Welcome Home, Dolly!

One of the main reasons I hate moving is because inevitably something always gets lost. Case in point, I’ve been trying to locate a box of pictures for something like ten years now. Among the photos in this box are the portraits taken during my training at Guiding Eyes.

Well, I still haven’t found the box, but Dolly’s puppy raiser did send me this:

Portrait of Dolly in harness

I’ve been rather persistently pestering her for either of the portraits she has copies of to make . . . well, you’ll find out when the intended recipient does. For now, I am ever so pleased to say this lovely lady is hanging in my dining room.

2013 Portraits

Last week Uschi and I had the opportunity for some rather impromptu portraits to be taken. I say “impromptu” because the original plan was merely for me to get photos taken for my renewal passport application, but we ended up having the entire studio to ourselves and so it was actually one of the best in-studio sessions I’ve had with either of the shepherds. For once we weren’t dealing with distractions from other groups (or more specifically their children) and there wasn’t a time limit set upon us so we weren’t rushed along and rather leisurely went through getting pictures.1

I’ve already shared my two favorites from this set, and there are actually a few more that I haven’t included here, but of note you’ll see a handful of shots of just me, including some with me in my new purple glasses. I threw in some “outtakes,” too, since those always seem amusing for all. Enjoy:

  1. I could have done without all the posing, but these are still more organic than anything previously done within a studio.

Holiday Greetings

Me and Uschi with Santa Claus

It’s officially the holiday season, though, I’ve not quite managed to wrap my head around that. I guess it’s the lack of snow and the utterly dreary weather we’ve been having. Not that I want snow either, but at least if it was covering the ground it would seem less depressing.

Uschi had her very first visit to the groomer’s today and it was possibly the most disorienting day for me imaginable. I do not like being without a guide dog. I do not like being in malls. And both of those things together was just about the worst thing ever. But now that the dog is all prettied up — and supposedly as deshedded as can be — I have no real excuse to not get the house decorated. So, that’s my goal for this evening.

I sent out the first batch of holiday cards today. I’m not finished writing all of them yet and I am fairly certain I will have extras, so you are still welcome to put in your request if you haven’t yet.

Odds and Ends

I had the fastest, most impromptu set of portraits taken last month. One of those “in the right place at the right time” kind of moments except that I literally was still in the process of taking my shoes off while most of these were shot. You may recognize a few of these from recent posts, but supposedly these are for holiday cards. Though, quite honestly, I’m debating whether I’ll even bother this year.

My personal favorite is this one of me lying on the floor with Uschi on top of me:

Portrait of me and Uschi on a black background; me lying on my back with Uschi rolling partially on her back on top of me

Of course there are also some fun outtakes. Specifically, this one taken right before the above photo that I am referring to as proof of why I was wary of practicing yoga for the better part of this year.

I’m thrilled to say that I’m still keeping up my daily routine of an hour or so of yoga. I’m definitely feeling it. Or more precisely I’m feeling the fact that I wasn’t practicing for so very long. I can’t speak as to whether I’ve lost any of the weight I’ve supposedly gained because my bathroom scale reads about fifteen pounds to the left of zero when it’s sitting idle and so I find it’s results highly suspect. However, I have lost an inch around my waist!

Most notable is that the yoga is really helping with the pain issues. I wish I could say it was completely alleviating the pain and stiffness, but so far it’s quite literally the only thing that’s had any real effect. I’m fine with this as a solution; however, I’d prefer a conclusive answer as to the cause of the pain. My latest battery of tests came back negative, including the allegedly more definitive Lyme test. I missed the call with the results so the office left a message that was pretty devoid of anything more than blandly reading the information so I plan to call Tuesday morning and talk with my doctor.

The whole thing is ludicrously frustrating and I’m very close to the point of just giving up. It’s becoming increasingly evident that the only answer anyone is willing to give me is essentially to take a bunch of meds. I’m not surprised. I had pretty much the same experience trying to get my migraines under control. But my concern here is the myriad of potential things that could be causing the pain and the possibility that I am doing something (e.g., working my guide dog) that is exacerbating the issue. For the record, I’m not arguing that it isn’t fibromyalgia, though, I am not willing to believe that it is the sole cause of the pain until other things have been ruled out.

Anyway, enough of my yammering on about all that. Tomorrow I’m having Thanksgiving #1 with Mom and Paul and my list of things to get done before then is likely impossible to accomplish.

Friday the 13th

I’m failing remarkably well with this promise to give you all a proper post and fully update you on everything. Mostly it’s because I’m so preoccupied with all the things that I want to update you on that I don’t have the time to do the actual updating. Also, and I can’t stress this enough, I am extraordinarily lazy.

In an attempt to make up for this I present some photographic adorableness:

I have mixed feelings about the above portraits, but I’m reserving comment for the time being.1 Instead, here’s an outtake:

Uschi sitting beside me, giving me a surprise kiss on the face

  1. It is worth noting that these were not taken at the studio I generally use. Nor do I know the photographer.