Things on a Thursday

  • Finals Week is almost done. I want to be excited about that, but so far I’m only managing to be stressed about the 100 million things I have to get done before the week is over.
  • Supposedly my bill is paid for the fall. I will believe this when I don’t receive another five bills saying that it is still due.
  • I bought a postage scale. I am hoping this will cut down on the 9 billion trips I make to the post office to mail packages.
  • I have been promised pictures from last weekend by Saturday, so I should have a lot to blog about soon. And the time to actually blog it!
  • I’ve been rewatching Wonderfalls. I remain completely entertained and amused by this show. I’m thinking a Pushing Daisies rewatch may happen soon after I finish.
  • I have an entire month off before the fall semester. I intend to read all the books ever. Or at least the dozen or so piled up on my nightstand and queued to download onto my Kindle.
  • I had a dream last night that my grandmother was watching Yara. I don’t really know why since she’s about as likely to take one of my dogs as my mother, but there was a whole plot to sneak her out of the house. It still wasn’t nearly as odd as the dream about school, though.
  • My life is really dull at the moment.


Bullets for your Monday:

  • The fourth Assistance Dog Blog Carnival has been announced and this time the theme is The Difference. As per the usual, all are welcome to join provided your post is related to assistance dogs in some manner. Submissions are due by July 22nd. (Which, if history says anything, means I’ll start mine on July 21st.)
  • After nearly six months, I think we’ve finally established a meal routine in the house. In the morning, Uschi heads straight for her crate when we come in from our first trip to the end of the driveway. And she seems to recognize when it’s dinnertime, too. She’s only very sporadically not eating all of her food, which thrills me beyond words.
  • Speaking of the furry one, she’s taken to claiming my spot on the sofa. Reclaiming this spot (where the light is best for me to read) instigates a rousing game for Uschi that entails moving to the other end of the couch only to leap back into my spot before I can plant myself in it. A few times she’s leaped right on top of me and let me tell you 70 pounds to the gut is like falling down a flight of stairs: it really knocks the wind out of you!
  • New television premieres last night. Was rather underwhelmed by both Leverage and True Blood to be honest. Though, my greatest moment of amusement for the day was hearing Pam say “Fangtasia was everyone” including pets. And it may just be me, but the open button way that Jason is poured into his deputy uniform makes me feel like he’ll just start shaking his ass and stripping at any moment.
  • In another realm of entertainment, found out the other day that I was selected as one Kat Richardson’s minions. I am shocked and amazed and pretty darn thrilled to get some mail that isn’t a bill or junk. Not that I really needed the excuse, but it should be fun to spread the awesome of the Greywalker series in an “official” capacity. Heh.
  • On the topic of books, it’s worth mentioning that after a little under eight months as a member, Spirit Bound became my 100th registered book on BookCrossing last night. I thought it a rather applicable book for such a milestone being it’s a favorite in a few respects. Will probably pontificate more on BC at a later time seeing as…
  • I have a metric ass-ton of schoolwork to get done this week. I don’t know what crazy power possessed me to take two eight week courses. They really suck.
  • Though, somehow managed to get all my work in on time last week even with a horrific migraine. Still have the tail end of it. (Meaning that I’m feeling slightly head achy and very nauseated. Blargh.) Was asked the other day how things are going in this department. Between that assignment, the fact she posts every new assignment late (giving us less time to work on it), and she takes forever to grade everything, well, I rather detest her.
  • Oh, in completely other news, I believe I might make some cupcakes this week. :-)

Happy Memorial Day!

Three day weekends are a bittersweet thing. On the one hand they are a lovely blessing in their escape from the drudgery of work and/or school, but they also seem to pass by far too quickly.

This current one is no exception for me, but I have been spending it quite well by converting another dear soul to the wonders of Firefly. I’ve actually been watching whilst reading the shooting scripts and it’s been an interesting and informative viewing all around. It’s been a good way to spend my last bit of free time before the summer semester starts next Monday.

Today should round out the last of the episodes and if we haven’t become permanently adhered to the sofas we might watch Serenity, too.

Game of Thrones

So, I had this whole other post planned, but then I was reading through blogs and caught this post at George R. R. Martin‘s LJ. Oh, yes indeed, Game of Thrones has already been renewed for a SECOND season. I am so excited I literally am shaking. It probably has a lot to do with the fact that A Song of Ice and Fire is one of my most favorite fantasy series ever and here I thought the most awesome thing about all that was A Dance with Dragons (the very long-awaited fifth book) is coming out in July.

And now brain is a left a mass of squeeing mush, but it’s all good.

Good and Bad

It’s snowing outside. I’m terribly displeased about this and want Spring to get itself here already.

But my spirits picked up dramatically during my morning skim through of the blogs I follow: The Lord of the Rings extended edition is officially available for pre-order. No date yet on when exactly it will be released, but I was definitely losing hope that there would be an announcement of this release before The Hobbit films were finished. And while placing my order with Amazon, I also happened across the Star Wars movies on Blu-ray.

And then I kept scrolling through Google Reader and came across this whole debacle going on regarding Firefly. I basically said my peace over at Whedonesque: the entire thing is getting wildly out of hand. I mean it started with essentially an off-the-cuff comment by Nathan Fillion in an interview a few weeks back. This spawned a ridiculous fan campaign to gather up money and help Nathan acquire the rights, which (a.) was not endorsed by Nathan himself more than once and (b.) is probably futile since FOX is unlikely to sell the rights in the first place. Let’s face it, I’d be overjoyed to hear that Firefly was coming back — I begged and pleaded with people to watch the show when it was on, I literally forced the DVDs on practically everyone I knew, and after nearly a year of actively promoting it was there opening day to see Serenity. However, Firefly without Joss is completely pointless to me and giving your money away to some faceless entity is plain stupid. It wreaks of a scam and I’m honestly concerned what it will do for the future of the franchise and the fandom.

EDIT: Thanks to Maurissa Tancharoen, HNBF is closing. I’m relieved.