Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Uschi is Thankful for Yara

Last night we returned from a week at Dad and Keith’s. This is how we left Yara:1

Yara asleep on the living room floor

Uschi had the time of her life with Yara. She played and played and played! In fact, she played so much she literally wore Yara out to the point that Uschi got a chance at being Dominant Female for a bit. And I sincerely wish I could have managed a video of this because it was possibly the most hilarious thing ever. The first time Uschi had an over-sized squeaky tennis ball in her mouth the entire time, so rather than bite Yara or grip her neck, Uschi basically just bounced around and headbutted her. Another attempt was slightly less hilarious and nearly started an actual fight when Uschi bit Yara on a paw a bit too hard and wouldn’t back down. But aside from Yara possibly needing a vacation of her own to recuperate from our visit, the girls did enjoy themselves and got along very well. They even were pretty good about eating, though, there were a few meals where some creative trickery was required to get one or both of the girls to finish her food. For the most part they were basically inseparable, including being a very attentive audience to my daily yoga.

Highlights of the week not specific to the dogs: Thanksgiving Day itself was nice. Ate too much as is customary. Saw my one cousin’s baby son for the first time. Friday I treated Keith for his birthday and we had dinner at Brooks’ BBQ and went to see Skyfall. I haven’t had Brooks’ since before I moved from Oneonta and the movie was pretty good. Saturday we canned cabbage from the garden. I’m not particularly fond of cabbage and I was even less fond of how the house smelled after this project, but what can you do? On Sunday we had our own Thanksgiving meal that was mostly gluten-free2 and had a lot of yummy veggies from the garden.3 Not surprisingly, we stuffed ourselves yet again. Dad and I made a flour-less chocolate cake, too, and got to test out this very awesome trick to separate eggs.4 Then Monday Dad and I started the supreme project of painting my old bedroom (a.k.a.: his office). We were still working on it Wednesday before I left and it’s not quite finished, but we got a lot accomplished in the three days and it already looks a lot nicer.

Anyway, I completely forgot to bring the stack of holiday cards with me so I’ll be working on them as time and my ability to use a pen allow. In other words, I will likely miss that deadline of December 1st. But if you haven’t yet expressed your desire for a card, there’s still time to let me know!

  1. The new media uploader here on WP.com is very fancy, but incredibly disorienting.
  2. My dad has an intolerance and is attempting to give up eating gluten.
  3. Including the detested cabbage from the day before
  4. I made something of a stink about the recipe requiring separating eggs and Dad mentioned seeing the video on Facebook. We tried it out and were truly amazed at how perfectly it works. We both remarked we’d never separated eggs so completely (and easily!) before.

Monday Bullets

  • Still have a migraine. I can’t begin to express how unhappy I am about this. I do feel better than I did over the weekend, but every day that I wake up with a headache just irritates me. I’d like to not be sick over Thanksgiving, especially since I’ll be at Dad’s following and thus incapable of getting to my doctor if I need meds.
  • I have a dentist appointment coming up. It happens to be the same day as my neurologist appointment, so that should be a day devoid of fun.
  • Had Thanksgiving dinner with my mom and Paul last night. I think I’m still full. And even though I protested mightily about taking leftovers since I won’t really be home, my fridge is now stocked to overflowing with turkey and mashed potatoes and the like.
  • I discovered yesterday while making deviled eggs that Uschi loves eggs. I broke one while removing the shell and decided to let her have that as a quick treat. She spent a good twenty minutes savoring every last bite and then sat right beside me waiting expectantly for another. Guess I know what to add to her meals if she decides to go all Yara on me. This information could prove vital during my house/dog-sitting duties next week.
  • I have a literal pile of books at the library waiting to be picked up. I figure between that stack and my Kindle I’m good to go for next week. Yes, Dad has cable and Internet, but I don’t really watch TV much and my laptop is currently in Ohio in several pieces. Not sure what I’ll do if my head is still being an ass.
  • I had a dream last night about my childhood best friend. It was really odd and not just because she passed away five years ago, but because her mother was in the dream too and was weirdly very unpleasant.
  • I am almost done with my holiday cards. I took a break from writing them out because of this damn migraine, but I have about a dozen left. I am rather impressed with my lack of procrastination in this department.
  • That said, I haven’t yet begun to think about holiday shopping. I only just finished dealing with the handful of birthdays that are at this time of year. Aside from my family and some friends that I exchange gifts with, I have three Secret Santas to get.
  • I was strongly toying with the idea of setting up my holiday decorations today/tomorrow. Since I won’t be home next week, I was thinking it would be kind of nice to come home and have the house all decked out. This requires a ridiculous amount of energy that I don’t have right now, though. But maybe I’ll get to it. I have a timer for the lights, so they would actually go on even though I’m not home, which is probably a good thing while I’m away.


Happy Thanksgiving!

Look! \o/ I made miniature food:

Tray of cupcakes decorated as blueberry and cherry pies

I will readily admit these were a literal nightmare to make. In fact if you look very closely through those photos you’ll probably notice the smear of frosting on the tray and some rather smooshed looking pie crusts. In a moment of supreme grace I knocked the tray off the counter and as it is not a cat it went bottoms up and landed on its cover, destroying most of the cupcakes I’d painstakingly decorated. I managed to save five of the dozen that went kerspalt! and thankfully I had another dozen still to decorate.

If you had the privilege of hearing the story of my first attempt with these same cupcakes last week, you’ll understand why I was neither surprised nor fazed by this ordeal.


Happy Thanksgiving! ^_^

In a few hours Yara and I will be headed off to my grandparents for the traditional family gathering and food consumption. Yara’s decked out in her holiday finest — a bandanna with Peanuts characters dressed as pilgrims,1 which compliments Google’s logo today — but she was doing her best to not let me get a good picture of her. If I manage a cute enough shot before the day is done, I’ll edit it into this post.

Actually I’m a little wary of today because Yara’s been exhibiting some EPI issues of late. Recently her medicine was switched to the generic variation and I’m starting to believe my initial misgivings about it were well founded. She’s had a small increase in the frequency — and urgency — of her bowel movements and yesterday she was throwing up. She seems rather fine today, but that’s hardly any type of indication with this dog, so I just don’t know.

Regardless, here’s hoping you and yours have a splendid day of thanks!

  1. It was made by a puppy raiser I met at a GEB walkathon, Millie, who sadly I’ve lost touch with. But she shares my love of all things Snoopy and Peanuts so she made me quite a few festive bandannas sporting those characters.