Cupcake To-Do List

Apparently, there’s a huge backlog of people awaiting promised cupcakes. This is no doubt due to the fact that I haven’t baked any in quite some time. Which is subsequently at least partially because of the fact that I burned half of the batch I baked at Christmas.

So, because I am a glutton for punishment, I present to you, in no particular order, my list:

  • Sharon
  • Kimberly
  • Heather S.
  • Erica
  • Heather H.
  • Brooke
  • Kat
  • Zach
  • Gemma

Please feel free to remind me if I’ve promised you cupcakes and you don’t think you’re on this list. Or if you are incredibly patient, I’m happy to add you to the list. Be forewarned that my current track record has people waiting an average of six months1 and if I have to mail you cupcakes they very likely will be a box of tasty crumbs when they arrive.

  1. As it stands half of this list has been waiting even longer than that, but such is the problem when you (a.) live very far away from me and (b.) very much want a box of intact cupcakes.


To prove my statements that I’m actually being productive, I’m sharing the great many things to be done. Most of this should be finished before guide dog training starts. It’s in not really in any order — unless you count “the order in how I thought of things” that is. Oh, and it’s worth mentioning, most of the crossed out items I actually accomplished yesterday. I was very productive!


  • Write a list of things to-do.(It’s sad that actually making a list had to be on the list just so I could accomplish something . . . and then it wasn’t even the first thing I did!)
  • Finish writing out the letter to Jean and the Hawthorne family.(I’m saying this is done, but I keep tweaking it.)
    • Outline instructions for feeding, etc.
    • Compile pertinent medical information.
    • Write a “cheat sheet” of medical information.
  • Wash dog bed and throw blankets.(Four loads of laundry.)
  • Laundry.(One load.)
    • Strip bed, wash bedding, remake bed.(Three loads.)
  • Give Yara a bath.
    • Groom.
    • Brush teeth.
    • Clean ears.
    • Clip nails.
  • Fix printer.(Yippee!)
  • Complete schoolwork. (Ugh.)
    • Reading.
    • Paper #1.
    • Paper #2.
    • Paper #3.
    • Paper #4.
    • Paper #5.
  • Take down holiday decorations.
    • Pack and store.
  • Find a place to display this year’s M&M dispensers from Dad.(I kind of hate these things.)
  • Thoroughly clean the house.
  • Pack Yara’s things.
    • Dog food.
    • Treats.
    • Meaty bone.
    • Toys.
    • Pop-up crate.
    • Leash and collar.
    • Blanket.
  • Go through dog toys/bones and select what’s going with Yara, what’s for Uschi and what needs to be tossed.
    • Check under furniture for stray toys/bones.
    • Break down sofas/check cushions for treats/toys/etc.
  • Organize dog stuff in the kitchen.
  • Grocery shopping.
    • Make list.
  • Chat with Kelly about stuff.
  • Write a post for the Assistance Dog Blog Carnival.
  • Find tie-down to include in box.
  • Find extra bowls to include in box.
  • Take out the trash.
  • Buy ice melt for porch stairs.
  • Water plants.
  • Have Jean sign ownership paperwork for Fidelco.
  • Set up file at Parkside Vet for Uschi.
  • Make a folder for Uschi’s paperwork in filing cabinet.
  • Go through Yara’s folder for anything Jean may need.
  • Charge camera batteries.
  • Move chicken, ground turkey, and shrimp from freezer to fridge for next week’s meals.(I made 15 trips up and down the basement stairs before finally remembering to do this.)
  • Order dog food.
    • Order dog food for Jean.
  • Organize office.
    • Get holiday baking stuff put away in the kitchen.(The table in my office was my workstation for decorating the reindeer cupcakes.)
  • Buy Uschi a collar and leash. (For off duty.)

Anyway, best to get moving on striking out the rest of those things.