Once More with the Done!

Clearly, I spoke too soon when I proclaimed my school drama over and done. In fact, I’ve spent the better part of the last month eating those words. Repeatedly, at that.

It would seem that incompetence is contagious because I can’t even entirely blame the school with this round of crap. Oh, I can surely blame them for charging my credit card twice for my book order. And I am quite capable of pointing the finger at them for double billing me for tuition. But beyond that I can mostly only gripe and complain because the rest of the blame falls squarely on the shoulders of my doctor’s office. See, if all that crazy with the registering wasn’t enough there’s the mountain of paperwork the college requires for this near insignificant class and part of that dead tree was an immunization record form. Well, turns out even though I’m damn sure I’ve provided them with all my previous medical files, including and certainly by no means limited to my immunization history, my GP couldn’t find these things.

Let me explain, my doctor’s office went paperless about two years ago and in doing so apparently a few of us pre-paperless patients got the shaft and whoever was in charge of entering our information into the computer got distracted by something shiny and forgot us. Needless to say, this “we can’t find [insert important medical information here]” has happened several times now.

Anyway, being that I’ve moved since originally giving them my immunization stuff it’s not surprising that I couldn’t find my own copies of all this so I had to go in last week to have titers drawn to determine if I needed any vaccines even though I’m damn sure I’ve had at least 3 MMRs in my life at this point. What is shocking was that the titers came back that showing that I am not immune and so I had to go back to the office yet again for an MMR. Of course, because this is related to school I was merely told to “drop in whenever” and I dropped in at exactly the time that the doctor doesn’t see patients and the nurse who can actually give shots wasn’t in. Which meant, you may have guessed, a third trip into the doctor’s office to get the damn shot.

After all that was accomplished I could finally head off to the campus to hand in all of the required paperwork cluttering my desk. I might have been amused that almost every piece of paper the school requires needs to be brought to a different office and none of them are remotely near one another, but I was too busy doing a Dance of Joy that I might finally have traversed all the red tape to take this class that I plum forgot to care.

In other news, I am tired and water is wet.

The Great Moving Escapade

Much as the odds seemed against it, I am moved back into my house. Even more surprising is that I finished unpacking two days ago.

If you’re interested in the very long story of the crazy involved in the move, see below (or, if applicable, after the jump). First, some photos of my new/old digs:

View of the living room taken from the foyer near the front door

Walking in through the front door is the living room, which opens to the dining room.

View of the living room taken from the dining room

The living room as seen from the dining room. You can see the entryway from the front door. Right across from the front door obscured by the TV is the hall closet.

View of the living and dining rooms

Somewhat same view of the living room further into the dining room.

View of the dining room from the archway separating it from the living room

Different angle to show more of the dining room — and a good portion of my books.

View of the dining room from the archway separating it from the living room

The other side of the dining room, with a small peek into my bedroom.

Built-in china cabinet in the hallway leading to the kitchen

Entry hall to the kitchen, which contains one of my favorite features of the house: a built in china cabinet. See, I even put shelf paper in already; I’ve been very productive!

View of the kitchen taken from by the windows

My kitchen looks very cramped in these photos, but it really isn’t. The second bedroom which shall henceforth be known as my office is off this room, to the far left of this photo.

View of the kitchen from the hallway

The rest of the kitchen. Note the giant doughnut my mother made at work for me sitting on the middle counter over the heater.

