An Update on Jones

Received an update from Grada on little Jones.

He’s learning to stay in his basket while his fosters are cooking in the kitchen — and not running around underfoot to be tripped over. They’ve started taking him to different stores and he’s doing rather well with not sniffing things. He’s certainly not perfect — especially at the pet store — but he’s responding well to treat incentives. He’s also showing good behavior in the car, getting in nicely and sitting obediently on the floor. He’s already clued in that car trips equal fun adventures, though he usually falls asleep en route.

The photos I was sent are so tiny as to be pointless to upload, but he’s grown a ton! His ears are standing up now and he has a lot of growing to do to catch up to them.1 Honestly, he looks kind of goofy; it’s very cute. Interestingly, he’s a coated shepherd and looking appropriately shaggy.

That’s about it for the little Holland guide-dog-to-be, but will keep you informed as I hear things. And if I am graced with some higher res photos, I will happily post them.

  1. They’re HUGE!


JonesThe cute German shepherd puppy you see to the right is Jones. He’s from The Royal Dutch Guide Dog Foundation and a BookCrossing member adopted him in my honor. Apparently, I inspired her (or rather a photo of me and Yara) and she wrote: “I love dogs and admire the work they do for the people that need them. And I want to give my share to the foundation to be sure that their good work is continued.”

What I find most interesting about this is that Jones is actually from New York State. His information page is a bit vague (and my Dutch is pretty much nonexistent), but I think he may have been bred at Guiding Eyes. [EDIT: Confirmed by the school.] He and his sister Jody were being fostered by a GEB volunteer until just a few months ago when they flew off to the Netherlands. Now this little pup has been placed with a foster family and I’ve been promised updates on his journey to one day becoming a guide dog.

Many thanks to Grada for the gift and Uschi and I wish Jones the very best of luck!