Yara and Santa

Yara in harness, sitting with Santa Claus

I’ve linked this a few times before, but I thought I’d post it today since it was taken exactly one year ago. I’d wanted to get a photo done with Santa for years, but the day before I’d received the call about Uschi making Yara’s retirement official and knowing our time together was very short I was quite motivated to get this little thing done.

Holiday Card Portraits

And that’s all of the holiday portraits! I figured since these last two are fairly close to these two, I would just post them together. But lest you feel cheated, I do have another to share that I think is rather cute, though, I consider it an outtake simply because it wasn’t what I wanted it for the cards.

I don’t know if it’s the unseasonably mild weather we’ve been having or all the other stresses going on, like my basement flooding and the long overdue college refund, or some other elusive thing but I can’t quite wrap my head around the fact that Christmas is only a week off or even truly get into the holiday spirit. I’m pleased that my holiday cards are completed and even went out early (for once!) and my holiday shopping is almost complete, but I still haven’t finished decorating my house and I’ve hardly begun to wrap gifts. Not to mention other than a batch of chocolate chip/chunk cookies that I made for tonight’s holiday movie marathon at Alice and Josh’s, I haven’t baked anything. Thursday was National Cupcake Day even, so that’s saying quite a lot.

Oh, well, perhaps the combination of good food, wine, and company while watching holiday miracles on TV will work their own magic to get me in the mood. At the very least, it wouldn’t be Christmas without allergies clogging up my head, so between the kitties and the tree I’ll have that accomplished before night’s end!

Santa Claus

Uschi in harness, sitting with Santa Claus

Uschi had another opportunity to show Saint Nick how truly good she is while we were at the mall today attempting to shop for holiday gifts. My checking account balance is substantially lower than it was yesterday, but the number of gifts I have yet to acquire for family and friends is still quite daunting. Nevertheless, I am pleased to have made a sizable dent in the actual task of holiday shopping and assuming I can keep up this momentum, I should finish up during this Sunday’s outing with Alice.

Oh, in case you were wondering, that is indeed the same jolly fellow that posed for Yara’s photo last year. There’s a very humorous story here, but for the sake of any short humans that might come across this I’ll keep it to myself. Thankfully, there were no short humans in audience of the, um, blunder that provided the aforementioned information.

Holiday Card Portrait

Holiday card portrait of me and Uschi with a decorated tree and fireplace backdrop; Uschi and me lying beside each other with my arm across her back

Holiday Card Portrait

Holiday card portrait of me and Uschi with a decorated tree and fireplace backdrop; Uschi lying beside me with my arm across her back