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Rental Woes

Alternate title: How to Evict Someone the Faux Legal Way

The facts are these:

  • I have paid my rent in full and on time each and every month for the entire 29 months I have resided in my current apartment. You know, the one that I had to call Code Enforcement to get them to fix my collapsing ceiling in.
  • More times than I can count my landlady has stated that I have NOT paid her rent for a given month. Always, no matter what this is my fault.
  • Aside from the initial time she claimed this (see below) I have had the ability to prove that a payment has been made — and often that it has even been cashed. Initially, I was using bank checks and sending them certified and for the last year or more I’ve had a bill pay account set up where I can print out the confirmation of the payment which shows with dates, the debit from my checking account, the USPS tracking for the mailed check and (if cashed) a copy of the check.
  • The first time she claimed my payment was missing she had in fact cashed it and attributed the payment (allegedly by accident) to another tenant’s account. During this time I was switching banks and had no ability to provide proof the payment had cleared and ended up going to court over the matter because I refused to pay her for the same rent twice.
  • The several times beyond this basically fall into the pattern of me sending the payment (via verifiable means) and her calling me anywhere from a week to a month later to claim she hasn’t received it. I send her the proof and do a stop payment, which thankfully my bank doesn’t charge a fee for, and meanwhile she’ll petition me for a court appearance.
  • If she hasn’t received the second payment in sufficient enough time, she’ll petition me to appear in court whereupon I get to embarrass her in front of a judge by providing proof I’ve paid her and thus getting the fees waived. I end up taking at least the morning off work, but mostly I feel smug.
  • Rinse and repeat ad nauseam.

So, back in June I get the inevitable “haven’t got a payment for this month’s rent” call. I fax off the bill pay confirmation. She in turn sends me a three day present, which has the wrong amount listed as past due, and while the reissuing of the payment is going through the mail I’m petitioned for court in the beginning of July. I present to her lawyer both the proof of the original payment, the proof of the stop payment and the reissuing of the check AND an authorization for the payment to draft from my account along with August’s rent if she STILL hasn’t received it. In the middle of July she calls and wants confirmation her payment was sent, which I fax over. I catch her receptionist in the apartment building the next day who confirms they got said fax.

Three weeks go by.

This morning the receptionist calls me and is obviously being fed lines by the landlady because she keeps having to put me on hold after every sentence. Anyway, she says that they need a payment for the missing rent, which by the way is a slightly lower amount than the payment I actually sent and supposedly owed. If you’re keeping track this is the third amount quoted to me as owed. In fact, they need this payment by tomorrow morning in the form of a money order because they will be going to the sheriff to file for an eviction.

And the only way I can fight this is by waiting for the eviction notice and bring her to court. At my own cost.

Guess what! It’s all totally legal. Here’s how it works:

The payment is made and sent off. I can prove this. Maybe it gets lost in the mail; maybe it’s sitting on my landlady’s desk. Either way the payment isn’t cashed, which means my landlady can claim she has not received it. Without having the payment in their account she can then go to the sheriff and get a Warrant of Eviction on the grounds of non-payment of rent. Once the sheriff hands me that eviction, I can then go off to the town hall and file a court petition of my own and during that court date I can present the judge with my proof of payment.

Or, and this is seeming the less evil of my choices, I can let the bitch evict me and have my lease broken and move out. Given that my lease doesn’t expire until April I’m giving this option serious thought. Of course, I need an alternate place to live — and so far my only option is my mother’s, which is its own kettle of crazy and somehow looking like it would still be a better option. Well aside from the actual moving, which I detest. [EDIT: To clarify, I’m talking about moving back into my previous living situation wherein I rented half of my mother’s two-family house. There’s a whole story behind that, but basically I moved because it was a pita getting back and forth to work.]

So, in short: No, I don’t know what I will do. Mostly, I want to cry at the injustice that is my life. Also, I want to punch people.

Late Payment

Earlier this afternoon I got an automated phone call about my past due balance. I was totally shocked since (a.) I’ve paid my cell phone bill and (b.) I haven’t even gotten this month’s bill yet! So, I follow through the prompts hoping to get a human being on the phone, which I don’t. So, I call Verizon customer service. Twice. The first time the rep randomly transferred to the automated bill pay line. But the second person I spoke with was actually competent and listened to me.

Turns out, yes, there is a balance. It’s the balance for the bill that just generated yesterday. You know, that one I haven’t gotten yet?

Anyway, after mucking about for the better part of two hours I find out the automated call was from Sprint. As in my old cell carrier who royally screwed me when I lost my phone last month. The clincher is that I’ve settled that account, as far as I am aware at least, which I was very disinclined to do since they were overcharging me for a bunch of stuff. (And no, they aren’t being very forthcoming in paying me back any of those exorbitant charges.)

In short, I’m developing a serious hate on for Sprint. And while I’ve never before felt the need to firmly advocate against using a company, I’m most definitely at that point now. Ugh. Just ugh!

Stress? Yes, In Spades

An update on my apartment situation, mostly for the Twitter/Facebook folk, who want to know why my head is exploding. Yesterday I faxed over the letter the bank wrote confirming that the rental office not only received the payment for this month’s rent, but that it had been cashed. On the fax, I specifically note to please call my cell if there were any questions. So, of course, the management call my work number1 and left me a voicemail. Later I was faxed a note. Basically, management admits receiving that payment, but I am still short a month’s rent. I’m baffled by this since SEFCU did a trace on several checks dating back a few months and all of them have cleared. Considering they went to such lengths to not talk with me, I didn’t feel much of an urge to call her back. But I chatted with my dad later and he had a few ideas on a course of action.

First thing this morning I called Code Enforcement again to verify that the ten days the investigator gave management to fix all this was in fact ten physical days. It is. In fact, that same investigator will be the one who is coming out. The woman I spoke with was appalled by the situation and almost as unsettled as me about the lack of anything really to do. But she noted that the investigator is one of the office’s favorites – he’s known as their “bulldog” – and he would certainly be on the ball with the whole situation.

I also called the City Clerk to find out what course of action I might have with this potential court hearing . . . which is nothing. If we can’t “resolve the issues” before the hearing, we have to attend the hearing and if we can’t resolve the issues there, then and only then can I go forth with my own wish to file a lawsuit. It’s unbelievable that they can petition me and I can’t sue them for harassment.2

After speaking with the bank, who are already in process of disputing “some charge,”3 I called the rental office with my compromise on this whole thing: As for the payments, on the first, their December rent comes out of my bank account via my bill pay, so they would have that and I would also be paying them another $750 on the following pay day. This should negate whatever charge they seem to not have and as far as that, I wash my hands of it as the bank is now fighting the charges for me. But most of that I didn’t get out because the rental office manager just latched onto her normal shpeel about how this never happens and that she just needs proof of [insert random month’s payment here]. Amongst the babble, I also caught that she hadn’t contacted the bank because she didn’t have my approval – even though the bank’s contacted her and expressly told her to contact them about the payment issues.

I finally cut her off and said that my other part of this proposed compromise is that I want to break this lease. She went off on me at that, about how their policy is not to ever break a lease for any reason. And she went back to droning on about the rental payments. So I calmly said that was fine and if she wants to continue with the petition that I will be glad to reiterate the above next week at the court and in front of the judge if need be. I didn’t mention the Code stuff, but if things aren’t fixed by Monday, I’ll have that as ammunition as well.

The way I see it they are absolutely hellbent on getting all of the money they can from me, whether by forcing me to pay the next five months of rent on an apartment I desperately want to leave or by inflating the rent with fees from court costs and the like. I really don’t know what to do, other than wait on Code. Mostly I want to cry.

  1. While all the crazy was going on at work with regards to my friendly attitude toward my guide dog, it was made clear to me that the phones in my unit, specifically my phones and another coworker’s, are not private lines and anyone should be able to and can check our voicemail. I have several feelings on that whole thing, but here is not the time or place.
  2. The only thing I could bring them to court over is if they owed me money. Yes, really.
  3. I’m still a bit vague on all this. But from what I understand, since the rental office just claims a different payment is missing each time I prove a payment was made, the bank is going after them for money and I’m supposed to be credited for a month’s rent sometime.