Prepare for Disappointment

DCnU Justice League preview image by Jim Lee

So, this was announced. I’m not surprised. It was just a matter of time given The Avengers and how wildly successful it has become. And rightly so.

But it’s the perfect example of how DC continues to do everything wrong that Marvel is doing right. The Avengers was planned for years ahead of time. It was built up with FIVE other movies that managed to be solid in their own right. On the other hand, DC’s given us Green Lantern and that was just . . . terrible. I won’t even get into the Nolan films because I’d probably rupture an artery. I’ve already talked about some of my issues here.

I’m not saying that Marvel is without fault, though, I also don’t follow them as closely. But in general the only venue that DC has consistently out performed them is in animation. Unfortunately, that’s not where the money is, but rather than take stock of what makes their animation superior they’ve continually mishandled their other ventures. And of late even their animation has been pretty lackluster.

I’m pretty sure if this JL film gets off the ground it will be the death of any future DC films. I’ve been a DC Comics fan practically my entire life, so I should be devastated by this realization but frankly I’m almost relieved. I’d like to think it might be just the thing that will put them on a path to making something decent — and perhaps by some miracle it will be. But I look at the current thread of their books lately and I’m so disappointed by what I read that I can’t quite believe even this would be rock bottom enough for them to understand how wrong things have become.

I am not going to bemoan the loss of the DCAU because I’m actually glad it ended on a high note when Justice League/Unlimited was doing well and the stories were pretty strong. Though, it is worth noting that Batman: The Animated Series will likely always be my definitive Batman, and certainly rank amongst my favorite television shows, animated or otherwise. But judging from what’s come from DC since, I really feel that they are truly blind to what actually makes the good things they put out. There have been a dozen DTVs since then and most of them have been pretty middle-of-the-road at best, a few have been downright terrible, and a handful have been something pretty great with Batman: Under the Red Hood likely the best of the bunch. The current animated series on television are no better. Young Justice has a few good points to it — really great action, mostly — but it’s not even up to Justice League at it’s weakest and while the Green Lantern series is easily better than the similarly named film, the best I can really say about it is that it’s boring. If that wasn’t bad enough, there’s a new Batman series on the horizon and it is frightening how awful it looks. Gun-toting Alfred, all I’m saying.

Essentially I feel that DC has lost touch with their characters. The thing that truly boggles my mind is that the DCnU was supposed to be a means to bring all the characters back to their roots. To simplify and streamline the comics and make them more accessible to a new generation. I didn’t support the idea when it was announced because everything I heard about it just boded unwell, but it could have worked. Instead it’s created an even bigger mess of the books and honestly has turned most of my favorite heroes into people I don’t like. Wonder Woman especially has basically turned into exactly the thing she used to stand against; she’s little more than a bitchy killing machine. (Admittedly, I lost my taste for her after Maxwell Lord’s murder, but as terrible as that was things in her book have just gotten more upsetting.) Logically, I get it — the books are selling and comics have always changed with the times. Maybe I’m just nostalgic, like a piece of my childhood is steadily being chipped away. But looking at as an entire entity it just feels, well, wrong.

The movie announcement bothers me mostly because I’m sincerely worried that we won’t just get a horrible film, but it will be a film populated by characters that are no longer recognizable to me. And really, that’s the most disappointing thing of all.

Random Rundown

Apparently, I no longer blog about things. I mean, there are things to blog about, but I can’t seem to find either the time or desire to actually write them. Actually I’m not doing any better at any other online haunt so maybe it’s more accurate to say I just don’t bother with my computer for non-work or school things.

So, in no particular order here be some things going on around these parts:

