The Future of Terminator?

For a wide variety of reasons I recently watched the entirity of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Much to my own surprise I actually enjoyed it. Mostly. Which was a far cry from my initial feelings when I caught the first few episodes. (Though, you’d think by now I’d learn that I shouldn’t judge a show so harshly merely from the pilot because I almost always am unimpressed by them.)

Anyway, like everyone who has seen the season two finale, I was left with many questions. Questions which were going to be left unanswered since the show was cancelled. So, I’m incredibly intrigued by Lanie Grace’s announcement that the show will be continuing via a direct-to-DVD movie. Some of her “facts” seem a bit hard to believe, e.g., the actors being contractually obligated to return, but I’m cautiously optimistic that at least most of what she says is indeed true.

Also of note, and possibily just as “pie-in-the-sky” is this IGN interview with McG regarding the next two Terminator films. IGN and McG both have proven to be a bit unreliable at times with their proposed facts, but thought I’d share anyhow.

May 8, 2009

I was going to make the title of this post be “Star Trek — Where I’m Not Right Now” but then I figured people would assume I’ve handed in my geek creds by voluntarily forfeiting the awesomeness and immediately stop reading. Fear not, though, for it’s not lack of wanting to be there that stops me. It’s that the finale of Dollhouse is on tonight all my local friends are totally not geeky enough to realize how awesome this movie will be and accompany me I already made plans to go next Saturday with Raechel and James.1 In fact, I already picked out what I’ll be wearing. Instead, I’ll be watching Dollhouse, which I’m actually really anticipating after last week’s blow-my-whole-mind episode. And I’ve been playing around with making new avatars for all my online accounts with these amazingly adorable photos:

Oh, I kind of broke my almost-two-weeks-eating-out thing; I had a hot fudge sundae, though so I don’t know if it really counts. ;-)

  1. Ok, all three of those reasons are true, they just aren’t all reasons why I’m not seeing the movie tonight.


I’m rather low on things to report, I’m afraid. Yara and I’ve been enjoying all our free time these last few days. The weather has been impeccable and we’re certainly not complaining. Getting a lot of neglected housework done and taking lots of leisurely walks through Washington Park. I’ve also been catching up on some reading — finally got around to starting The Children of Húrin which is several thousand kinds of awesome. As well as watching some new DVDs, most notably season two of Heroes. Met up with Bonnie for lunch this past Saturday and that was a blast to catch up with her! She got to get acquainted with Yara for the first time and I think they both enjoyed that immensely. Mostly, we’ve both been enjoying sleeping in every day and I’m quite sure we’ll be far too used to it come Tuesday.

Class officially started today and I think my butterflies are still hanging out in my stomach. I’m kind of glad that our reading isn’t really due until next week as my book still hasn’t arrived. (Oops!) Hopefully it gets here before the end of the week so I can get involved in the discussion board before it becomes impossible to weed through.

I’m thinking of redesigning my website . . . which should strike no one by surprise even though I never finished putting this entire design up. :-p