“A” for Effort

While I was dealing with that whole enrollment disaster a few weeks ago, one of my professors stated rather matter-of-factly that given all the trouble I’d been having I should just get an “A” for the class for all the work I’d put in to actually be in the class. I don’t disagree with him. In fact, I sort of feel that way about my entire degree at this point, but that’s an entirely other story.

Today, in fact, I really feel deserving of an “A” because I have spent quite literally the last two days trying to get my retrieve my schoolwork from my old desktop PC. I can only think that it is feeling the pangs of rejection and wants any excuse left to keep itself attached. Even if that requires testing my stress levels with the most extreme examples in frustration imaginable.

See, the thing is, I’ve become really good about backing up my data. It only took twice loosing everything to get that way. But the point is, I’m now a diligent backer-upper to the point that I got a bit neurotic last year when one of my two external hard drives up and died on me and I was left with no extra storage. (One of the hard drives is dedicated to my iTunes library, photos, and other assorted goodies; like the backup of my websites.) And even though I was transitioning from a PC to a Mac, I had made sure that everything was theoretically accessible for the Big Move. I checked and double-checked even to make sure that the latest synced backup was the one I was transferring.

And yet for some reason the folder with all my schoolwork was not the most recent version. Which meant that none of the work from this semester was in it. And, as luck would have it, I only discovered this after disassembling the PC. After setting it all back up again, though, the problem was not so easily resolved because before moving them to the iMac, I had to do a bunch of random things to allow access through OS X, which I never did because I didn’t have the correct version. The PC, however, didn’t care and very stubbornly refused to load the files at all because it was determined to sync with a different computer to get the “latest version.”

Eventually, I managed to get it all straightened out, though, I couldn’t possibly tell you how.

I Blame Math

It would seem that the number of devices upon which I could be on the Internet and/or regularly posting here with is directly proportional to the frequency of those activities. As in, the more there are the LESS I seem to actually be around. I would apologize, but the lack of activity has been taken up by the frustrating task of setting up the new computer.

You would think the advancement of technology would make this process very simple but this has proven untrue. I suppose it’s the whole moving to a Mac, though, the actual transferring of data and settings went fairly smoothly. I’m still finding myself rather baffled by the new iMac at times. One thing that has been really throwing me has been using the trackpad because while it’s not complicated — and I’m finding gestures to be very useful when browsing the Web — it’s just different enough that it’s not the movements I am used to so half the time things are doing totally unexpected (read: backwards) things. I am definitely not helped by still having to use a PC for the time being. For now I’ve switched the mouse to left-handed, which has helped me keep things a bit more straight in my head.

The office has been the most time-consuming effort, which I expected. It’s been two-and-a-half years since everything in there was set up and so the dust accumulation under and behind furniture is ludicrous. Also, it tends to be the catch all space for assorted miscellany, like boxes from holiday gifts. So all that had to be cleared out before anything could be done. The dust is really bothering me, though, and so any effort I make is basically in 30 minute increments because that’s about the time it takes for my allergies to go berserk, sending me into a sneezing fit that seems to cause the dog great concern.

The rest of my time has basically been eaten up by school work I feel it’s an endless task presently and I am very much looking forward to the break next week.

Another Semester, Another Disaster

For all that I love school, my post-secondary education has truly been fraught with one disaster after another. Honestly, if it could go wrong it’s most likely happened to me.

So, when I say that this semester is proving to be a raging nightmare of epic proportions, I want you to take my full meaning. Let’s just say, I am hardly fazed when I get a bill for tuition I’ve already paid or see I was double charged for my books or I’m hours away from classes starting and I’m still not officially in the course. Those kinds of things frustrate me, I admit, but they happen so often I almost don’t believe the semester has started unless something has gone wrong.

I’ve been shut out of registration for weeks at a time when I should have had the earliest chance to get into a class because my entrance exam that I had received results from in the mail was never recorded into the system. I had a hold on my records for a $600 phone bill that was charged solely because somehow the area code wasn’t input into my home phone and so it wasn’t considered my exempt permanent address’s number. You might remember that entire semester of courses I took in the Rehabilitation Counseling degree only to find out a semester later I’d been told by my advisor to take the wrong courses and was effectively shut out of my program for an entire year even though I had a 4.0!

I even walked across the stage to get my bachelor’s degree, only to get an envelope a week later declaring my lack of degree because I had allegedly not completed the required internship necessary for my program. Considering the internship I had worked actually was for double the credits needed since it also was being used for my minor, you can understand my confusion. The best part of that letter was the bottom, which proclaimed how dire the situation might be in all caps by stating that since I wasn’t registered for the next semester, graduation requirements had changed and completing the above list would not necessarily net me my degree.

Suffice it to say all the turmoil I’ve dealt with before pales in comparison to what I’ve been dealing with for the last month. Honestly, if I get through this semester with even a fraction of my sanity intact, I think the school should just give me my degree. What’s going on you ask? Well, I literally have no idea! Every office tells me something different and on almost a daily basis I receive mail that contradicts at least half of what I’ve been told. In short, I’ve paid for a semester of classes that I very well may not be enrolled in. It’s such a ridiculous mess that if it weren’t actually happening to me I would swear it couldn’t be possible.

The Whirlwind That Was January

  • Have been incredibly busy. One of these days I’ll elaborate, but the short of it is that it’s awesome and I’m having a blast.
  • Still managed to post and/or write something every single day and I am quite proud of that. Let’s see how another 28 days goes.
  • After deciding that the photo-a-day thing was just not going to happen, I’ve kept up with the photo-a-week and that’s going much better. I’m happy to say they aren’t all of the dog, but I’m sure to have many more as the year progresses.
  • Daily yoga starts today, however, I’m still fighting a sinus cold that is thoroughly kicking my ass so I’m not quite sure that it really will start today. But whenever it does I expect to start it off with a full 31 consecutive days.
  • I went the entire month and didn’t even finish a book. I’m honestly appalled and just a little disgusted with myself. But that first bullet has really been all consuming.
  • In a shocking twist, I found out there’s a school issue. I think I may just take this as a sign that classes this semester are not meant to be.
  • Uschi has been shedding like it’s an Olympic sport. Since she was so great for the groomer her first time, I’m thinking of sending her there again because I can’t seem to keep up with the fur and I’m at a point where I don’t know if I’m so much stuffed up from the annoying cold or all the dander.
  • Coming up: portraits, cupcake projects, book reviews, and I’m getting my hair did.

Random Bullets

  • There’s a thing that happened yesterday. It’s not a good thing. But in so much as can be in about a day, things are sorted. I’ll probably elaborate when things are a bit less up in the air. Before you ask, it’s not my thing exactly and so I’m more-or-less fine.
  • Had an eye doctor’s appointment today, which has made my eyes hurt to the point I am almost sure they are actually on fire. Discovered my doc has just started using WordPress, like, this week.
  • Picked out a pair of frames with purple spots on them. They go well with my purple aviator sunglasses I got last year.
  • Started my last semester of classes . . . for the third time.
  • In what can only be described as either exceptional organization and planning or desperate need for it not to be winter any longer, I have been having some back-and-forth about some on-location professional photography sessions this Spring. For what it’s worth, I actually need to have headshots.
  • Actually, also need to get a passport photo taken so as to finally renew my ridiculously expired passport.
  • Making tentative plans to spend a week in NYC in May.1
  • Going shopping sometime soonish for a new desk and chair. Related: need to clean and organize my home office. It is a ‘sty.
  • It is cold and I am exceedingly displeased.
  1. Thinking May 4th to something or around then at least.