  • Uschi had her yearly eye exam. Aside for being watery for no reason we can determine her eyes are completely healthy. The eye doc didn’t seem any more concerned than our vet about the watery thing since her eyes aren’t irritated and the discharge is clear. I was told to come back next year unless something changes. This was so much like my own eye doctor visits I had a moment where I thought perhaps I broke reality.
  • I finally broke down and read some of the DCnU comics. I am totally underwhelmed. What I read (mostly the new Batgirl, some Nightwing, Batman and JL) wasn’t bad. It was just…well, lacking.
  • I also watched Young Justice. Um. That was a mistake. I mean, it’s not as horrible as I thought it would be and I probably am not as disgusted with it had I watched it live. But much like the DCnU it has a lot of potential and it’s so not living up to it.
  • If that wasn’t enough to make me miss the DCAU something hard, I also discovered the new Batman series coming in 2013. It physically pains me to think about.
  • I’m taking Japanese this summer. The announcement of this on Facebook was met with far more intensity than I thought it would. I’m still not sure why. As it stands right now, I feel buried under the work. Probably because I’m currently a week behind. Oops.
  • I have been watching a lot of anime and reading a lot of manga, though. I count that as classwork even if no one else does.
  • Went to two cookouts this weekend. I think I’ve eaten my quota of food for all of June. Also, Uschi broke herself. And then got sick. But otherwise it was totally awesome.
  • A bird built a nest in the wreath on my front door. I was going to evict it, but then I discovered eggs and I couldn’t kill the unborn baby birds. All bets are off if any of them take a crap on my head, but so far they seem totally unfazed by the fact that their home randomly moves a few times a day. Uschi is mildly intrigued by their presence, but the bird hasn’t been stupid enough as yet to get close to her. It did fly in my house one day, though and that caused something of a crisis trying to shoo it back outside.
  • My dissertation has a due date. *panics*
  • Oh, my birthday happened. I was commandeered by some friends and had activities and foodstuffs thrust upon me. I also might have gotten a bit drunk. I don’t remember the drunk part so much, but the activities included a showing of Avengers and the foodstuffs were yummy. Then I came home and there were flowers waiting for me. All in all, it was pretty fun and it was a most gorgeous day, too.

My back is starting to make it known that I’ve been sitting here too long so I’m going to have to end this babbly stream of consciousness. I fully intend to post something proper one of these days, but when that might be is anyone’s guess.

Bye for now.

Cassandra Cain

Cassandra Cain (Batgirl III)I have nothing of substance to post about today.1 So, instead I’ll link you over to where Cassandra Cain is featured as this week’s Dimestore Dame. Being she’s my favorite Batgirl, I am quite tickled about this.

And now I shall take a break from the mountain of schoolwork I should be doing and watch Ringer. This should be interesting since in my general quest to avoid all spoilers I have also managed to escape almost any knowledge of what this show is about aside from the fact that SMG stars in the lead role and the random blurb the TV gave me when I hit the info button on my remote.

In other news, I still have a migraine. And it sucks. Especially since I have the aforementioned mountain of work to do for school. Also, my eyes are killing me and my stomach is raging a war with me.

  1. What? I’ve been posting daily for over 250 consecutive days. I’m allowed some leeway.

August 3, 2011

  1. According to Dad, Yara was quite well aware of it being her birthday yesterday. She was so excited she got sick. Okay, probably she got sick from an EPI relapse, but it’s just as likely she was overexcited. He said she was prancing around the house like she was singing “Happy Birthday” to herself all day. I imagine it was ludicrous amounts of cute.
  2. Made my li’l bro, who is quite the Star Wars fan you might recall, watch Spaceballs last night. He greatly enjoyed it. Next I’m going to show him the awesome that is The Princess Bride.
  3. Also watched the new ThunderCats. I haven’t quite formed an opinion yet other than to feel about 6½ billion years old that there is (yet another) remake of a cartoon from my childhood. Larry Kenney being in the pilot is a plus, though.
  4. The FIOS guy was here yesterday to fix my wireless and install television service. I’ve been using an antenna for well over a year now.1 The added television service isn’t costing me anything extra — actually for two years it’s actually lowering the cost of my internet service by some $30 — but I doubt it will get any more use than it ever has. Likewise the new landline, though, I do at least have a fax machine. The tech spent more time playing with Uschi and being loudly impressed with my cupcakes than anything else. But my wireless works again, which seems appropriate since yesterday was WiFi Day.
  5. Uschi has a fort. I call it my dining room table. She’s been spending an inordinate amount of time there lately. Not sure exactly what the draw is, though the close proximity to the air conditioner may have something to do with this. What is interesting is that she’s hanging out there more than her coveted spot on the couch.
  1. Since I got rid of Time Warner as my ISP and canceled my cable service.

July 31, 2011

Today is my grandmother’s birthday. Happy birthday, Nanny!

It is also officially my first day of summer break. I have five weeks of freedom stretching out before me and after the hell that was this last week I think it’s quite well deserved. I plan to make the most of it in as many fun ways as possible. Not the least of which shall be to read the many books that are piled on my nightstand and queued to download to my Kindle. Pleasure reading always falls by the wayside during school and it’s a sad thing.

For now, I’m having a grand time rewatching Wonderfalls and am thinking I may follow this up with some Pushing Daisies. :-)