July 31, 2011

Today is my grandmother’s birthday. Happy birthday, Nanny!

It is also officially my first day of summer break. I have five weeks of freedom stretching out before me and after the hell that was this last week I think it’s quite well deserved. I plan to make the most of it in as many fun ways as possible. Not the least of which shall be to read the many books that are piled on my nightstand and queued to download to my Kindle. Pleasure reading always falls by the wayside during school and it’s a sad thing.

For now, I’m having a grand time rewatching Wonderfalls and am thinking I may follow this up with some Pushing Daisies. :-)

June 29, 2011

Fourteen years ago today I walked across a stage to accept an empty leatherette case symbolizing my ascension into the “real world.” Put more plainly: I graduated from high school. Here’s a photo of me from back then.

In other news, I feel old.

Perhaps this is why eight week courses remain intense. Doesn’t seem to matter how far ahead I am, I constantly feel buried under the mountain of work to be done. Case in point next week I have five papers due and one of them is a massive term paper that I wanted to start well before now because of its weight on my grade. Except I have no shortage of other work to be done as I also have five papers due this week and so far I’ve only finished one. At this point I can’t decide if it’s a good thing or not that I’m about at the halfway point of these courses. I’m doing exceptionally well in both and I don’t have any doubt that will change. But the more heavily weighed assignments are packed into this second half of the time left and I’m exhausted just thinking about the work involved.

Have been distracting myself from that stress with attempting to read. Have only been mildly successful at this because my brain is so tired that I’m finding it hard to really concentrate on pleasure reading. This is pretty typical when I’m busy with coursework so while it’s somewhat sad it isn’t a surprise. I’m currently reading Water for Elephants. I’ve also been keeping busy with BookCrossing. In fact, my dining room table is currently buried under packages waiting to be mailed to all corners of the world thanks to a game of tag going on in the forums. I’ve nearly cleared off an entire shelf of books I can no longer read, which is good because I needed a place to stash all my textbooks.

I’ve also been distracting myself with mail of another sort. I have a small confession for you masses, aside from books I have an astonishingly large collection of postcards. I blame this fully on my father, who started me buying them whenever we were any place that sold them, and my grandmother, who pointedly requests one be sent to her whenever I step foot outside of my resident county. Honestly, I should probably organize them rather than have them all — both blank ones and those I’ve received — all tossed in a file box. It’s one of those things I keep saying I’ll do, but as it’s not high on the list of priorities it never gets done. The box has traveled quite a bit from all my various moving about, which is more than I can say for a good number of other things. Anyway, on a whim, since enough people have mentioned it in passing, I joined Postcrossing. Not much has come of that other than my sending out even more mail. At this point, I’m fairly sure my mail carrier thinks I’m trying to salvage the postal system single-handed. But I figure it might get me to organizing this potential fire hazard sitting under my printer and I’ve been sending postcards out sporadically enough to various people that it seemed worth trying out. Plus, it’s always nice to get something in the post that isn’t a bill or junk mail.

Some Stuff

A similarly-titled post from yesterday got eaten due to an episode of slight incompetence for reasons I can’t explain. You didn’t miss much, especially since I’m about to repeat a good deal of it. Also, lists are fun.

  1. Turns out my speculation was correct and Jones is indeed from GEB! I do think that is quite a fascinating coincidence.
  2. The city has been out cutting tree limbs and cleaning the streets the last two days. It’s quite a racket. Currently the truck right outside my front door is mulching up the limbs chopped off the giant tree at the front of my house. Garbage trucks are more stealthy than this.
  3. I’m rereading the Harry Potter books in preparation for the last film. The amount I have forgotten about these books is incredible. I mean, I remember the general plot just fine but I’m constantly being astounded by various things that happen that I didn’t recall. It’s an enjoyable experience but for the fact I’m becoming increasingly worried that I’m going senile.
  4. Saw Super 8 on Saturday and X-men: First Class yesterday. Both were quite good.
  5. Uschi got a nice treat yesterday when I dropped my popcorn. I was a little concerned since she’s been taking three-and-a-half thousand years to eat her meals, which would suggest she isn’t feeling so well. But she’s no worse for the wear.
  6. This is good since she was a right pain on Saturday. She was super excited and crazy for no apparent reason and then got incredibly distracted by a Chihuahua we passed on Jay Street and then promptly relieved herself in harness around the corner. She was perfectly fine at the Pinhead Susan’s and the movie theater, though so I don’t really know what the crazy was about.
  7. I currently have a 100 in both my classes. :-D
  8. I like even numbers.

June 13, 2011

I finished Deadline yesterday. I’m still trying to get my brain back into some functioning order, but I think I might have enough thoughts to write a review. Mostly, it was awesome and I think I liked it more than Feed, if only because it didn’t enrage me with random (possibly throwaway) lines about light sensitivity. So, there’s that.

I also caught up with schoolwork and managed to not turn in one single thing late. Given that my one class is essentially a complicated and expensive form of torture in the amount of work assigned I’m damn proud of this. I’m now trying to get a bit ahead and the only thing keeping me from crying crocodile tears about how much work this has presented me with is that I currently have a 96 whereas the class average is some ten points lower.1 Oh, also, I managed to use the WSJ article as part of one of my assignments wherein I got to write another response about how completely off the mark the author is using sociological theories.2 Things like this make me happy in so many ways.

My other class seems to be stalled. I’m actually ahead in this one so I almost don’t care. But it is a bit disconcerting that the professor has literally been MIA since the first day. The class seems to be taking this as a cue to do absolutely nothing, which doesn’t surprise me. At least for now I’m going with the “no news is good news” stance.

The combination of stressing out about getting all this work done and the actual doing of the work has left me with the first symptoms of an oncoming migraine. This seems to be some odd sort of self-fulfilling prophecy in that I wanted to get ahead so as to not worry about falling behind if a migraine laid me up for a few days and in doing so I’ve quite possibly given myself a migraine. I’m currently debating how intelligent of a plan this was.

Anyway, as you can tell things are a might busy around here, so forgive the content silence. Also, joining my external HD in the shitting the bed department is my camera so once that is newly replaced I promise to bombard you all with much shepherd cuteness as there is a trip to Schenectady’s Central Park to occur shortly thereafter.

  1. Yes, I am one of those students. Shut up.
  2. I got a 90 on the paper. (If not for a typo in my citation this would have been higher.)

Short Update is Short

I’ve been quiet on the subject of Uschi’s eating so as not to jinx the good fortune I’ve been having. But I think it’s safe to say that the rearrangement has done its job: she’s eaten every meal without fail since and I am currently typing this the dulcet tunes of her chowing down on breakfast.

Unrelated, Deadline has made my brain explode.