Oh, it is ON!

Bubbling and peeling kitchen ceiling

Code investigator was here today and he was “not happy, bro” about the state of this here apartment. He cited the building management for the bubbling and peeling kitchen walls and ceiling, the efflorescence in my hallway and bedroom, and pretty much every damn thing in my bathroom! Not surprisingly when he called the office he got a bit of a run around and the maintenance guy took another thirty minutes after that to arrive. The investigator — who’d been very kind and sympathetic to me — absolutely ate into the super. I had to bite my cheek from laughing, especially since the investigator was making quite a big deal about me being blind. It’s probably the only time in my life I’ve found that funny and not wildly offensive.

Anyway, the investigator gave the building ten days1 to get everything all squared away. Which elicited a nasty look aimed at me from the super, who not surprisingly (as with everyone else the investigator talked with on the phone) pleaded complete ignorance of the state of the apartment. He assured me he’ll be here Monday and Tuesday . . . and probably Wednesday to fix all this stuff.

I’m sure everyone at the rental office is so happy with me right now. Especially since I just got a knock on my door from Angela.2 But I could care less, in fact, I am off to the mall to get our holiday card photos taken and have dinner with a friend. I’m planning on going out through the basement, though, because I don’t really feel like killing the high I’m on from Code Enforcement’s take on this place. Pick your battles and all, I won this round; I can hold out till next week for the next one.

  1. Generally they give 30 days.
  2. I recognize her stomping high-heeled stride down the hallway at this point. Plus, the building is pretty empty during work/school hours.

Take That!

The last two days have, for the most part, been a nice turn from the ugh-filled Tuesday. Had a nice lunch with Sarah yesterday and then later I, well, had a date.1

Though, it’s hard to say that today didn’t nearly eek out a victory in the awesome factor because not only did I have a chat with my bank about my whole continuing rent drama, I discovered that they cashed this supposed missing check. The bank manager wrote me out a very formal letter regarding this, but I’ve decided I’m not going to bother sending it off. I want to see the rental agent’s face when she tries to petition me for court and I hand her the proof that they’re in the wrong yet again.

I also called Code Enforcement and reported the puckering ceiling in my kitchen and the horrible state my bathroom is in.2 They’ll be coming bright and early tomorrow to inspect my apartment.

So, yeah, I’m feeling rather evil about the thrill I have over all this, but they’ve really pushed me way too far with this bull about the rent being constantly late when it has NEVER been late one single time and I have proven this again and again.

  1. *blushes*
  2. When I was looking at the apartment, I was assured that the bathroom was already on a list to be repainted and glazed. But the day I moved in one of the moving men noted that the toilet had a bunch of stress cracks, which I immediately reported. Neither of these issues have been resolved and it’s been well over a year.


Even though there wasn’t much content in yesterday’s post, I was hardly devoid of subject material. I was, in fact, really that tired and hungry. But anyway, there was a bunch of, eh, not exactly wonderful things that happened yesterday.

So, I’ll start by saying that Audrey outdid herself yet again on my hair and it looks both amazing and just so darn cute! Which was about the only squee worthy thing that transpired yesterday.

The first of the many things that made me want to say “ugh” came about quite early in the day when the rental office once again informed me that my rent is past due. I informed them politely that I’d had the payment sent out on October 27th and they gave me a ludicrously hard time about getting them a new payment. Basically if I don’t cough up another $750 by Friday they are fully intending to take me to court. I just don’t even know, I had a chat with my bank — whom the rental office blames since they mailing truncated the address and thus they used the wrong address.1 The manager told me they would also cease action on bringing me to court if I had the bank manager write a letter stating that the bank was at fault and when to expect a new check to be sent. I haven’t yet bothered to contact the bank about this. All of it just completely drained and thoroughly stressed me.

If that wasn’t enough, I got a call from Fidelco about Yara’s enzyme treatment that just totally perturbed me. I don’t even want to get into it here, but suffice it to say the whole EPI battle continues I guess. As if to emphasize this, Yara chose yesterday to have super issues, including some very “ploppy poop” and a lovely episode of vomit while I was at CVS. Twice, even. I managed to rush her outside the first time, the second she kindly tossed her cookies2 on my feet.

Speaking of CVS, I nearly fainted when the woman told me the total copay for my three prescriptions was $60! Good grief, I’m 30 and I already am thinking I need one of those prescription plans. I don’t even LIKE taking medicine. Ugh, just ugh.

Thankfully, we managed to get home without much incident, but I spent most of the evening freaking out that Yara would continue being sick. Her stomach was making some very odd noises, but she ate her regular food without incident. Sometimes this EPI stuff is very hard to gauge with her since she will routinely skip a meal and that makes it difficult to remember if she’s had enough enzyme in a given day. She’s a bit lethargic today, but otherwise we’ve had no further issues.

I, however, am a bit unsettled that one of the top search terms of the last few days is apparently “Cyndy Otty unfair” — that’s just not cool, people. Not cool at all.

  1.  This would be the address they initially gave all the tenants months ago. And while, yes the bank did make a mistake, I’m tired of making my bank jump through hoops because of the rental office’s initial mistake. Not to mention paying all the damn fees for stopping payments and writing new checks, etc.
  2. And by cookies, I mean bile.

srsly y me?

Before I start the whinge-fest, I have to take a moment to marvel at some of the bizarre search terms leading people to Gentle Wit. I’m mostly concerned with the ones that start with my name and have something random tagged on, e.g. rude. What gives? I feel mildly stalked.

So, anyhoo, I have all this shit going on with my apartment management . . . again. It’s been so long I forget if I blogged about the beginning of the whole issue (and I’m too lazy to look through the archives to determine), but it stems from way back in June. Every tennant was sent a notice that the address to mail rental payments had changed. In July, I get a call from the rental office saying they’re missing a payment — pressumably from June, as they’d just received a payment — and they figure it was probably due to the fact they gave everyone the wrong address in the aforementioned notice. After my issues from back in october, I’ve been doing bank checks — so I have proof of my payment before they cash the check and it’s returned to me. The downside is that it takes the money directly from my account when I cut the check and it doesn’t deposit back in immediately. So, anyway, I explain this to the rental agent and the next morning I do a stop payment on the check.

In August, I get a notice — called a three-day present — that my rent is late. So I call the rental office and leave a message inquiring about what payment they are missing as I’ve sent them the missing June payment and the rent for August. I state that I need them to call me with the check number so if I have to do a stop payment I know which check to request. I don’t hear anything until last Thursday when I get a voicemail stating that again my rent is late and that the rental office would like to know how I plan to deal with this. So I call again and leave a message stating that (a.) my rent has never been late and (b.) as I hadn’t received a return call last month I assumed they had been paid. I also gave them the option of taking a partial payment to cover the June rent that’s apparently still outstanding or if they would rather wait for the full payment to be available once the funds are returned to my account — after I do another stop payment.

On Saturday I get a letter in the mail that says not only can I not wait to pay the rent in full, but if I don’t pay in full by TODAY that I’ll be petitioned for a court appearance and face eviction. It goes on to accuse me of paying my rent late every month since June and there’s a ledger attached for my account which shows payments arriving on time, sans June, but they attribute them to the month prior. (I noted that while the letter states I’m late and the ledger is posting my payments for different months, never has there been a late payment fee added, so I maintain my assertion of never paying late. Thank you.) It also goes so far as to say that the rental office contacted me in June, July and August regarding this issue — which as I explained above is a total load. And then goes on to say how I’ve been “petitioned to pay past due rent on several occasions.” That last bit nearly sent me through the rough, especially when one considers that the ONE SINGLE time they petitioned me I only went to court because the rental agent told me explicitly that if I didn’t pay them the full $750 (that I’d already paid) by close of buisness the day before the court date that I’d have no choice but to appear before a judge. And then while I’m there the manager herself tells me to my face that’s not how things work — “we always work with our tennants” — and how these court appearances are as big of an inconvenience to her as the tennant.

I can’t even express how absolutely pissed I am about all this. I left another message over the weekend at the rental office, asking for a call back from the manager (which probably won’t happen) and wrote a lengthy letter detailing all of the above (in much calmer tones) and adding in that it seems quiite unfair that the office won’t work with me when (a.) I did in fact pay them twice and (b.) there are several problems in my apartment that I’ve filed maintanence orders for that have not been addressed for over a YEAR.

I plan on calling again the moment they open and if I can’t speak with the manager, I’m mailing the letter off.

Behold the Suckitude

A brief update on the status of things here.

Work: *groans* Let’s just say I got my ass chewed for actually doing my job. Yes, really. It was annoying. Also, odd.

Social Life: Very clearly nonexistent. It’s pretty much upsetting.

Yara: Turned four on Sunday. Had her annual physical last Thursday. Aside from some bug bites she’s chewed into sores on the back of her legs, she’s the picture of health. I’ve spent the last week randomly inserting a firm “no” into every fourth sentence to quell her desire to chew the itchy away. She’s appropriately displeased with this. Also, she weighs 63 lbs!

Internet: Broken. Again. This time it’s my modem. TWC again can’t seem to get themselves in gear in a timely fashion so who knows when I’ll have access at home again.

And if all that weren’t bad enough?

School: Has screwed me again. Can’t attend UB this fall. Long story. Not emotionally stable enough to explain it all lest I start crying. Am halfheartedly looking at other degree programs.