s chewed into sores on the back of her legs, she’s the picture of health. I’ve spent the last week randomly inserting a firm “no” into every fourth sentence to quell her desire to chew the itchy away. She’s appropriately displeased with this. Also, she weighs 63 lbs!

Internet: Broken. Again. This time it’s my modem. TWC again can’t seem to get themselves in gear in a timely fashion so who knows when I’ll have access at home again.

And if all that weren’t bad enough?

School: Has screwed me again. Can’t attend UB this fall. Long story. Not emotionally stable enough to explain it all lest I start crying. Am halfheartedly looking at other degree programs.

Doggy Booboos

I have come to the conclusion that without exception one of my dogs must be under the weather at all times. Case in point, today.

Sharon and I took a quick walk to let Yara “park” and on the way back to the office she stumbled. As Sharon didn’t mention seeing anything on the ground that might have hurt her, I assumed something had just blown in Yara’s face due to the gale force winds that blow by my office due to its location being situated amongst several tall buildings. Except this stumbling happened three or four more times during the twenty feet or so we walked to get to the entrance. Once inside, I dropped to the floor and examined Yara’s feet only to discover a substantial amount of her right foot pad was ripped away.

Of course because I had to manhandle her and touch the sore foot, Yara made a great show of hobbling her way to the elevator. I dabbed some Neosporin on the wound and proceeded to call her new vet. The short of it was they were concerned enough, due to the location of the injury, that they wanted to see her as soon as humanly possible. So I basically ran out the door right then, dog in tow, to the vet’s office.

The vet determined that the wound was nothing too severe, basically Yara had scraped her pad on something. Since she sometimes steps directly on the injury, it obviously smarts. But she was given the okay to continue working and I was told to clean and Neosporin the wound daily. And, of course, monitor it in case it doesn’t heal or becomes infected or whatnot. Also, the vet wants her to stay off the foot as much as possible — a feat which I’m beginning to think is impossible with Miss Paces-the-Apartment-Relentlessly.

The most amusing part of today, though, was having Yara’s nails cut. She’s always somewhat dramatic about this and will cry and fuss and be a rather humorous pain about the entire thing with few exceptions. Couple in the hurting foot, a new vet and the stranger technician in with us and she was extraordinarily feisty about the nail clipping. I’ve never seen her so bad, but it did have all three of us practically rolling on the ground. In the end, we had to have her lie down, with the tech holding her and me averting her eyes to get her to stop fussing enough that the vet wasn’t in danger of taking a toe off. And she pretty much wailed the entire time. I’m thankful the office was empty; bystanders would certainly have thought we were mortally wounding her.