Out and About

Even though I’m now officially on the waiting list for my next guide, Yara’s exact retirement date is somewhat in the air. Before then I wanted to make sure we got in one last set of photos together. I also wanted to do something different from the studio shots we’ve done in the past. Given the abundance of beautiful weather, I wanted to have a set taken outdoors, something more candid and in natural light. Due to a variety of reasons, not the least of which being my own indecisiveness, this ended up happening as three separate photo sessions with some incredibly fabulous photographers. Yara and I had a wonderful time and I’ve been bursting to get the digital images so I could share them with everyone! However, I won’t have the last set taken by Heidi Benjamin Pet Photography for another week or two and since I’m anything but patient I took the liberty of uploading some of my favorite photos from Cindy Andreassen and Red Cottage Photography:

Lastly, my favorite of all is the photo below of us lying in the grass together. Yara has her leg positioned rather possessively over my left arm, which we all found considerably adorable. It’s taken from behind so the composition of it has me looking off to the side at Mike while Yara is facing forward looking at Lisa. I think it’s a very natural and beautiful shot of us. Especially when one considers that at the time my back was getting assaulted by bugs and the close proximity of Yara had me breathing in her incredibly raunchy breath with every inhale. I suppose what they say about beauty being pain is true.

Yara and me lying in the grass together

I’ll post again when I get the images from Heidi Benjamin, but for now much thanks goes to Cindy Andreassen and Mike and Lisa Dack for their time and expertise!

At Long Last!

If you’ve been following the saga of the thank you card portraits1 you may well understand how very happy I am to finally have these. So, I’ll just get right to it and share ’em!

Together, we are made of adorable! And after Yara was done crawling all over me, my pants were made of dog hair.

Portrait of Yara and me on a sapphire background; Yara is lying beside me, partially in my lap

Jean joked that this is our “customary photo” because she seems to get this same pose of us every time we get portraits done.

Portrait of Yara and me on a sapphire background; Yara is sitting to my right with my arms wrapped around her

Yara, looking quite happy with her new fleece lamb toy. Along with her harness and a bag of treats, it served as the noisemaker to get her attention focused on the camera for our shots together. Of course, first we had to get her to stop playing with it and licking the floor. Yeah, I don’t know either.

Yara in harness lying on a sapphire background with her plush lamb toy between her front legs

This shot of Yara with her nose shoved in my leather-bound copy of The Lord of the Rings was supposed to be the oft-mentioned holiday thank you card. Pretty amazing what a single Zuke’s treat in my hand can wield, eh?

Portrait of Yara and me on a sapphire background; Yara is in harness lying beside me, shoving her nose into a book in my hands

This adorable shot of Yara and her fleece lamb toy is part of the thank you card/gift for any donors sponsoring us to this year’s Walk for Fidelco.

Yara in harness lying on a sapphire background with her plush lamb toy beside her head

  1. The shots I wanted were attempted back in November when we had our holiday cards done. Except because of some serious child distraction at the time, we didn’t get many good shots beyond the holiday card. And then things kept coming up and delaying the next appointment, like Yara having hot spots and me getting the flu.

More Portraits!

Headshot of Yara in harness on a white background

Have an awful headache today. Probably from wandering around in the blazing sun for Art on Lark. But complaints aside this is not a completely useless post, I present to you some more photos from Jean. No, I didn’t get another set of portraits taken, these are just more of the ones she took back in May. Also, some bonus photos that Cindy took back in April. Enjoy!

May 8, 2009

I was going to make the title of this post be “Star Trek — Where I’m Not Right Now” but then I figured people would assume I’ve handed in my geek creds by voluntarily forfeiting the awesomeness and immediately stop reading. Fear not, though, for it’s not lack of wanting to be there that stops me. It’s that the finale of Dollhouse is on tonight all my local friends are totally not geeky enough to realize how awesome this movie will be and accompany me I already made plans to go next Saturday with Raechel and James.1 In fact, I already picked out what I’ll be wearing. Instead, I’ll be watching Dollhouse, which I’m actually really anticipating after last week’s blow-my-whole-mind episode. And I’ve been playing around with making new avatars for all my online accounts with these amazingly adorable photos:

Oh, I kind of broke my almost-two-weeks-eating-out thing; I had a hot fudge sundae, though so I don’t know if it really counts. ;-)

  1. Ok, all three of those reasons are true, they just aren’t all reasons why I’m not seeing the movie tonight.


Portrait of Yara and me on a brown background; Yara is in harness and snuggling up to me and hiding her face from the camera

Yesterday, I picked up the prints from the photos we had taken a few weeks back and they are quite stunning. .I’m sorry to say that my scanner seems to have some serious issues and there is an extremely huge amount of grit that showed up on these images that is most definitely not present on the prints themselves. [EDIT: The scanned images have been replaced by the much higher quality — and grit-free — digital images.] Anyway, below are a few of my other favorite pictures: