Tumbling Along

I’m really a halfhearted Tumblr user, but there is one in particular that I find rather shiny: Ask Kaylee Frye. The resemblance, even without a costume, is quite remarkable. Generally the blog, as the title would suggest, is filled with answers submitted by readers. It’s worth taking a visit now, though, since she recently posted a slew of lovely cosplay photos. These are by far my favorite.

But probably one of the most interesting things I’ve seen pass across my feed was this article on economic inequality. Number two was something I was already aware of. Three and six just sicken me.

Not at SDCC :_;

One of these years I’ll brave the ginormous crowds of the San Diego Convention Center for Comic-Con. This was not that year and even if it was supposed to be I have stupid jury duty. [I just hit something in the post edit screen that made the whole screen dim except for this text. Neat, but have no clue how I did it.]

Anyway, since I’m buried under all the work that I didn’t get to during the week and likely won’t get to next week I’m just going to link to the Firefly panel because you should see it and make with the happy:

Also, there’s the press conference. And Morena had an interview with The Huffington Post and made a video. Good times.

EDIT: Gina Torres on not being at the 10th anniversary panel. She might be more sad about not being able to attend than everyone else; I’m really not sure.

The Browncoat Anthem

This? Is awesome.

My Little Serenity

Had to share, but I honestly have no words for this:

Happy Memorial Day!

Three day weekends are a bittersweet thing. On the one hand they are a lovely blessing in their escape from the drudgery of work and/or school, but they also seem to pass by far too quickly.

This current one is no exception for me, but I have been spending it quite well by converting another dear soul to the wonders of Firefly. I’ve actually been watching whilst reading the shooting scripts and it’s been an interesting and informative viewing all around. It’s been a good way to spend my last bit of free time before the summer semester starts next Monday.

Today should round out the last of the episodes and if we haven’t become permanently adhered to the sofas we might watch Serenity, too.