The Call

There are many events in life that are momentous. Guide dog users have a few that are unique to handlers; one of which is the call.

That’s right, folks, they have a match for me! As usual I have precious little notice before my January 6th date to begin training. But I’ll give them props this time: when I was called about Yara, it was the day before Thanksgiving and Dave couldn’t remember her name! So, I spent the entire long weekend going out of my mind with curiosity until Megan called the following Monday.

Anyway, I’m sure you’re all dying to hear the details about Guide Dog #3, so I’ll just spill the beans. She’s a two-year-old sable German shepherd.1 She was described as “small and sturdy” so take that however you like, I’m imagining a barrel with dachshund legs, but I think I’m drunk on the giddy.

Oh, and her name is Uschi. Pronounced “yoo-shee.” I don’t quite know how I feel about it. A quick Google search has shown me there is a singer and a model with the name and that it’s origin is Latin, but used most often in German as the pet name for Ursula. This last bit seems oddly fitting given the sparse description I have of her as yet.

Before you ask, I’m still waiting on some details to be finalized regarding Yara’s retirement, but I will have an update posted on her shortly.

EDIT: Thanks to Alan, via Facebook, I have a picture of Uschi from a newspaper article about a Fidelco “Watch Me Grow” event:

Uschi at a Fidelco "Watch Me Grow" event, lying on the floor in harness

  1. Jason felt the need to add the last bit, so I’m doing the same.